Classification Essay Topics

100+ Classification Essay Topics: Make the Right Pick

Looking for essay topics about classification? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to do any of the following:

  • Bother with creating classification essay topics.
  • Consider all the created options and failing to research them.
  • Compare one option against all the others
  • Trying to single out the one you like most.

Why? Because we did the hard part of thinking up interesting ideas for you! We’ve collected over 100 classification essay topics and divided them into smaller subcategories.

Because there are so many options, you’ll surely be able to find something for yourself. Now, all that is needed from you is to pick one of our classification essay topics – it’s that easy.

How to Select the Best Classification Essay Topic?

One of the most important aspects of selecting a classification topic for an essay is being inspired by it. Read through the list we created and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which idea interests me more than others?
  • Which classification essay topic speaks to me more?
  • With which classification topic do I connect the most?
  • Is the one that I like easily researchable?

Slowly work through the list with these points in your head. You’ll stumble upon a great classification essay topic specifically for you. The advantages of following this method are important.

In the end, the topic of your classification essay will be engaging and motivating for you. When you’re interested in some particular classification topic while doing an essay on it, the work will seem easier. Also, by quickly researching the topics, you’ll know which one will be the easiest to write. Now, you can easily move onto the classification essay topics below.

List of Classification Essay Topics: 35 Best Ideas

Here you’ll find 35 different classification essay topics. We’ve made sure that they’re all engaging and captivating to write papers on. We’ve divided the ideas into smaller subcategories, for your convenience.

Moreover, the classification essay topics we’ve added to the list are all well suited for all academic levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high schooler or a postgraduate student, these essay topics will suit your needs.

Business and Management

  1. Companies, corporations.
  2. Business relations, interactions.
  3. Management methodologies and principles.
  4. Improving worker productivity.
  5. Workers, employees, people on contract.

Internet Culture

  1. Internet users.
  2. Websites by purpose.
  3. Online entertainment media.
  4. Social networks.
  5. Video games.
  6. Mobile applications.
  7. Smart, wearable technology.


  1. Landmasses.
  2. Water bodies.
  3. Climate zones.
  4. Mineral formations.
  5. Mammals.
  6. Fish.

Governmental Institutions

  1. National powers.
  2. Distribution of powers.
  3. Voting frameworks.
  4. Sociopolitical make-ups.
  5. Approaches to fighting national corruption.
  6. Modern populism.


  1. Most effective parenting methodologies.
  2. Family gathering types.
  3. Psychological types of married partners.
  4. Family relations.
  5. Parent-child bond, connection.
  6. Sibling bond, connection.


  1. Techniques behind trading stocks.
  2. Assets and bonds.
  3. National markets.
  4. Governance over markets.
  5. Investment ventures.

15 Classification Essay Questions to Answer First

Do you want ideas in the form of questions? No problem! Here are 15 options.

  1. How can we categorize different Olympic sports?
  2. What are the main crises throughout human life?
  3. Which types of illustrated literature exist?
  4. What are the different approaches to the categorization of sports?
  5. How various in-game rule enforcers differ?
  6. How can we divide and organize eSports games?
  7. Which laws and legislature sections are there?
  8. What entertainment option for children outside computer use is available today?
  9. How can we order different expressions of bullying in school?
  10. What are the different kinds of snacks aimed at teenagers?
  11. How should we categorize animated pictures and media?
  12. Which categories of reality TV are there?
  13. How must we categorize theater performances?
  14. What differences there are between various musical acts?
  15. What types of contemporary headphones available today?

15 Classification Essay Ideas to Jumpstart Your Inspiration

Here are 15 ideas that’ll make you think creatively.

  1. Common mental disorders.
  2. Most widespread phobias.
  3. Learner conduct during class hours.
  4. Workplace delinquency.
  5. Losing weight approaches.
  6. Techniques for correcting dyslexia.
  7. Fighting migraines.
  8. Quitting addictive rituals.
  9. Treating depressive disorders.
  10. Health-beneficial supplements and additives.
  11. Pain relievers.
  12. Causes of cancers.
  13. Fruits by their effect.
  14. Vegetables by their effect.
  15. Exercising options.

20 Classification Essay Topics for College Students

Urgently need options for your college assignment? Then, the list below is for you.

  1. Recycling options, opportunities.
  2. Prejudice in professional environments.
  3. Fighting discrimination and inequality
  4. Safe, social spaces.
  5. Healthy and environment-conscious eating.
  6. Genders and sexual expression.
  7. Free speech, open debates.
  8. Sexual activity, interaction.
  9. Logical fallacies in discussions.
  10. Active debates and live conversations.
  11. Political and professional corruption.
  12. Race and gender biases.
  13. Existing inequalities in Western societies.
  14. Professors and teaching styles.
  15. Common student-types.
  16. Passion, all its expressions.
  17. American neighborhoods and interactions.
  18. Pubs and alcohol.
  19. Public protests and pickets.
  20. Online activity.

15 Good Classification Essay Topics for Any Case

Don’t want to bother picking the best idea? Here are 15 solid options.

  1. Academic courses and programs.
  2. Political parties, politicians.
  3. Nationality defined in different ways.
  4. Artists regardless of their main industry.
  5. Sports enthusiasts and their behavior.
  6. Vacation destinations.
  7. Cooking styles.
  8. Reading approaches, preferences.
  9. Musical genres and associated fans.
  10. Interpersonal relationships, bonds.
  11. Dates and couple activity.
  12. Dining options for going out.
  13. Common personality types.
  14. Critics, opposers of something.
  15. Working out options.

15 Easy Classification Essay Topics for Carefree Writing

Lastly, if you want to have an easy time doing your paper, then below are 15 simple and approachable ideas.

  1. Hobbies and leisure activities.
  2. Interior designs.
  3. Apologies and excuses.
  4. Saving money techniques.
  5. Driving styles.
  6. Internships for young professionals.
  7. Gigging opportunities.
  8. Green energy.
  9. Research resources.
  10. Living spaces.
  11. Movies and cinematography.
  12. Photography approaches.
  13. Creative scripts and audience involvement.
  14. Arts and crafts.
  15. Dancing styles with trends.

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