Expository Essay Topics

130 Best Expository Essay Topics in 2022

An expository essay is an academic writing assignment when students discuss a theme relying on facts. Such essays require research and evaluation. Since this term comes from the word “to expose”, students must dwell on a topic, describe or define something. As an assignment, expository essays include such papers as descriptive, comparison, cause & effect, problem & solution, etc. Explore over a hundred exciting topics below and pick something you feel passionate about.

Funny Expository Essay Topics

  1. Should people believe in superstitions?
  2. Why do cats believe humans exist to serve them?
  3. If you could create a world, what would it look like?
  4. Why is everybody passionate about sports?
  5. Which superpower would you want?
  6. May black cats bring bad luck?
  7. Any life rules you live by?
  8. Main consequences of Internet invention.
  9. Should you believe in the supernatural?
  10. Are snacks harmful?
  11. Why have people been so stressed lately?
  12. Should you laugh at embarrassing moments?
  13. Do humans live in a cage by focusing on material objects?
  14. Can money buy happiness?
  15. Are there downsides to being the chosen one?
  16. Why do humans live as long as they do?
  17. Why do stereotypes exist?
  18. What would you do if you were immortal?
  19. Who do you admire?
  20. Can traveling become an addiction?
  21. Why would anyone ever want to become a teacher?
  22. Why can’t so many people imagine their lives without coffee?
  23. Can alcohol resolve problems?
  24. May people perceive time differently?
  25. If you could talk to a person from the past, who would it be?

25 Good Expository Essay Topics

  1. What makes art timeless?
  2. How does music become classic?
  3. Why did humanity invent etiquette?
  4. Can a diet change the environment?
  5. People’s jobs are often not related to their higher education. Why is that?
  6. Why does World Health Organization exist?
  7. Could people ever stop racism?
  8. Are you interested in any career?
  9. How did the invention of newspapers change our world?
  10. Are nations more hostile because of aggressive movies/video games?
  11. How did Stephen Hawking influence astrophysics?
  12. Does knowledge about other stars or planets mean anything?
  13. Why do civilizations believe in gods?
  14. If you could live anywhere, which place would you choose?
  15. Has the Internet brought people closer or made them lonely?
  16. Why has depression become the most widespread condition?
  17. Are there downsides to being a celebrity?
  18. Why do humans use so many symbols?
  19. Does wearing school uniforms change students’ personalities?
  20. What impacts your memory?
  21. What changes would you introduce given an opportunity?
  22. Can humanity stop global warming?
  23. Are all diseases artificially created?
  24. What will your life look like in 10 years?
  25. May AI end humanity?

25 Interesting Expository Essay Topics

  1. What does it mean to be a good person?
  2. How will e-learning impact students’ characters?
  3. Which part of the day would you eliminate from your routine?
  4. Will we need books in 10 years?
  5. May scientific discoveries extend human life longer?
  6. Describe technologies and lifestyle in 25 years.
  7. Are there any online careers nowadays?
  8. Will artificial intelligence conquer the world?
  9. Research a planet and describe what it’s like to visit it.
  10. Why do people immigrate to other countries?
  11. What is your biggest dream?
  12. Can emotions impact human memory?
  13. Why do ethics committees exist?
  14. How do human needs change with age?
  15. Why do some people choose to stay homeless?
  16. How do volunteers change the world?
  17. What does parenthood mean for modern generations?
  18. Is Earth overpopulated?
  19. What are the biggest challenges in science nowadays?
  20. Why do cultures differ so much?
  21. What impacts culture evolution?
  22. How do people spot lies?
  23. Can’t we learn from others’ mistakes?
  24. What makes a person popular?
  25. Will stress and anxiety become the most common health issues?

25 College Expository Essay Topics

  1. Is a college degree essential in life?
  2. Can dress code suppress one’s personality?
  3. Why do humans develop additions?
  4. What is tolerance?
  5. Addition to the Internet in children.
  6. Meaning of honor for different generations.
  7. Can society control people’s points of view?
  8. How to remain fit?
  9. Is euthanasia immoral?
  10. Should abortion be banned?
  11. Is patriotism a mental health issue?
  12. Does using Instagram lead to mental health issues?
  13. What is the most advanced smartphone?
  14. Is Elon Musk a visionary or a good businessman?
  15. Can humans adjust to life on Mars?
  16. How is time travel possible?
  17. What made famous philosophers well-known?
  18. How do you understand the seven deadly sins?
  19. Why do people like horror movies?
  20. Which subject should be taught at school but isn’t?
  21. Does educated mean smart?
  22. Is nature more important than nurture?
  23. Downsides to part-time jobs no one talks about.
  24. What world-level issues should be efficiently solved?
  25. What music genre do you like?

15 Great Expository Essay Ideas

  1. Should children have role models?
  2. Why do most celebrities have mental health issues?
  3. Can anyone become a leader?
  4. What makes people crazy about art?
  5. Real heroes don’t wear capes.
  6. Can animals be therapeutic?
  7. Can humans ever leave the Solar system?
  8. What would life on earth be without bees?
  9. Is it easier to manage small or big companies?
  10. Why can’t some people work in a team?
  11. Can attachments to objects lead to mental health problems?
  12. Is talking to your pets normal?
  13. Can non-material things make us happy?
  14. Why do cults exist?
  15. If you could become an animal, which one would you be?

15 Easy Expository Essay Topics

  1. Describe what makes you happy.
  2. What is your favorite film?
  3. Research your favorite artist and explain what influenced their art.
  4. Why is it important for teenagers to get a driver’s license?
  5. What makes us stress out?
  6. How to support one’s mental health?
  7. Why was makeup invented?
  8. Are school essential nowadays?
  9. Why people seek the forbidden?
  10. Is time management the most important soft skill?
  11. How to succeed in a job interview?
  12. Can humans ignore biological clocks?
  13. Should people be more productive or live in the moment?
  14. Why do we explore other planets when we haven’t explored ours?
  15. Drug addiction among teens.

How to Select the Best Expository Essay Topic?

When choosing a theme, students often feel at a loss. In case a professor hasn’t provided you with any, pick something interesting, thought-provoking. Your theme must relate to the class you are taking. The best topics combine course materials and current events.

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