Commentary Essay Topics

105 Best Commentary Essay Topics in 2022

A commentary essay is a paper where a writer expresses a personal opinion about a particular issue, including event, person, subject, a piece of art, etc. Just like in argumentative writing, your paper should be supported with evidence.

List of Commentary Essay Topics

  1. The faster way to learn a foreign language.
  2. Why is it important to get high grades in school?
  3. How to pass exams successfully?
  4. How to improve your writing skills?
  5. Top list of jobs for an introvert.
  6. Top list of jobs for an extrovert.
  7. How to make a gift for your friend.
  8. How to cook a tasty cake for an hour.
  9. Does smoking cigarettes always lead to lung cancer?
  10. How to get inspiration?
  11. Why do teenagers start to use makeup?
  12. How parents must solve problems with a teenager?
  13. Why does music affect people’s lives?
  14. The best way to act with students in a high school.
  15. How to overcome depression with a psychologist’s help.
  16. How to choose the best vegetables on the market?
  17. 10 ways to cook a fish.
  18. Process of making cheese.
  19. Benefits of living at the farm.
  20. How climate changes affect our health?
  21. What’s the best way to get the job of your dreams?
  22. Why some people are born to be leaders, and some not.
  23. Is it good to keep wild animals in zoos?
  24. 5 ways to clean up your facial skin.
  25. Why do teenagers have problems with their skin often?

25 Social Commentary Essay Topics

  1. Five reasons to buy things online.
  2. How to sell something to people.
  3. What’s marketing and how does it work?
  4. How to make a great birthday party for your partner?
  5. How to organize a brilliant wedding?
  6. How to write a book for six months?
  7. How to stop smoking?
  8. How to overcome alcohol addiction?
  9. How to buy cheap tickets to the performance in the theater?
  10. How to buy a house?
  11. My receipt of great mood.
  12. How to make your children happy in 5 minutes?
  13. Bedtime routine: your child will fall asleep in ten minutes!
  14. Your favorite place in the town.
  15. What do you feel when you see cigarette ads?
  16. Fast food restaurants make bad food.
  17. What is fibromyalgia? Is it a serious disease?
  18. Why do most celebrities have a messed life?
  19. Education system of Australia.
  20. Why vegetarians choose their way?
  21. Why is Europe the best place to spend a vacation?
  22. Immigrants in Canada.
  23. How to immigrate legally to another country?
  24. How Europeans can get a tourist visa to the USA?
  25. Is it good to have sex before marriage?

25 Personal Commentary Essay Topics

  1. Why are so many teenagers involved in drugs and alcohol?
  2. How to be popular in the school?
  3. How to avoid fighting and solve problems another way?
  4. What person inspires me?
  5. My favorite place to go shopping.
  6. The best place to rest with my family.
  7. Why do I love my pet so much?
  8. My favorite style of music.
  9. Is it possible to overcome cancer?
  10. Why do so many young people hate school?
  11. Ten reasons against suicide.
  12. Why is it important to go to the church?
  13. Why do some religious people say curse words?
  14. How to save forests on our planet?
  15. How to tell a child about sex?
  16. How to discuss relationships with a teenager?
  17. Describe your favorite teacher and why you like him/her?
  18. How to be a good neighbor?
  19. Why people should eat healthy food.
  20. Is it useful to swim?
  21. How to become a great wife/husband?
  22. How to stop any quarrel in two minutes?
  23. What makes me happy?
  24. Why do brothers and sisters usually fight for many things?
  25. How books can affect our lives?

20 Commentary Essay Ideas

  1. A team spirit is more important for competition than a win.
  2. How to overcome your lovely pet death.
  3. How to make a lot of good friends?
  4. How to avoid bad relationships with men/women?
  5. How to create a handmade postcard.
  6. How people can save wild animals.
  7. Why are most of the students lazy to do the homework?
  8. The best places for successful dating.
  9. How does online education work?
  10. What are electronic books and how do they work?
  11. How modern technologies help to develop education?
  12. Is it possible to find a good partner on the dating site?
  13. How to save our planet green?
  14. How to cook a perfect pizza?
  15. How to raise a child.
  16. How to prevent AIDS?
  17. How to find a phone in a woman’s bag?
  18. How to drive a car?
  19. How to date a divorced man?
  20. Three ways to kill time in a store’s line.

15 Higher Education Topics for Commentary Essay

  1. Android or iPhone – what to choose?
  2. How do modern technologies influence education?
  3. Should children learn only typing on computers, but not writing by hand?
  4. How do 3-D printers be used in medicine?
  5. Is social media helping to improve people’s lives?
  6. Why do kids understand modern technologies so quickly?
  7. What is the next step in modern technology?
  8. Are computers and cell phones harmful to health?
  9. How do modern gadgets, influence children?
  10. Should schools use 3-D printers for studying?
  11. How to prevent cancer?
  12. Why does the climate on Earth change?
  13. How does the computer work?
  14. Why is it quite important to get an education?
  15. How to choose the best college.

How to Select Commentary Essay Topics?

When you need to write a commentary essay, first of all, you must choose a bright subject. Remember your audience won’t read some boring essay to the end, so your first important task is to select an interesting subject to write about. Sometimes it can be not so easy, that’s why we prepared a list of essay topics about commentary that will help you to get some fresh and interesting ideas about your future paper.

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