Abortion Essay Topics

Abortion Essay Topics | Here Are 45+ Excellent Topics for Your Essay

Abortion is a highly controversial topic. Its moral, ethical, political, and religious overtones shape the debate.

As a student, you should expect plenty of essay tasks involving this subject.

Here are 45+ essay topics and critical issues on it to ease your essay writing.

How to Select the Best Abortion Essay Topic? 35 Key Topics for Your Essay

There are plenty of essay topics on this subject to write on. If you’re not sure where to start, check these 35 essay topics for your perusal.

The following essay topics also concern the US Constitution, law, politics, ethics, and other themes.

  1. Did the framers of the US Constitution address the issue of abortion?
  2. Assess whether US Supreme Court rulings have addressed the question of when life starts.
  3. Is the principle “We the People” violated by the decision of the Supreme Council of 1972?
  4. Does the inability of the Constitution to correctly define the beginning of a human life invalidates the Roe v. Wade case?
  5. How does Gonzales v. Carhart affect the core principle of protecting women’s reproductive health in the Roe v. Wade case?
  6. Does the Roe v. Wade case violate states’ power to govern their affairs?
  7. Does Norma McCorvey’s lie about being a victim of gang rape imply that the Roe v. Wade case goes against the principle of truth?
  8. Did the framers of the Constitution have the issue of abortion in mind when drafting the 14th amendment?
  9. Is it a woman’s choice to decide whether to have an abortion?
  10. Can a woman be forced to carry a pregnancy to term?
  11. Should a fetus be considered a full human being with individual rights?
  12. Should there be a time limit for having a pregnancy termination?
  13. Does an unborn child have any Constitutional rights to life?
  14. Do the mother’s rights outweigh that of the unborn child?
  15. Is it justified for states to pass their laws concerning abortion?
  16. Should schools be mandated by law to provide abortion education?
  17. Is enforced delay by some states for women seeking abortions justified?
  18. Discuss the concept of the case of Jane Roe going moot.
  19. Does the rising trend of state anti-abortion laws suggest that a tide is turning on the SC ruling?
  20. Is it best to leave states to decide their legislation with regards to abortion?
  21. Should a mother be prosecuted if a potential abortion results in a child with a disability?
  22. Should abortion only be limited to cases where there is evidence of rape or abuse (such as incest) or where the mother’s life is at risk?
  23. Can abortion be viewed as ethically (in some circumstances) and morally wrong yet remain legal?
  24. Debate whether the ability to procure abortions safely in the 21st century has caused numbers to increase.
  25. Should clinics that procure abortion services to minors be obligated to inform law enforcement?
  26. Is there a correlation between states with high pastoral and teen counseling rates with low abortion rates?
  27. Does the limitation of public funding to abortion clinics impact the level of abortions?
  28. Should insurance companies be forced to provide full deductibles without copays on premiums that include abortion?
  29. Should women be forced to pay for insurance copays that cover abortions?
  30. There has been a steady decline of abortions to 860,000 in 2017, down from twice that number in 1990. Explain this phenomenon.
  31. Discuss the high rates of abortion in mid-tier to lower-income communities and minority groups.
  32. Debate whether the right to privacy has anything to do with abortion, a moral issue.
  33. Assess the economic impact of over 50 million unborn babies in the US due to abortion since 1973.
  34. Should Planned Parenthood receive federal funding?
  35. Should pharmacists retain the “right of conscience” when prescribing abortion medication?

As it’s clear from these essay topics, abortion is a highly political, public, and moral issue.

List of Abortion Essay Topics Covering Politics & Government

Below are more essay topics that broach the subject of abortion and governance.

  1. Is the rate of abortion lower in countries with tough anti-abortion stances?
  2. Can a parent refuse consent to a minor seeking abortion services?
  3. What are the fundamental differences between pro-life and pro-choice groups?
  4. Is the rise of the feminist movement in the US in tandem with the legalization of abortion?
  5. Assess the practice of abortion to select ancient societies.
  6. Expound on abortion laws in so-called Red states.
  7. Explain why abortion as a moral issue is wrong.
  8. Explain the dynamics of abortion in predominantly patriarchal societies.
  9. Can a fetus feel pain 20 weeks post-fertilization and therefore be considered human?
  10. Regardless of privacy, should authorities be notified before any abortion procedure?

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Abortion Essay Ideas & Writing Help for All Academic Levels

The topics about abortion that we have provided comprehensively cover various issues of importance within the debate currently. There are more essay topics where those came from.

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