Cause and Effect Essay Topics

100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Any Academic Case

Looking for essay topics about cause and effect? You’ve come to the right place. We’re a platform that aids students in many ways. One of the ways is providing essay topics.

We’ve gathered 100 interesting and engaging cause effect ideas. All you have to do is read through our list and consider causes effects ideas.

How to Select the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topic?

Don’t know where to start with all these cause effect ideas? Don’t worry, we’ll assist you to pick out an essay topic. Simply follow this small guideline, and you’ll be excellent:

  • Read through the list.
  • Consider which essay point connects with you the most.
  • Try to do preliminary research on it.
  • If the sources are plenty and you like them, then choose that essay topic.
  • If you’re not liking what you’re seeing, consider the next cause and effect.
  • Repeat until you’ve finally decided on your task’s subject.

By following this strategy, you’ll single out topics quite easily. Below, we’ve included 100 great cause and effect ideas. Such an extensive list will definitely give you something to consider.

List of Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 25 Best Ideas

Environment, global issues, and politics – can’t go wrong with these topics if you select them. Give careful consideration to causes and effects regarding the points, as they’re not as easy.

  1. Pollution, its influence on nature.
  2. Corruption in nations of African countries perpetuating economic crises.
  3. Poverty in Africa leading to violence, turning to crime.
  4. Lack of hygiene supplies in Africa, abundant diseases.
  5. Overproduction of meat and dairy, enabling land degradation.
  6. War syndicates in Africa getting stronger by recruiting children.
  7. Internet, alienation, and aging of nations.
  8. The capitalistic approach eliminated any sustainable practices early on.
  9. Lack of food security increases crime rates.
  10. No political content moderation
  11. HIV denialism, increased rates of disease transmission.
  12. Lack of corporate responsibility in environmental harm, leading to climate change.
  13. The hold on the markets by 1% – more people than ever entering poverty threshold.
  14. Social-economic disparity nation to nation: the connection to asymmetric development.
  15. American Middle East policies before the XX century, current terrorist threats.
  16. Refusal to disarm nuclear weapons, possibly leading to the 3rd World War.
  17. Mistreatment of individuals – public place shootings.
  18. More attention to green energy sources: a possible global energy crisis.
  19. Religious worldview differences, ending up in societal conflicts.
  20. Hidden xenophobia – discriminatory policies against Muslims.
  21. Local separatism counteracting the world’s move towards globalism.
  22. Increasing disbelief in capitalism as it doesn’t protect most people.
  23. Conspiracy theories becoming more popular, the high death toll from COVID-19.
  24. Lowered human intelligence level: an upsurge in entertainment content online.
  25. Lack of adequate taxation on the extremely rich – rising feelings towards a revolution.

10 Cause and Effect Essay Questions

Want an easy-to-comprehend, direct question as your essay topic? Here are 10 perfectly suitable cause and effect options.

  1. What can happen if you fail to wake up early?
  2. How much has standardized testing influenced educational curriculums?
  3. Why does being singled out as a “gifted kid” can ruin one’s experience at school?
  4. Does having any disorder worsens the experience from school?
  5. How come learning can be mind-numbing?
  6. How much has new tech has undercut modern education?
  7. What has changed with the introduction of eBooks and eBoards into the classroom?
  8. Why studying at home exclusively majorly trips up kids?
  9. How’s day-to-day harassment isn’t being eliminated.
  10. How come one-gender classes diminish the interpersonal skills of learners?

10 Cause and Effect Essay Ideas for Beginners

Having trouble with analyzing cause effect relationships? Don’t fret! Here are some easy essay topics to dissect.

  1. Wild animals as pets: analysis.
  2. The outcomes of reading classic literature.
  3. Too many games as a kid.
  4. Peer pressure facilitating bad decisions.
  5. Meeting idol in real life.
  6. Doubting, regretting your every choice.
  7. Committing crimes as a minor.
  8. Restricting cars, having everyone use bicycles.
  9. Further international integration – wars less likely to occur.
  10. No online accounts and feeling happier.

15 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

Of course, if you’re in college, you need something more complex to analyze for cause effect relationships. Here are essay points that can go as deep as you want them to.

  1. What has unregulated software engineering led to?
  2. The possible outcomes from experimentation with advanced AI.
  3. Automated systems integrated into every flow.
  4. How come the space exploration programs are restarting recently?
  5. Countless automobile crashes, the need for autonomous cars.
  6. Microchips in humans.
  7. Advanced new-born medicine.
  8. COVID-19, protection of local companies.
  9. Start-up culture, high entry bar to the market.
  10. The abundance of online courses undercutting full degrees.
  11. Many companies filing bankruptcy.
  12. Increasing the worker’s output.
  13. The convenience of online shopping, consumerism.
  14. UN providing humanitarian programs worldwide.
  15. Feminism, the earning gap.

15 Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

If you’re in middle or high school, then these essay topics will do you good. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can slack on cause effect analysis.

  1. Turning vegan – helping the environment.
  2. Microplastic in our food.
  3. Consequences of cooking meals daily.
  4. The healthy eating trends of today.
  5. Greta Thunberg, the environmental movement.
  6. Mental health directly affects physical health.
  7. Weaker institution of the family.
  8. Widespread alternative, self-treatment.
  9. Junk food consumption.
  10. Sports generating “feel good” hormones.
  11. Sports, feminism today.
  12. Smoking influences more organs than just the lungs.
  13. Outcomes of constant passive smoking.
  14. Increasing taxation on addictive substances.
  15. Separation, children’s psyche.

15 Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Want to have fun with your cause effect essay? Here are 15 topics that are very fun to research.

  1. Fluctuations in the weather affect people’s moods.
  2. Pet owners have become much more animal-friendly.
  3. More money – more anxiety about life.
  4. Doing something boring slows down the time.
  5. Traveling helps economies of small towns.
  6. Gamers usually have better than average reflexes.
  7. Knowing less leads to being happier.
  8. Spending turning into an addiction.
  9. Thinking positively, being in a good mood improves the human immune system.
  10. Musical stimulation improves the athlete’s performance.
  11. Having online friends helps amend interpersonal skills.
  12. Cursing reduces feelings of pain.
  13. The theory of six degrees of separation: from you to anyone in the world.
  14. Coronavirus quarantine allowed many people to change their profession.
  15. Games reduce stress, improve day-to-day mood in people.

15 Good Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

Still haven’t found any essay topics to your liking? Don’t worry, here are 15 more solid essay ideas.

  1. Workweek shortened to 4 days.
  2. C and D students becoming successful businesspeople.
  3. Coronavirus, national economy.
  4. Substituting fossil fuels with green energy.
  5. Billionaire hedge funds taking advantage of the market.
  6. Fluctuating prices on essential products.
  7. High unemployment rates.
  8. Increasing wages for teachers.
  9. Continuous financial national crises.
  10. Top 1%, accruing wealth.
  11. Social networks, traditional education.
  12. Causes of certain trends becoming popular.
  13. Online life-affecting real-life views.
  14. Overuse of social media networks worsened mental state.
  15. Social division – online radical groups.

Bonus: If You Need Help…

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