Analytical Essay Topics

80 Analytical Essay Topics for Unique and Interesting Research

In dire need of analytical essay topics? To your luck, we created an extensive list of said topics and share them with you.

We searched far and wide on the internet to produce truly unique and engaging topics for analytical essays. We worked hard to complete this task and alleviate some of the pressure off of you! All you have to do now is pick one analytical essay topic and get to composing!

How to Select the Best Analytical Essay Topic?

80 analytical essay topics is a hefty numeral, especially when you have to consider all the options presented. However, don’t get discouraged! Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll pick a great analytical topic for the essay assignment:

  • Review your professor’s notes on the assignment.
  • Go through the list of analytical essay topics.
  • Reflect on which of them pique your interest the most.
  • Briefly review the analytical essay topics which intrigue you.
  • Pick the analytical topic for the essay that’s easily researchable.

Following the guide makes not only the picking process easy but the writing process too. In essence, you’re selecting the analytical essay topic you like that has the richest sources online. Thusly, when you sit down to finish the task, you’ll have a simpler time writing on the analytical essay topic.

List of Analytical Essay Topics: 30 Best Ideas

Here are some of the most engaging analytical essay topics we could come up with. Don’t just run through the list as quickly as you can. Give each analytical essay topic some deep thought.

  1. Does objectivity exist, or are we condemned to only subjectivity?
  2. Is there such a thing as having too much freedom?
  3. What can be considered the “right” course of action in any situation?
  4. When we’re doing a nice thing for someone – is it altruistic or selfish (simply to feel good)?
  5. If perfect clones of humans were possible, should they be considered their own individuals?
  6. Are humans the only species of animals to have a “conscious” mind?
  7. Is suffering an intrinsic part of being alive and human?
  8. Can facts exist if anything we say can be argued and dismantled?
  9. Is it possible to define our identity as something constant, not affected by time?
  10. How do we think? Have we unriddled the puzzle of human thinking?
  11. Do humans have souls? Do other animals too? If yes, then where is it placed?
  12. Is everything defined after its purpose or does initial, isolated meaning exist?
  13. Is there a life after death? If so, how does it look?
  14. Birthing a child is a forceful act that condemns beings to live.
  15. Happy living cannot occur without purpose, but it’s not required for existing.
  16. Can a refusal to take any action be considered an action?
  17. Life-time sentences in prison are worse punishments than execution.
  18. Should preventative imprisonment be if we can accurately predict crimes?
  19. Stopping to help a small minority group to help a bigger one isn’t sensible.
  20. Unequal distribution of wealth isn’t a necessity for successful societies.
  21. Technological progress cannot be made outside the competitive frame.
  22. How come people are so eager to pass their responsibilities to others?
  23. Does a person that can save thousands for their own life have a moral obligation to do so?
  24. Would most people save their old relative from a burning building or an unknown child?
  25. Does true “evilness” exist? Elaborate by trying to define it.
  26. Essential workers don’t get essential respect and pay.
  27. How to judge ourselves in relation to others?
  28. Privacy is essential even if you don’t have anything to hide.
  29. Nuclear weapons must all be disarmed if we’re to survive.
  30. Poverty is an intrinsic flaw of the capitalistic society.

15 Analytical Essay Questions to Consider Before Writing

Prefer to have simple-to-understand, direct questions as your analytical essay topic? Not a problem! Here are 15 possible analytical essay topic ideas presented as questions.

  1. When does a child turn into an adult that’s liable for all their actions?
  2. Children limits should be enforced to fight overpopulation.
  3. Universal justice doesn’t exist.
  4. The human mind is the only truly private space.
  5. Are all morals malleable and will inevitably change in the future?
  6. There’s no reason to fear death.
  7. How to disprove computer simulation theory of human existence.
  8. Aging: Is it better to live shorter but without any health problems or longer?
  9. Alternatives for measuring human lives.
  10. Do ordinary lives exist?
  11. We have less freedom no than 100 years back.
  12. Eternal life isn’t beautiful or enjoyable.
  13. Challenges are essential to fulfilling human life.
  14. Our current society makes people waste their potential.
  15. Is there a limit to wanting a better life when it turns into an obsession?

25 Analytical Essay Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Do you like to show off your creative flair? Below are analytical essay topics to incite your imaginative thinking. Don’t be afraid to play around and twist these analytical essay topics.

  1. Will highly advanced robots be treated as humans?
  2. A look at our civilization in 5 000 years.
  3. How would the world react to discovering intelligent alien lifeforms?
  4. Coronavirus incident showed that we’re too selfish to come together during global threats.
  5. Internet – A connecting device that alienated us.
  6. What’s critical in any relationship?
  7. Are we living during major historical events that’ll determine humanity for decades on?
  8. 3 people, real or fake, you would invite to a joint discussion.
  9. Does winning lotteries bring any happiness?
  10. Our lives are given meaning only through the way we affected others.
  11. The system of traditional academic institutions is flawed.
  12. Does academic knowledge sometimes put you at a disadvantage?
  13. What would your main policies be if you took on a leading role in your country?
  14. Religion – Is it detrimental to human advancement?
  15. The difference between patriotism and nationalism: where is the line?
  16. Universal income project – how feasible is it?
  17. What creates communities and makes you feel like you belong?
  18. What would direct democracy (every decision requires a referendum) lead to?
  19. Why is there a dichotomy between religion and science?
  20. If the idea of souls being reborn is real, why does the population grow?
  21. Would anything change if women would be in charge of governments?
  22. Why will it be bad if we’re discovered by an advanced alien race?
  23. If our recollections of events change constantly, then do we really remember?
  24. Is putting the task of paying for the children and elderly onto adults too overwhelming?
  25. Can knowing too much hurt your health/prospects/psyche?

10 Bonus Essay Topics About Analytical Thinking

Still haven’t found anything to grasp you? In that case, here are 10 bonus analytical essay topics! You can’t go wrong if you choose the following analytical essay topics.

  1. Why are hate and love closely related?
  2. Is there any point to pseudosciences like numerology and astrology?
  3. In the era of postmodernism, are there no original ideas?
  4. There’s no such thing as unconditional love.
  5. Do we generate issues for ourselves to keep us busy and distracted?
  6. Can we experience the moment of “now” or is it always a reflection on the past?
  7. Why is our perception of time can drastically differ from situation to situation?
  8. Can a father’s bond to a child be stronger than a mother’s one?
  9. Why do we like and dislike sometimes “just because?”
  10. Why do people love to act self-destructively?

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