Critical Analysis Essay Topics

95 Best Critical Analysis Essay Topics in 2021

A critical analysis essay is a serious task that requires a lot of time, patience, and skills. If you are looking for critical analysis essay topics for college students, read our guide where we have gathered many interesting ideas for writing. Don’t forget to outline your future work before you start.

List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. What caused the Civil War in the USA?
  2. What causes mental illness in people?
  3. Why do young people fall in love so fast?
  4. Why are some people so addicted to gambling?
  5. How to pass a complicated exam successfully?
  6. Why do some students hate their school teachers so much?
  7. Why do some young people start to work while studying?
  8. How does popular music affect people?
  9. Why do a lot of teenagers like rap music?
  10. What causes youth to start relationships?
  11. How did people discover things about our planet’s past?
  12. Why do some students are great when others become truant?
  13. What causes people to sneeze?
  14. Why does the climate on Earth change?
  15. Why do we feel fear?
  16. What causes us to lie to other people?
  17. Why do most young people hate uniforms in school?
  18. Why do so many schoolchildren like to break school rules?
  19. Why do some families decide to adopt a child?
  20. What causes people to choose their profession?
  21. What causes bulimia?
  22. Why are young people ashamed of their looks?
  23. Why do adolescent people leave their houses?
  24. Why do scientists use so many animals for their research?
  25. Why do people get cold?
  26. Why do we use antibiotics to heal some diseases?
  27. Why do teenagers want to seem so independent, when they’re still dependable on their parents?
  28. Why do some people like sweets when others are so indifferent?
  29. Why do some teenagers want to dress bright?
  30. What causes adolescent girls to paint their hair in bright colors?

25 Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. What did cause World War II to begin?
  2. Why is it so hard to find a cure for cancer?
  3. Why are so many young girls worried about their weight?
  4. What causes people to turn attention to each other?
  5. How do different political parties form?
  6. What is the best way to prepare for exams well?
  7. How to write a successful essay by yourself?
  8. Why are some talented people so irresponsible in school?
  9. Why do people have talents and how do they get them?
  10. Why are so many people addicted to their smartphones?
  11. How is it possible to prevent road accidents?
  12. Why is it so important to learn grammar rules?
  13. How to learn a foreign language fast?
  14. Why do people travel?
  15. Why do some young people idolize their favorites (actors, singers, etc.)
  16. Why are adolescent people shy of attention?
  17. What does lead to obesity?
  18. What causes terrorism and why do certain countries get to the target?
  19. Why are there so many people living in China?
  20. Why did people vote for Trump?
  21. What causes violence?
  22. Why is it so important to learn English?
  23. What reasons cause wind?
  24. How do tides form?
  25. Why do some people like dogs, when others prefer cats?

20 Critical Analysis Essay Ideas

  1. What causes birds to migrate?
  2. What can ruin people’s health?
  3. Why do many students try to smoke even if they know it’s a very bad habit?
  4. Why do teenagers always have problems and misunderstandings with their parents?
  5. What causes jealousy?
  6. Why do people envy each other?
  7. What does form the feeling of hate?
  8. Why do students lie to their parents and teachers?
  9. Why do many young people hate school, even if they know the importance of education?
  10. Why do some teenagers want to dress extraordinarily?
  11. Why do youth join gangs?
  12. Why do a lot of young people start to use drugs?
  13. Why are most of the students so frivolous?
  14. Why are young people more smiling and optimistic compared to old people?
  15. Why are young girls so crazy about male celebrities?
  16. What causes adolescent people to bully?
  17. Why do some people have pets?
  18. Why is it so important for people to have a pet?
  19. Why is it important to get high grades?
  20. Why is education important for young people?

20 Critical Analysis Essay Questions

  1. Why is it so important to study physics for future scientists?
  2. How the American slavery system was abolished?
  3. Why are some countries rich when others so poor?
  4. Why do all people use English for science and business?
  5. How does the education system of the USA work?
  6. What caused medical system change?
  7. Why has baseball become a national game in America?
  8. What was the impact of Obama on the country?
  9. What causes students to cheat on the exam?
  10. Why do we make friends?
  11. How does an electric car work?
  12. How does a hurricane form?
  13. How did some wild animals become domestic?
  14. Why do people feel the love?
  15. Why do so many young people drink alcohol?
  16. Why does the church mean so much for many people?
  17. Why does euthanasia should be legalized?
  18. How to choose a good family doctor?
  19. Where to spend your vacation during the pandemic?
  20. Why is it difficult for many people to earn a lot of money?

How to Select the Best Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

Choosing a successful topic is always a challenge. When you are thinking about ideas on essay topics about critical analysis, check out the subject is arguable. You should also think if it will be easy for you to make an analysis of the selected things and explain it to the audience.

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