Bullying Essay Topics

Bullying Essay Topics | 55 Exemplary Essay Topics You Can Bank On

Bullying is quite an important issue, especially in college. Therefore, expect your teacher to assign an essay on this subject.

It may be an essay for your Ethics class, Psychology, or Cybercrime modules. Either way, you’ll need plenty of good topics to focus on before writing your essay.

The best place to start your essay is right here!

How to Select the Best Bullying Essay Topic? Let Your Essay Be Reflective

Understanding the psychology behind bullying is one way to go about your essay. Personal experiences also provide good material for such an essay.

We have provided plenty of essay topics covering the full scope of bullying. These topics cover both high school and advanced college essay needs.

Here Is a List of Bullying Essay Topics with a Wide Spectrum

Check 25 topics that cover various elements of bullying.

Topics on the psychology behind bullies:

  1. Compare the thoughts and emotions of bullies to those of their victims.
  2. Is bullying a psychological or behavioral trait?
  3. Why do people become bullies?
  4. What are the dominant character traits of victims?
  5. Is it true that bullies lack the skills and not the will to change their behavior?
  6. Does the labeling of children as either “bullies” or “victims” produce lasting psychological effects?
  7. Give a socioeconomic account of prevalence among high and low-income homes.
  8. Describe group-level processes that contribute to workplace bullying.
  9. Do the children raised exclusively by their mothers have a higher chance of ending up as victims?
  10. Discuss the areas where bullying is most likely to take place within schools.

Topics on the prevalence of bullying:

  1. What is the prevalence of bullying among LGBTQ students in Brazil?
  2. Why is bullying more prevalent in teens and young adults?
  3. What is the prevalence in Latino communities?
  4. How does this practice affect international students on US campuses?
  5. Discuss the physical areas where bullying is most likely to take place within schools.
  6. What is the prevalence in Jewish communities?

General topics on bullying:

  1. Can cyberbullying be controlled?
  2. Can children be socially engineered to repel bullies?
  3. Are anti-bullying school and community social programs keeping up with technology?
  4. Are exclusionary remedies such as detention, suspension, and expulsion good deterrents in stopping bullies?
  5. Should children who are active victims have a right to respond with force?
  6. Does “cancel” culture amount to bullying?
  7. Is there such a thing as socially-engineered bullies?
  8. Do children who are raised exclusively by their fathers have a higher chance of turning out as bullies?
  9. Should parents of repeat offenders be forced to account for the children’s actions?

Check out more exciting essay topics in the sections below.

10 Superb Cyber Bullying Essay Topics to Explore

You can write a great essay on cyberbullying. Just start with the topics below.

  1. Has Facebook contributed to increased instances of cyberbullying?
  2. Is cyberbullying a potentially more dangerous threat?
  3. Does checking the communication feeds on social media accounts of cyberbullying perpetrators infringe on their right to privacy?
  4. Are teenagers more likely to be victims of cyberbullying?
  5. How can cyberbullying be identified quickly and prevented?
  6. What factors motivate exposure of cyberbullying victims?
  7. Should students be suspended for their online conduct?
  8. Should cyberbullies be convicted of manslaughter where victims commit suicide?
  9. Is cyberbullying less in countries with less Internet penetration?
  10. Provide comparisons of cyberbullying vs. traditional bullying.

You can now write a well-informed essay on cyberbullying!

10 Anti Bullying Essay Topics to Get You Running

How can this practice be curbed in social institutions and for those suffering in private?

Let your essay explore the following key topics:

  1. How can victims of silent abuse be identified in schools?
  2. What role should teachers and parents play in anti-bullying campaigns?
  3. Are community groups effective in reducing the prevalence of bullying in inner cities?
  4. How can one tell a bully that they are a bully?
  5. Is there a good and safe way for a victim to reprimand a bully?
  6. What are the typical reactions of bullies to being called out?
  7. What are the best punishments for those repeatedly caught being perpetrators?
  8. Does publicly calling out bullies curtail their behavior?
  9. What are the most effective ways to stop bullying in schools with LGBTQ students?
  10. Are there particular attitudes in victims that contribute to bullying?

Understanding the mentality and dynamics of bullying can help reduce its prevalence.

Need Bullying Essay Ideas? Get 10 Examples to Explore for Your Essay

Here are more topics for your perusal.

  1. Should sexual harassment in the workplace be considered a form of bullying?
  2. Do offices with open-plan structures experience higher levels of workplace bullying?
  3. Is management by threat and intimidation a form of bullying?
  4. Do children who were bullied by their parents tend to show a higher inclination towards being victims or perpetrators?
  5. Describe the emotional characteristics of narcissist bullies.
  6. Are OCD personality types more prone to become bullies?
  7. What effect would theoretically bullying a bully produce?
  8. Is there a correlation between bullies and body size?
  9. Does bullying in early adolescence lead to antisocial behavior?
  10. Are minority ethnic groups more likely to become victims?

Our essay topics about bullying are a sure game-changer for students seeking to craft 1st class papers.

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