Anthropology Essay Topics

Anthropology Essay Topics | Get Ahead with These 50 Topics

As people, we’ve always been interested in the evolution of our languages, cultures, biology, social systems, and general human behavior.

Anthropology answers questions like “what was the motive behind building the pyramids?” or “who invented writing?”

This discipline studies human behavior, cultures, and history through various spectra. Anthropology spreads out over 4 main sub-disciplines: sociocultural, linguistic, biological, and archeological.

Since anthropology is quite specific, you need a variety of essay topics to your interest.

Below, you’ll find 50+ topics that will make for a superb essay.

How to Select the Best Anthropology Essay Topic? | Choose Topics Close to Your Interest

The best topics are those which cover various elements in human relationships.

These include:

  • Events as viewed through a time-space continuity model
  • Cultural elements that are unique to human societies
  • Testing theories through sampling and data collection
  • Environmental influences

Since anthropology is multidisciplinary, it is essential to have enough essay topics if you are assigned an essay.

Start with the 50 essay topics below to jumpstart your gears!

List of Anthropology Essay Topics | A Lens Through Various Cultures

Anthropology covers a wide variety of aspects of human nature and society.

Such is the goal of these 10 essay topics provided below:

  1. Political and ethnic instability in the Balkans.
  2. Islamic influences on the writings of early Swahili writers.
  3. Burial practices in ancient Norse culture.
  4. Female genital mutilation: a case study of the Maasai people.
  5. The prison industrial complex: a method to subjugate the black man in America.
  6. What is the cultural impact of Stonehenge on English culture?
  7. How have the Romani people been perceived in Europe?
  8. Hippy culture in the 1960s.
  9. Ethnography of the Innuit people in Scandinavia.
  10. Death in Buddhist societies.

With these essay topics, you can start understanding anthropology from cultural, social, and political perspectives.

Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics | Let Your Essay Explore Distinct Human Relationships

A culture is a powerful tool in understanding the past. Below are 10 cultural essay topics in anthropology from distinct areas of the world.

  1. Comparison of native Indian societies concerning ancestral views.
  2. Matriarchal societies in Africa.
  3. The place of magic in Anglo-Saxon societies.
  4. The place of religion in pre-Egyptian societies.
  5. Circumcision in African cultural contexts.
  6. “Medicine-men” and “witch doctors” in the African cultural context.
  7. Ebola in the West African context.
  8. Cultural significance of mummification in Egypt.
  9. The Ku Klux Klan: origins and ethnographic portrayals in American culture.
  10. Sociocultural results of gangs in British and American cultures.

These interesting essay topics are bound to pique the interest of your reader.

Evolution | Breaking Down an Interesting Subject

Evolution in anthropology may either be cultural or biological. It sheds light on how history has progressed and under what influences.

Here are 10 topics on evolution:

  1. Evolutionary anthropology vs. social Darwinism.
  2. Bio-behavioral responses to changing energy availability in China.
  3. Rural society responses to mobile money development in Kenya.
  4. Female infanticide and its contribution to high male populations in aboriginal tribes.
  5. Genetic roots of the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxon peoples.
  6. Separating genetic traits in the peoples of Micronesia.
  7. Darwinian views on the nature of human evolution.
  8. Divergence times for humans and apes.
  9. Human dispersal sequences across the Caucasus and cultural evolution impacts.
  10. In-breeding in ancient Arabic societies and its modern cultural impacts.

Remember that evolution in anthropology aims at explaining different peoples, traits, and behaviors. Keep this in mind for your essay topics.

Rituals | Understanding the Spiritual & The Unknown

Rituals are important because they bring people together, showcase shared values, and preserve tradition.

Here are 10 ritual-centered essay topics in anthropology:

  1. The cultural significance of ancient Hindu burial rites.
  2. Burial rituals in ancient Islamic societies.
  3. Swedish ritualistic portrayals in Midsommar.
  4. The significance of mummification in ancient Egyptian culture.
  5. Comparison of mummification in Aztec and Egyptian cultures.
  6. Significance of incense in the worship practices of Sikhs.
  7. Significance of human sacrifice in Mayan culture.
  8. Comparison of Green Corn festival practices between the Seminole and Cherokee people.
  9. Celebration of death among the Navajo people.
  10. Stonehenge: providing a ritualistic context.

These topics are drawn from different societies around the world and cover various contemporary and ancient aspects.

Anthropology Essay Ideas from Different Cultures and Regions

Finally, we have even more essay topics in anthropology to get your writing started on the right foot.

  1. Evolving social stigmas of HIV/AIDS among the Luo people of East Africa.
  2. The projects: America’s legacy of treating black people stuck in time.
  3. Early marriage practices in ancient Arabic cultures.
  4. Evidence of environmental influences on skin color: a case study of American Negroes and native Africans.
  5. Polytheism and polygamy in Indian sub-continent.
  6. Roman influences on modern American design.
  7. Greeting gestures in Arabic versus Hindi societies.
  8. Transgender culture in Bangkok: a perspective of its origins.
  9. Religion in Eastern versus Western societies.
  10. A visual timeline of contemporary cultural development in the Kingdom of Axum.

We have more essay topics about anthropology, where those came from.

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