Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

“Crime and Punishment” Essay Topics: Relevant and Engaging

The professor wants to ascertain that you understand the idea of the “Crime and Punishment” novel. That is why you have to write essays on it.

A perfect essay is a sign that you understand the book. Hence, with the right topic, you increase the chances of turning in a top-grade paper.

Want to Know How to Select the Best “Crime and Punishment” Essay Topic?

Most students struggle when it comes to topic selection. Some pick subjects with no information and fail to complete the assignments as expected. Others work on broad topics and have to eliminate some sections from their essays. When you submit an incomplete essay, do not expect to get a good grade.

Need tips on how to select outstanding topics for a “Crime and Punishment” essay?

Here are strategies that can help you:

Read Different Relevant Essay Samples

Experienced writers have prepared content on this subject. You can read their pieces and get ideas on the best topics. Twist these ideas to meet your assignment needs.

Seek Assistance From More Experienced People

Seek clarification from the professor about the most engaging topics. Additionally, you can ask your friends about what they think. Use these suggestions to pick an appropriate topic.

Choose the Most Appropriate Essay Topics

Begin with a list of probable “Crime and Punishment” topics. After that, eliminate what you do not like. The final subject should suit your needs.

A Comprehensive List of “Crime and Punishment” Essay Topics

Writing perfect essays begins with the topics you choose. Therefore, you should always take time at this point.

What are some topics that you can write on?

Check the perfect suggestions below:

  • Concepts of law discussed in the novel
  • Role of religion as depicted in the text
  • An extraordinary man and the laws that govern him
  • Top reasons that make Raskolnikov a murderer
  • The character of Svidrigailov depicted in the text
  • Main themes presented in the novel
  • Top reasons that drive Svidrigailov to suicide
  • The role played by dreams in the novel
  • Justice and its notion
  • A comprehensive description of the pawnbroker’s death
  • Raskolnikov’s character traits
  • The aspect of superhumans
  • Role of the city in the novel
  • Most deceptive characters in “Crime and Punishment”
  • How nihilism is depicted in the book
  • Development of the relationship between Razumihin and Raskolnikov
  • Use of suspense in the narration
  • Raskolnikov’s philosophy
  • Main roles women play in “Crime and Punishment”
  • How side stories contribute to the development of the plot
  • Depiction and influence of religion in “Crime and Punishment”
  • Main characters and their contribution to the story
  • Foreshadowing used in the novel
  • Role of Lebezyatnikov in the plot
  • Freedom and slavery: how they are portrayed
  • Depiction of Russian society in the story
  • The theme of alienation in the book
  • The unique way the author rationalizes crime
  • Effectiveness of the language used as the mean of narration
  • The theme of resurrection: the author’s point of view
  • Most important characters in the story
  • Nature of Raskolnikov in the novel
  • Existentialism and its depicted features
  • Types of crimes mentioned in the book
  • Raskolnikov’s contribution to the plot and literature in general

Perfect “Crime and Punishment” Essay Ideas

Coming up with excellent essay topics about “Crime and Punishment” is key to ensuring readers stay on your paper.

Do you need ideas on what to write about?

Consider the list below:

  • Does the novel’s author make the crime be perceived as good or bad?
  • Was is the role of foreshadowing described in the book?
  • Was Svidrigailov justified to commit suicide?
  • Is the city positively or negatively depicted in the novel?
  • Does “Crime and Punishment” show the realities of what happens in modern society?
  • Main literary devices used in the novel
  • Does the author use suspense appropriately?
  • What role does the epilogue play in the book?
  • How the author uses irony in the story
  • What are the major incidents that change the course of the story?

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