Cold War Essay Topics

Cold War Essay Topics: Unique, Engaging, and Interesting

When you are a History student, the professor wants to know that you are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what you do. You show this through the quality papers you submit for grading.

A sure sign of your commitment is the submission of stellar pieces. It all begins with the topics you write about.

Want a Trick on How to Select the Best Cold War Essay Topic?

If you do not know how to select an appropriate essay topic, you may strain with academic work. For instance, selecting an irrelevant topic is an indication of your incompetence. Moreover, it shows that you are not serious about what you do.

Before you select a theme, you should understand what the task is about. After that, create a list of the ideas you want to write about. Eliminate the ones you do not like. Your essay topics should always be interesting and engaging.

The Best List of Cold War Essay Topics

If you are studying History, the professor expects you to provide adequate information on the Cold War. That is the only way for you to attain a top grade.

Are you wondering about how to come up with the best topics?

Check these topics that we have prepared for you:

  • The influence of the War on the European economy
  • Berlin and its role in the rivalry
  • How USSR participated in the conflict
  • The influence of the Cold War on the relationship between the US and USSR
  • The impact of the conflict on sporting activities
  • The factors that triggered the rivalry
  • The main differences between the Holocaust and the Cold War
  • The impact of the conflict on the American Society
  • Effects of the proxy war on international relations
  • The main misconceptions about the conflict
  • The major events that took place during the political tension
  • Aspects that led to the end of the conflict
  • The relations between the Vietnam War and the Cold War
  • Korean War and its impact on the rivalry
  • The containment measures of the Cold War
  • The role of Ronal Reagan in ending the War
  • How communists approached the conflict
  • The relationship between Britain and the United States during the hostility
  • The “First Red Scare
  • The role of John Stalin
  • The Truman Doctrine
  • Nuclear weapons and their use during the military tension
  • The Domino Theory and its application during the period of the War
  • Yugoslavia and their policies
  • Cold War and the events in the Middle East

A Complete List of Cold War Decolonization Essay Topics

You should have options when writing such essays. Therefore, it is important to create a list of different topics.

Here is a selection of decolonization topics:

  • Strategies that nations used to deal with the effects of the conflict
  • Latin America and their relationship with the US after the hostility
  • Cold War and its effects on the Iranian Revolution that took place in 1979
  • Challenges that people faced after the political tension
  • The reunification of Germany after the Cold War
  • Impacts of the conflict on pop culture in the USA
  • Its effects on the space race
  • Constitutional amendments that were to help in the recovery process in the US
  • Challenges of the Post-Cold War era
  • Global importance of political rivalry

Applicable College Cold War Essay Ideas

Best topics are generated from excellent ideas.

Here are good ideas of essay topics about the Cold War:

  • The policies that the United States put in place to reduce the spread of communism
  • Foreign relation policies that President Kennedy put in place
  • Social impact of the political rivalry on the US
  • The contribution of the European nations
  • How differing national ideologies caused the conflict
  • A close look at the participants of the conflict
  • The influence of the Cold War on modern set up
  • Influence of the conflict on the history of the US
  • Differences between the Cold war and the Second World War
  • Lessons that nations learned from the War

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