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60 Gender Essay Topics – Find the Best Topic Here

Gender equality has been a contentious debate over the years. Equality among both men and women is a human right that provides equal opportunities in all scopes of life. Due to the topic’s sensitive nature, such essays are now common in colleges and universities.

Tutors often assign students such essay types to get different views concerning the subject. Though it still forms part of the academic evaluation, students must complete gender essay topics to get good grades and improve their general performance.

For instance, such essays often reveal societal vices against women at the workplace due to sexual disparity. Women are often given fewer priorities, even in political spaces. That is why it is essential to promote equal rights campaigns to improve global development. However, numerous other topics depict gender inequality in modern-day society.

This article aims to help you choose interesting essay topics for gender that will impress your tutor and earn you top-of-the-class scores.

Read on and find you how you can pick the right topic.

How to Select Gender Essay Topics?

Choosing a suitable gender essay topic is simple if you understand the essay prompt. Thus, make sure you read your essay question carefully before diving into topic selection.

When it comes to the topic, consider the paper length stated in the question. Broad topics often require comprehensive explanations with in-depth research. Conversely, narrow topics might leave you with inadequate content for the subject matter.

Therefore, finding a balance is essential to ensure your paper answers the research question and contains sufficient research information. Selecting such topics requires a brainstorming session to allow to arrive at an appropriate subject. Conduct extensive research and write down all the main points that you will later use to expound on the essay.

We have compiled a list of captivating essay topics for gender equality to jumpstart your writing.

10 Gender Roles Essay Topics

  1. Discuss forms of inequality in modern society.
  2. An analysis of sexual quality globally.
  3. The impact of inequality in the corporate world.
  4. What are the obstacles to achieving gender equality?
  5. What is masculinity mainstreaming?
  6. The history of feminism.
  7. Effects of human trafficking on women victims.
  8. Why are more women breaking the glass ceiling in the corporate world today?
  9. Discuss inequality in the sports sector.
  10. An analysis of women empowerment.

10 Gender Equality Essay Topics

  1. Gender equality in government.
  2. Why do women still fight for equality?
  3. Discuss the impact of sex equality.
  4. Sex discrimination in media.
  5. Why women are prone to sexual exploitation.
  6. Is education a solution to achieve equality?
  7. Why women in technology are making strides.
  8. Advantages of educating girls in today’s society.
  9. Is the boy child neglected?
  10. Discuss the roles of men and women in the political field.

10 Gender Inequality Essay Topics

  1. Influence of modern feminism on sexual equality.
  2. Discuss sex discrimination aspects.
  3. Reasons why sexual-based violence is rampant in today’s society.
  4. The objectification of women in the media industry.
  5. Ways to eliminate misogyny and sexism in society.
  6. Why sexual discrimination is on the rise today despite modernity.
  7. Consequences of inequality in policymaking.
  8. Feminism and inequality.
  9. Influence of sexual discrimination in the family.
  10. Inequality and economic development.

10 Gender Wage Gap Essay Topics

  1. Sex discrimination at the workplace.
  2. Should men get higher salaries than women?
  3. Feminism and aggression.
  4. Sexual category disparity in employment.
  5. The role of the government in curbing sex-based discrimination.
  6. Discuss why women make better leaders.
  7. Masculinity stereotypes and influence on performance.
  8. Factors that influence inequality at the workplace.
  9. Cause and effect of women empowerment.
  10. Reasons why women are few in STEM.

10 Essay Topics About Gender Role in Marriage

  1. Discuss sexual disparities in marriage.
  2. Why depression is higher in women than men.
  3. Why men should be entitled to paternity leave.
  4. Discuss the role of gender inequality and family issues.
  5. Sexual identity and social stratification.
  6. Gender differences in marriage.
  7. Why men should take up child care roles.
  8. The sexual disparity in household chores.
  9. How inequality influences family decisions.
  10. Impact of gender disparity on child development.

10 Gender Essay Topics – Ideas That WORK 100%

  1. Discuss the origin of gender equality.
  2. Discuss ways to achieve gender equality in today’s society.
  3. The role of gender equality in parenting.
  4. Cause and effect of gender disparity in education.
  5. The relationship between peace and gender equality.
  6. The impact of gender inequality on the economy.
  7. The role of the government in ensuring gender equality.
  8. Causes of gender inequality in politics.
  9. Gender bias in advertising.
  10. Discuss laws governing sexual equality globally.

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