Brave New World Essay Topics

“Brave New World” Essay Topics | 45 Great Topics to Get Your Essay Moving

BNW is a Utopian novel about a futuristic society that tries to create a perfect community with perfect happiness. The elite use science to mass-produce people and conditioning them to do what they are supposed to. These actions have taken away the ability of people to be inquisitive.

“Brave New World” is a favorite piece of teachers and students everywhere. Your professor is quite likely to assign an essay on this subject. So it is wiser to have plenty of essay topics available beforehand.

How to Select the Best “Brave New World” Essay Topic?

With various themes explored, such as totalitarianism, consumerism, pleasure, and philosophy, you’ll be bursting with ideas for topics.

A few other facts you should know before you dive into the essay topics include:

  • Top-caste members are in the ruling class and top professions, while lower-caste members are the working class.
  • Members of every class receive a hallucinogenic drug called Soma to keep them in a state of chemically controlled happiness.
  • Society discourages familial bonding and encourages promiscuity and casual sex.
  • Conditioning of toddlers is done through 2 techniques: Neo-Pavlovian that uses shock therapy, and hypnopedia learning while asleep.

With these facts in mind, you can proceed to check out plenty of our essay topics on “Brave New World” in the sections below.

Here Is a List of “Brave New World” Essay Topics That Should Cover All Your Bases

If you need a few great topics on this story to explore for your essay, start right here.

Essay topics about the characters:

  1. Discuss why Watson and Bernard bonded.
  2. Explore the character of John.
  3. Can it be argued that the heritage of John the Savage as a naturally born child contributed to him being different?
  4. Explain the reasoning behind Mustapha Mond banishing Bernard and Helmholtz but not John the Savage.
  5. Why did John the Savage whip himself?
  6. Explore the character of Mustapha.
  7. Explore the character of Lenina.
  8. Explain the significance of Henry Ford in the novel.
  9. Has the upbringing of John in the savage reserve distorted his search for truth?
  10. Explore the character of Helmholtz.

Essay topics on specific settings:

  1. What was the motivation behind the voyeuristic crowd outside the lighthouse chanting when John started to whip Lenina?
  2. How is the setting of the reservation significant in the cultural context?
  3. Explain the significance of the first set being the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.
  4. Explain why truth is revealed in the savage reserve.

Essay topics on specific themes in “Brave New World”:

  1. Compare totalitarian states in “Animal Farm” with that of “Brave New World.”
  2. Is “Brave New World” reflects today’s society that trains people to love those that oppress them and get lost in technology?
  3. Explore the concept of contended domination in the novel.
  4. Mention the influences behind Huxley’s own experiences in writing “Brave New World.”
  5. Explain the concept and reasoning behind mass production as a basis for “Brave New World.”
  6. Explore the theme of alienation.
  7. Discuss how Darwinian theories of adaptation and natural selection influenced the work of Huxley.
  8. Can it be argued that ethics and morality are obsolete in Huxley’s utopian population?
  9. Explore how stifling independent speech and thought are primary tactics used by the state in the novel.
  10. Discuss genetic modification and class stratification as primary tools of control in the novel.
  11. “Brave New World”: dystopia or utopia?
  12. Are the stability and peace in exchange for emotion and truth justified in Huxley’s utopian world?
  13. Debate the concepts of science and technology in “Brave New World.”
  14. Discuss why religion, art, history, and literature are all forbidden topics in the BNW.
  15. Which elements contribute to the stability of the high state?
  16. Discuss how the government tries to curtail both empirical and human truths in the novel.
  17. Provide a historical context and framework for the publishing of “Brave New World.”

General essay topics and topics covering literary techniques on BNW.

  1. How is satire used as a literary device in “Brave New World”?
  2. How does Huxley use irony in the novel?
  3. Compare state interventions in 1984 and “Brave New World”.
  4. Comment on the 1980 movie adaptation of “Brave New World” by Burt Brinkerhoff.

Find plenty of more essay topics & ideas below!

10 “Brave New World” Essay Ideas and Topics That Will Blow Your Mind

Huxley’s use of devices such as satire, irony, and grief is a great way to reflect on his disenfranchisement with things in his day. These themes provide great topics for your essay.

Here are more great topics for your “Brave New World” essay.

  1. Compare the religious view of creation with that of the World Controllers.
  2. Subtle comparison of the reservation with the European settlers who took over various indigenous lands.
  3. The people vs. the world state: a case for the modern anti-hero.
  4. How has BNW influenced modern cinema?
  5. Discuss plot development and continuity in “Brave New World”.
  6. What is the implication of the Director’s admission of an intimate sexual human relationship with Linda?
  7. Discuss the implications of misguided science and technology in the novel.
  8. How is the model of community retained in “Brave New World”?
  9. How is John’s reaction to Linda’s death a reflection of his upbringing?
  10. Discuss various instances in the book where there is a foreshadowing of John’s death.

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