Animal Farm Essay Topics

50 Animal Farm Essay Topics: Essay Topics for Successful Writing

Animal Farm is an extraordinary piece of literary art. It’s full of exciting ideas and challenging themes that stay important even to this day. So, this book is a great one to write an essay on. This explains why tutors often give the assignment to choose a topic and do an essay on this novel.

If you’re looking for a great essay topic – you’re in the right place on the Internet. We can assist your efforts by providing you topic essay ideas. We have collected 50 essay topics with which you can play around.

How to Select the Best Animal Farm Essay Topics: Essay Topic Search

Of course, to properly select an essay topic, you should first read the novel if you haven’t already done so. This is an essential step of the assignment. You won’t be able to pick out a topic and write a whole essay on it without knowing the composition’s contents.

After that, all you must do is go over the topics we’ve provided below. Just decide on an essay topic that speaks to you the most – there’s nothing difficult to this process. The essay topics are suitable for all academic levels.

List of Animal Farm Essay Topics: 15 Best Ideas

Here are some great topics for you to use in your assignment. Don’t feel afraid to pick some idea and just start writing – the assignment won’t be completed by delaying it.

  1. Elaborate on the wordplay in the character names in the book.
  2. The role of narration without any moralization or reflection.
  3. Windmill’s essentiality to the story? What does it mean to various characters?
  4. Explain ideologies getting corrupted as they leave opposition and become institutional.
  5. Can the author be found on the pages of the literary piece? How does he show himself?
  6. Is the format of the novel so successful at deconstructing Stalinism?
  7. Is a farm the most suitable setting for the novel? Unlike a jungle or sea.
  8. The necessity of knowing world history before WWII to comprehend the writing.
  9. To which other dystopian universes does the publication compare well to?
  10. Why many consider the ending unexpected and not an ending at all?
  11. Other feasible endings possible with the plot of “Animal Farm”
  12. Can an idyllic society make-up be reached in the setting of Animal Farm?
  13. The philosophy of complete and total power in the novel.
  14. Napoleon’s and Snowball’s leadership styles differ.
  15. Avoiding letting one individual grab all the governmental power.

10 Animal Farm Essay Topics: Essay Questions to Ask Yourself First

Do you need direct writing prompts on Animal Farm? Here are 10 options highlight interesting points from Animal Farm.

  1. Why do the animals continue following the abridged and tempered with commandments?
  2. Was the book inspired by the author’s real-life experiences and views?
  3. Was the population of the animal farm ever truly free from tyranny?
  4. What was the corruption of socialist ideals in the Soviet Union?
  5. Is the societal tendency toward class stratification inescapable?
  6. Naïve working class being manipulated.
  7. The quintessence of the abuse of language to the Abuse of Power.
  8. The role of the church in real life and the novel.
  9. What happened with Hitler and Germany – Stalin and Trotsky?
  10. Does the revolution in the story lead to any improvements in society?

10 Animal Farm Essay Topics: Essay Ideas to Boost Imagination

Below, you’ll find 10 Animal Farm ideas that highlight important aspects of the novel. You can play around with them and turn one of them into the topic you want or need.

  1. Compare the main ideas with the ones from “1984” by the same author.
  2. The similarities in the “Lord of the Flies” by W. Golding.
  3. Contrast the concepts to the ones in “Slaughterhouse-Five” by K. Vonnegut Jr.
  4. Totalitarianism in “The Hunger Games” by S. Collins doesn’t fare up.
  5. The path of the main protagonists in “Fahrenheit 451” by R. Bradbury is compared.
  6. Which other literary pieces display the power takeover and craving as this work does?
  7. Examine the plot in comparison with any classic fable of your choice.
  8. Compare the developments in the real USSR and the book’s plot. What are the differences?
  9. Inspect the lives of animals under both Jones and Napoleon.
  10. The film version of the plot differs from the written text.

15 Essay Topics About Animal Farm: Essay Topics That Work Every Time

Animal Farm is a rich book, which is why you can extrapolate many interesting ideas from it. 15 ideas below only prove just how dense the Animal Farm of a piece is.

  1. The forming experiences for Major characters of the piece.
  2. The insatiable craving for more in the publication.
  3. Great powers ruin one’s character more easily than adversity.
  4. The literary devices used by the author make the story graphic.
  5. An analysis of different methods of populism in the plot of “Animal Farm.”
  6. In what way does fear affects the actions of characters throughout the piece?
  7. The main idea that the author is conveying to us about leaders.
  8. Which country does the work’s story resemble/portray?
  9. Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s the road to political tyranny and repression.
  10. The use of symbols and metaphors in “Animal Farm.”
  11. The real antagonist in the story.
  12. The representation of the totalitarian systems through the different farms.
  13. Animalism and what can it be compared with in real life?
  14. Were the residents of the animal farm easily persuaded to start the purge?
  15. Is the composition purely critic of the communist ideology or more?

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