Economics Essay Topics

100 Best Economics Essay Topics in 2021

An economics essay is a paper where the author should discuss a question connected with the economy: this is everything connected with money, profit, business, micro, and macroeconomics, etc. Of course, it’s not always simple to select a good subject for writing. Feel free to read our top 100 economics essay topics and choose something interesting to surprise your readers!

List of Economics Essay Topics

  1. Forecasts for the future of economics in the USA
  2. 10 Main principles of economics.
  3. The main features of short-term economic growth
  4. What role does the country play in the economy?
  5. Economics of Africa: how to improve it?
  6. How to deal with recessions in the economy?
  7. The money system of China: pros and cons.
  8. Socialist and capitalist economy comparison.
  9. Marx’s economic theory.
  10. The role of the small business in the economy.
  11. Which of the economic stocks is better to buy?
  12. Economic events in Korea.
  13. Why do students have to study economics in schools?
  14. The impact of production economics in the USA.
  15. Economics policy tools analysis.
  16. The most effective ways to make investments.
  17. Why is it important for people to know the history of their country’s economics?
  18. The relationship between income and happiness.
  19. Analysis of the food industry in South Korea.
  20. Economics and pornography business.
  21. The philosophy of economics.
  22. What future does economics have?
  23. How marijuana legalization can impact economics?
  24. How does online business affect economics?
  25. Why do some countries have a low-income economy?

10 Social Economics Essay Topics

  1. Explain the connection between economic growth and demography.
  2. Overpopulation and economics in China.
  3. Child labor in low-economy countries.
  4. Why do people stay unemployed due to their race?
  5. The economics of countries with a low income.
  6. How to increase productivity in a small business?
  7. Violations of workers’ rights.
  8. How do people identify the country’s economy?
  9. Sex discrimination at work and economics.
  10. The economic history of NY and its people.

10 Sports Economics Essay Topics

  1. Does the teams’ budget connect with their success?
  2. The analysis of the corruption in football.
  3. How to improve the financial situation in sports?
  4. What’s the role of the economy in sports?
  5. The financial analysis of FIFA.
  6. Olympic games and economics.
  7. Why is it always so expensive for children to go to professional sports?
  8. Corruption in sports.
  9. Do winners pay money for their medals?
  10. Is it possible to make fair competition or money decide everything?

10 Health Economics Essay Topics

  1. Is it reasonable to set high prices on medical products?
  2. Why do doctors in some countries take bribes?
  3. Why is it important to have medical insurance?
  4. How to increase the economy of the hospital?
  5. Why is cancer treatment expensive for most people?
  6. The history of healthcare economics.
  7. Antibiotic market: the main characteristics.
  8. How does healthcare impact the financial aspect of people?
  9. Why does fast food make profits on people’s health?
  10. How to reduce prices on meds?

10 Interesting Economics Essay Topics

  1. The history of banking.
  2. The monetary policy of the USA in the 1990s.
  3. The economic history of China.
  4. Economic issues in the Soviet Union.
  5. The economic analysis of Latin America.
  6. The role of cities in economics.
  7. Why are markets important for the country’s economy?
  8. Why do most women get an economic major?
  9. Is it easy to become a successful businessman?
  10. Why is a small business so difficult to develop in poor countries?

10 Personal Commentary Essay Topics

  1. How to earn more money?
  2. How does COVID-19 affect world economics?
  3. What should poor countries do to improve their level?
  4. How to be a millionaire?
  5. How to open your own business?
  6. How does money connect with happiness?
  7. Why is it important to count money?
  8. How do taxes improve economics?
  9. Why is it important to teach children to count money?
  10. The development of the personal business.

15 Economics Essay Ideas

  1. Describe the economic situation in Russia.
  2. Compare economics in poor and rich countries.
  3. Discuss why billionaires become billionaires.
  4. Write about economics in your city.
  5. Think why people should learn economics.
  6. Why do some businessmen get successful, when others not?
  7. The best ways to save money.
  8. Is investing good for everyone?
  9. Does money make people worse?
  10. Describe how the situation with pandemia affects economics.
  11. A business on people’s health: fast food pros and cons.
  12. Why are meds so expensive?
  13. How to get more money from your business.
  14. The most effective ways to avoid bankruptcy.
  15. Discuss movies from an economical point of view.

10 Economics Essay Questions

  1. How to invest money effectively?
  2. Is it safe to trust banks?
  3. Is it profitable to buy cryptocurrency?
  4. Is it possible to start a business from zero?
  5. Which countries have successful economics?
  6. How to improve the economics in Ukraine?
  7. Why is it important to know the history of economics?
  8. Is it difficult to get a major in economics?
  9. What’s the difference between economists and businessmen?
  10. How to create your own online business?

How to Select the Best Economics Essay Topics?

When you are selecting essay topics about economics, please pay attention if you will be able to introduce this subject to the readers. Do not choose some complex or unknown topics because it can be too difficult for you to create a successful manuscript. Always use reliable sources and statistics when you are writing this type of work.

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