Climate Change Essay Topics

50+ Climate Change Essay Topics: Choose the Best Idea

Searching essay topics about climate change online? We’re can easily assist your efforts! We’ve tried our best to collect the most engaging cases on climate change – all for your convenience.

Below, you’ll find 50+ awesome essay topics to discuss in your paper. The only thing left is to pick a subject. It’s a big step for your essay’s progress because picking a topic significantly narrows down your work.

Why Climate Change?

Climate influence almost all aspects of our lives, and, sadly, humankind is at fault for tempering with it. We’re actively producing nasty chemicals that are destroying our atmosphere and local ecosystems. All this plays into the rapid climate change.

We have to act now and discuss as many topics as we can. It’s a big field, so there’s definitely no shortage of good themes.

How to Select the Best Climate Change Essay Topic?

Want to choose an essay topic quickly and be done with it? Don’t make the mistake of picking a random thought. This will result in you pouring over the paper and stressing out. Instead, pick an idead you’ll have fun with by following these steps:

  • Check the essay topic entries on this list.
  • Decide which ideas grasp your attention the most.
  • Briefly review available sources.
  • If your essay topic inspires and has lots of researchable materials – pick it!
  • If you’re not satisfied with what you’re seeing – don’t stop looking.

These steps will help you pick the best idea. It’s much better than randomly picking a topic and not being able to find anything good to include.

List of Climate Change Essay Topics: 30 Winning Ideas

Here are 30 top ideas that you can pick as your main subject.

  1. How did the phrase “hothouse effect” come about?
  2. Why “hothouse effect” is a technically incorrect phrase?
  3. Why was “hothouse effect” still preferred as the main phrase to describe CO2 issues?
  4. What is the hothouse effect from a global perspective and how big is its effect?
  5. Why does CO2 affect the Earth’s environment so much?
  6. What industries emit the biggest amount of CO2 into the atmosphere?
  7. How is global warming-related to CO2 and other hothouse gasses?
  8. What Fournier, Tyndall, and Arrhenius did for the environmental movement?
  9. What were the early breakthroughs in the study of climate change?
  10. What was the role of industrialization in negatively affecting the CO2 levels?
  11. In which ways can we revert the damage done by industrialization?
  12. China and African countries are industrializing: are they adequately addressing emissions?
  13. Is it possible to retain our manufacturing levels of today but remove the CO2 toll?
  14. What was the hottest year in human history that’s been recorded?
  15. How do extraordinary hot years come about and why it’s dangerous?
  16. Why do we need to be high in the atmosphere to accurately measure CO2 levels?
  17. What can go wrong with the measurements if you gauge CO2 levels at ground level?
  18. Who was the first one to discover how to correctly measure CO2 level and how?
  19. What are biochemical traces and how do scientists employ them for research?
  20. The main types of human activity worsen the CO2 situation.
  21. What needs to be changed to start decreasing the hothouse gasses output?
  22. What environment-friendly things can we do now as individuals?
  23. Inciting government action to save the environment with protests.
  24. What personal inconveniences will we have to bear with for the environment?
  25. How big industries will be affected when strict anti-CO2 regulations are put in place?
  26. Companies have been destroying Earth for centuries, should they pay for it literally?
  27. What are you willing to forego and forget in order to help save the environment?
  28. Water amps up the effect of hothouse gasses – how does it achieve that?
  29. What are the hothouse gasses besides CO2?
  30. In which way does water vapor influence climate change on Earth?

10 Climate Change Essay Questions to Ask for Self-Control

If you prefer to answer writing prompts, then here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is the role of methane in climate change, specifically global warming?
  2. Which industries produce the most methane on Earth?
  3. How did the landscape in various countries change to accommodate our diets?
  4. Why are meat and dairy industries are very destructive to our environment?
  5. Should we encourage people to consume less meat on a cultural level?
  6. Do we have any alternatives to dealing with excessive methane in the atmosphere?
  7. How can using the wrong fertilizer can damage the atmosphere?
  8. What are the ways of cultivating crops without any damage to the environment?
  9. What is the relation between rice fields and lack of water in parts of the Earth?
  10. What’s so bad about nitrogen fertilizer?

15 Climate Change Essay Ideas for Creative Students

Still haven’t found anything you’d like? Here are creative ideas to inspire you.

  1. What’s is the main framework of the Earth’s carbon cycle?
  2. Is the ocean involved in the carbon cycle on Earth?
  3. Why are aerosol products so bad for the atmosphere?
  4. Why we can’t (as of yet) completely get rid of aerosol sprays?
  5. Which alternatives do we have instead of aerosol chemicals?
  6. How to visualize the environmental issues to make the biggest impact?
  7. Why environmental issues have to be solved immediately.
  8. Population Growth and Industrial Advancement – what’s worse?
  9. The consumeristic lifestyle and its effect on the environment.
  10. Is capitalism partially to blame for the destruction of the environment?
  11. Do wealthy countries really add to climate change the most?
  12. How air conditioning worsens climate change.
  13. What alternative options for air conditioning do we have?
  14. What does continuing urbanization mean for global warming?
  15. The building-up garbage masses are a part of the climate change equation.

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