Descriptive Essay Topics

105 Best Descriptive Essay Topics in 2022

A descriptive essay is a work where you need to make a detailed and interesting description of an event or an object. Needless to say, you are free to select various things to describe, for example, it could be an essay about the first day in school, or you may write something interesting about your family.

When you are required to create this essay, all you need to do at the start is to choose an interesting subject to describe. It can be hard because you may feel stuck on what topic would motivate your audience to read the entire work. We have gathered a list of the brightest topics for descriptive essays that may bring some fresh ideas to your mind. Go ahead and read, we hope that we can inspire you!

List of Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Celebrating Halloween with friends.
  2. How I won the marathon.
  3. My first win in sports.
  4. The first experience of camping.
  5. A daydream that came into reality.
  6. A great picnic with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  7. People in the market.
  8. A line in the drugstore.
  9. My favorite place to eat.
  10. My favorite food.
  11. Whom do I want to be?
  12. Traveling around the world.
  13. Walking through the night town.
  14. First experience on the roller-coaster.
  15. Performance in the theater.
  16. My favorite hobby.
  17. The best present I ever got.
  18. My trip to the village.
  19. Participating in the competition.
  20. My favorite store.
  21. How I spent last weekend.
  22. How I am going to spend my winter holidays.
  23. My favorite TV show.
  24. What subject was the hardest for me at school?
  25. How I found my favorite hobby.

25 Good Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. How I met my future husband/wife.
  2. How many children I plan to have.
  3. The first time I learned to drive a car.
  4. The birth of my son/daughter.
  5. Spending the weekend in the forest.
  6. My biggest fear in this life.
  7. My first experience in cooking.
  8. My favorite cuisine.
  9. A beautiful garden in my mother’s house.
  10. Memories that make me happy every day.
  11. The power of an ocean.
  12. The beauty of the desert.
  13. Wild animals in the zoo.
  14. My first experience in fishing.
  15. My first trip abroad.
  16. The earliest memories I remember from my childhood.
  17. The most interesting moment in the movie.
  18. A painting that inspires me.
  19. My craziest workday.
  20. How my enemy turned out to be my friend.
  21. People on the beach.
  22. Discovering a new town.
  23. Buying fruits on the market.
  24. The smell of wood plants.
  25. A night in the forest.

25 Descriptive Essay Topics for College

  1. New Year celebration in my family.
  2. My family’s traditions.
  3. How I learned a foreign language.
  4. How I chose a college.
  5. My first essay.
  6. A sad story about my favorite pet.
  7. Phobias I have in my life.
  8. The main goal of my life.
  9. Reunion with a good friend.
  10. Memories about my first love.
  11. My favorite book when I was a child.
  12. A family of my dreams.
  13. The longest trip of my life.
  14. An addiction I overcame.
  15. A person that influenced my life.
  16. The ideal date.
  17. How I visit a place where I was born.
  18. The funniest memory of my life.
  19. My favorite beverage.
  20. The first phone I had.
  21. A moment when I got lost in the unknown city.
  22. My first experience with a computer.
  23. My parents are the best!
  24. My favorite dance.
  25. How I taught swimming.

15 Great Descriptive Essay Ideas

  1. A day that changed my life.
  2. My worst nightmare.
  3. How I met my best friend.
  4. Beautiful summer day.
  5. A dream of my life.
  6. A town at midnight.
  7. The inside of a church.
  8. A crime scene.
  9. A garden with flowers.
  10. A house out from the town.
  11. The beauty of nature.
  12. How I visited the museum for the first time.
  13. How I started to play soccer.
  14. A house near the sea.
  15. A beautiful view of mountains.

15 Great Descriptive Essay Questions

  1. My younger sister/brother.
  2. Dreams about the future.
  3. A day apart from people.
  4. The worst day of my life.
  5. My favorite dress.
  6. My graduation from school.
  7. My first speech.
  8. My favorite language.
  9. My first date.
  10. What brings me good luck?
  11. My first day of living alone.
  12. How I started my career.
  13. My greatest achievement.
  14. My favorite game.
  15. My teacher at school.

How to Select the Best Descriptive Essay Topic?

Selecting a good topic is a key point of your work. At the start, try to brainstorm your ideas about the essay and think about your potential audience. What subject may attract your readers? How will they react? These are questions you have to ask yourself.

When you have chosen essay topics about descriptive, make sure you are including only relevant information about the subject you have selected without distracting on anything else. We hope that thanks to our guide, you have got a lot of useful information about how to write a descriptive essay. Be patient during writing, make sure you have enough time to create your paper and don’t forget to proofread the finished work.

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