Exemplification Essay Topics

130 Best Exemplification Essay Topics in 2021

An exemplification essay is a type of written assignment where students prove a certain point of view with relevant examples. It resembles the argumentative essay a lot. The goal is to prove validity with numerous facts, research results, etc. If you have this assignment but still have no idea what to write about, our exemplification essay topic examples are sure to be helpful. Get inspired or pick an idea below.

List of Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Can a person own a successful company without higher education?
  2. Does climate change impact the economy?
  3. Do smartphones make people more stressed?
  4. Can work from home be more productive than in the office?
  5. Do modern technologies increase the gap between the rich and the poor?
  6. Is fake news the result of the freedom of speech or social media?
  7. Can homeschooling be more effective?
  8. Should euthanasia be legal worldwide?
  9. Does modern society experience the decline of morals nowadays?
  10. Does higher education lead to a higher IQ?
  11. Is a college degree relevant nowadays?
  12. Should drone usage be regulated by law?
  13. Can art therapy cure health conditions?
  14. Can artificial intelligence destroy humanity?
  15. Should healthcare be more affordable?
  16. How can we help nature preserve balance?
  17. Will books remain the main source of knowledge?
  18. Is personality formation influenced by multiple factors?
  19. Should cults be banned?
  20. Should spice be added to children’s food?
  21. Can music help with learning school subjects?
  22. Does the Internet make people feel more alone?
  23. Do movies or video games impact children’s decisions in life?
  24. Does being focused on materialism lead to mental health problems?
  25. Is drinking from plastic bottles be harmful?

25 Fun Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Can people describe a person’s character relying on their handwriting?
  2. What is the craziest profession in the world?
  3. Can horoscopes predict your future?
  4. Will the voice assistants control people one day?
  5. Can a black cat bring bad luck?
  6. Do people control the money or the other way around?
  7. Can mistake-making be a path to self-improvement?
  8. Is etiquette still a norm or a set of ridiculous rules?
  9. What is modern fashion?
  10. Is there a formula for happiness?
  11. Can life be full without love?
  12. Should people use problems as an opportunity to become better?
  13. Is doing nothing worse than making a mistake?
  14. Do modern technologies make people dumb?
  15. Are self-help courses a big fat hoax?
  16. Can security cameras be considered an invasion of privacy?
  17. Are self-driving cars safe?
  18. Will robots conquer the Earth?
  19. Should kids be allowed to eat fast food?
  20. Can money buy happiness?
  21. Should people be so scared of GMOs?
  22. Can fake news impact people’s world vision?
  23. Can a new haircut cure depression?
  24. Is a sedentary lifestyle bad?
  25. Should humans move to Mars?

25 Good Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Is e-learning effective?
  2. Should people trust online reviews?
  3. Can we stop the melting of Polar ice caps?
  4. Should people sacrifice their privacy for better security?
  5. Does deforestation impact the climate a lot?
  6. Is being vegan healthy?
  7. Can people stop pollution by minimizing packaging?
  8. Should people switch to solar and wind energy?
  9. Do social media apps alter humans’ mental health?
  10. Is generic engineering dangerous?
  11. Does the Internet have more pros or cons?
  12. Can dolphins be the smartest animals?
  13. Should parents bribe their kids for doing chores?
  14. Is adhesive tape the material for all occasions?
  15. Is condensed milk harmful?
  16. Can aromatherapy improve people’s mental health?
  17. Are herbs as efficient as medicine?
  18. Should people blame sugary drinks for obesity?
  19. Should parents make life decisions for their underaged children?
  20. Do smartphones prevent students from being focused on the studies?
  21. Can ambitious parents motivate children to be successful?
  22. Do children grow up faster because of access to social media?
  23. Is reality TV completely staged?
  24. Should freedom of speech have some limits or boundaries?
  25. Do colors impact people’s moods?

25 Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  1. How did people find a meteorite?
  2. Can tolerance eliminate conflicts?
  3. Should nuclear energy be banned?
  4. Will robots eliminate human manual labor professions?
  5. Is social inequality a major reason for revolutions?
  6. Should chocolate be encouragement from parents?
  7. Is informal leading more powerful than formal?
  8. How does Amazon influence modern eCommerce?
  9. Should parents help their children with homework?
  10. Is the first lady influential nowadays?
  11. The dangers of social movements.
  12. Will the cancellation trend end the social norms as we know them?
  13. Can stress lead to positive changes in life?
  14. Should kids be allowed to choose religion?
  15. Will the world hunger problem ever be solved?
  16. Should everyone start treating identity theft more seriously?
  17. Does a gift have to be expensive?
  18. Can people control jealousy?
  19. Is immigration a path to a better life?
  20. Do smartphones promote progress or regress?
  21. Is love eternal?
  22. Do you need a college degree to be a successful businessman?
  23. Should schools be separated by gender?
  24. Is humanity responsible for natural catastrophes?
  25. Should bike helmets become mandatory via laws?

15 Smart Exemplification Essay Ideas

  1. Should humans keep looking for extraterrestrial life?
  2. Do modern technologies change Homo Sapiens into a new kind of human?
  3. Can artificial intelligence help people fight world-level problems?
  4. Do students get smarter when looking things up online?
  5. Should voting be conducted online only?
  6. Should wealthy businessmen pay more taxes?
  7. Can people treat mild depression with self-help courses?
  8. Is war inevitable?
  9. Is there proof that souls exist?
  10. Should people focus on preventing animal cruelty?
  11. Do people become more self-conscious with age?
  12. Can everything be explained with math?
  13. Can humanity get rid of gender inequality?
  14. Should governments control people more?
  15. Is e-learning enough in the modern world?

15 Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  1. Does the knowledge of several languages make people smarter?
  2. Is EQ getting more important than IQ?
  3. Should people focus on their soft skills for bigger career achievements?
  4. Does playing musical instruments make people smarter?
  5. Can humanity learn from history lessons?
  6. Does music improve human health?
  7. Will humanity ever deal with the consequences of COVID-19?
  8. Can women change the world?
  9. Should social media be censored?
  10. Do symbols have a big role in human life?
  11. Can anybody become outstanding?
  12. Is living in a fantasy world harmful?
  13. Should humans stop eating meat?
  14. Can e-courses replace the higher education system?
  15. Can people ever reach peace?

How to Select the Best Exemplification Essay Topic?

When choosing a topic, each student should pick something they feel passionate about. Another aspect is the relevance to the subject and the requirements provided by the teacher. Finally, it’s better to select an idea that you can develop with solid arguments.

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