Argumentative Essay Topics

80+ Argumentative Essay Topics for Better Writing Experience

The argumentative essay is an extremely important genre of composition for all students. You take a topic, investigate it, gather information, assess evidence, dan make a case. However, there are no limits on topics for argumentative essay, so what should you pick?

To aid your homework efforts, we’ve created a list of argumentative essay topics. We’ve searched through the Internet for inspiration and came up with engaging argumentative essay topics to utilize!

How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic

Worrying about how to pick the best argumentative topic for the essay? We got a solution! Here’s the essay topic selecting guide we’ve created to assist you with the task. Just follow these steps:

  • Thoroughly read through your professor’s prerequisites on the argumentative essay.
  • Examine the argumentative essay topics we’ve collected.
  • Highlight those that connect the most with you.
  • Briefly look for related information online on liked essay topics.
  • Select the topic that’s engaging to you and easily researchable.

Executing this guide will result in an inspiring argumentative topic for your essay. It’ll make you eager to do the assignment! As a bonus, picking an easily researchable argumentative essay topic causes the writing process to be extremely easy!

List of Argumentative Essay Topics: 20 BEST Ideas

Here are some fascinating notions to discuss and present as topics in argumentative essays:

  1. The minimum wage in all countries should be the same.
  2. Parents should not hit children in front of others.
  3. Censorship is necessary for media.
  4. Passion or patriotism can be harmful in certain situations.
  5. Effects of social media on teenagers.
  6. Social media is a cause of increasing depression among the youth.
  7. The use of drugs should be considered a mental issue.
  8. How is peer pressure different from bullying?
  9. How are humans destroying the habitat of animals?
  10. Being too religious can be dangerous.
  11. Can people save nature by using technology?
  12. Are student loans exploitative?
  13. How secure is mobile banking?
  14. Fast-food chains are the major cause of the increase in the obesity rate.
  15. We are living in a dystopian society.
  16. Animals should have the same rights as humans.
  17. Is the Paris Agreement relevant anymore?
  18. Effects of violent cartoons on the psychological development of children.
  19. Is it immoral to clone animals?
  20. Celebrities have the leverage to get away with crimes, more than any non-celebrity.

10 Argumentative Essay Questions for Self-Control

Continuing, below are 10 good argumentative essay topics in the form of questions.

  1. Public educational institutions ought to be allowed to attend.
  2. All educational specialists must undergo practicums.
  3. All educational institutions must offer school vouchers.
  4. Euthanasia should be made legal.
  5. Chemical contraception ought to be available to be purchased over the counter.
  6. Neutrality on the Internet must be reestablished.
  7. Green energy can successfully supplant existing energy sources.
  8. Wireless radiation is harmful and ought to be restricted.
  9. Vaping and e-cigarettes must meet the same restrictions as traditional cigarettes.
  10. The drinking age needs to be lowered to 18.

20 Argumentative Essay Ideas for Engaging Writing

Want to get creative and grasp other’s attention? In that case, here are some great argumentative topics for that.

  1. Is sex training vital to school learners?
  2. Geopolitical influence is the most significant reason behind wars.
  3. Same-sex marriage ought not to be permitted.
  4. Gay connections are not against nature.
  5. Younger generations are getting too reliant on innovation.
  6. Cash is a significant wellspring of dedication in the working environment.
  7. Young girls ought to be urged and empowered to enter the STEM research field.
  8. Is cash a critical factor in getting exemption from wrongdoings?
  9. Elective energy assets ought to be investigated and used to save common assets.
  10. Incarceration must be made less merciful for instructive purposes.
  11. Gay couples ought to be permitted to receive youngsters.
  12. The selling of animal hides should be restricted.
  13. Unscripted and uncensored tv is hurting society.
  14. Customary instructing strategies ought to be supplanted with AI-fueled training.
  15. The educational plan ought to be planned by the individual requirements of the kids.
  16. Proactive tasks and encouraging genuine abilities ought to be required in schools.
  17. Active teaching s incredibly fun and instructive for youngsters.
  18. Sports ought to be energized by the school level.
  19. Youngsters ought to be given the option to cast a ballot.
  20. School hours ought to be overhauled.

15 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Like to get provocative? Check out the following topics for argumentative essays.

  1. All individuals must have the option to own weapons.
  2. Capital punishment ought to be canceled.
  3. Human cloning must be legitimized.
  4. All drugs need to be authorized.
  5. Animal testing should be restricted.
  6. Adolescents ought to be tried and treated as grown-ups in court.
  7. Environmental change is the best danger confronting humankind today.
  8. All computer games should incorporate an hour’s played limiter.
  9. The lowest pay permitted by law must be $15 each hour.
  10. All individuals ought to have Universal Basic Income.
  11. Sex work ought to be made legal.
  12. Isolationism is the way for nations.
  13. Abortion shouldn’t be allowed.
  14. Each citizen must perform public assistance duty.
  15. Water in plastic bottles ought to be prohibited.

15 Research Argumentative Essay Topics

Prefer to get your hands dirty deep in research? Here are 15 argumentative essay topics.

  1. Urban upbringing can alter how genes influence one’s brain.
  2. Socio-economic status influences a child’s intelligence.
  3. A nutrition class should be included in grade school and high school.
  4. Mental pain forges one’s character and shouldn’t be always avoided.
  5. We’re better off never meeting any advanced alien species.
  6. Atheism is better than any religion for mental health.
  7. Antidepressants aren’t a good, long-term solution.
  8. Medical research should be focused on increasing the health-span, not the life-span.
  9. Video games have no impact on violent behavior in humans.
  10. Even if we stop all production in the world, global climate changes are inevitable.
  11. There’s a link between higher education and longevity.
  12. Veganism impacts the Earth negatively just as badly as the meat and dairy industries.
  13. Animal experimentation is a necessity in order to save human lives.
  14. eCurrency is the next step in the financial advancement of societies.
  15. Mars colonization is achievable by 2100.

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