Geography Essay Topics

75 Best Geography Essay Topics in 2022

A geography essay is a type of written assignment students do for geography class. The essay must contain three main parts: introduction, body, conclusion. Like in all other essay types, this paper starts with a thesis statement or topic presentation. In the body, students go over facts, compare arguments, trace cause & effect, etc. The conclusion sums everything up. It may also suggest a possible solution if the paper concerns some problems.

When writing such papers, students should conduct research, gather relevant facts, numbers, locations, dates. Aside from text, one may need tables, diagrams, images, other visual elements. If you need to write an essay but don’t have any topic, consider the list below. Pick the best idea or get inspired to create your unique theme.

List of Geography Essay Topics

Sometimes teachers do not provide essay topics, which makes this assignment overwhelming for many. Students spend more time choosing the topic than writing papers. To save time, consider the following options:

  1. Natural disasters.
  2. Causes for earthquakes.
  3. The formation of glaciers.
  4. Global warming.
  5. Factors that impact climate change.
  6. How did the Amazon basin form?
  7. Wildfires in Australia.
  8. Active volcanoes in the 21st
  9. How much does humanity know about the oceans?
  10. Global problems.
  11. Continental drift over centuries.
  12. How do mountains impact climate?
  13. Tornado formation & stages.
  14. How does the Moon affect the tides?
  15. The place of Earth in the Solar System.
  16. Causes of landslides.
  17. Why do northern lights appear?
  18. Why are maps so important?
  19. Deforestation.
  20. Political geography of the USA.
  21. Cities vulnerable to sea-level rising.
  22. The secrets of Bermuda Triangles.
  23. Has Atlántida ever existed?
  24. The structure of the atmosphere.
  25. How do islands form?

10 Human Geography Essay Topics

In case you need to pick a theme regarding human geography, these ideas might come in handy:

  1. How do diseases in South Africa spread?
  2. Overpopulation in China.
  3. Urbanization.
  4. Israel-Arab problem.
  5. The economy of Third World Countries.
  6. Global business.
  7. What is Green Revolution?
  8. Commercial vs Subsistence agriculture.
  9. Government types.
  10. Colonialism.

10 Cultural Geography Essay Topics

Students who study cultural geography have lots of ideas to pick from:

  1. What is culture?
  2. Food around the world.
  3. Cultural differences between two countries.
  4. Architecture in France.
  5. Education systems in different countries.
  6. Popular sports in Germany.
  7. Main values in various regions.
  8. The role of women in Japanese society.
  9. Nations with bilingual education.
  10. National customs that survive over centuries.

10 World Geography Essay Topics

One may write stunning essays on world geography by using one of the following topics:

  1. Will California ever go underwater?
  2. Top differences between the poles.
  3. The European landscape adversity.
  4. Highest mountain peaks in the world.
  5. The Sahara’s impact on the world’s climate.
  6. The climate in Italy.
  7. What makes Hawaii unique (from a geographical perspective)?
  8. Flora & fauna in Brazil.
  9. Volcanic activities in the 21st
  10. The geography of Liechtenstein.

15 Geography Essay Ideas

Writing a successful essay starts with choosing profound, thought-provoking topics. Consider these:

  1. Why are there no deserts in Europe?
  2. What is an ecosystem?
  3. Ecological crises in the world’s history.
  4. How to predict hurricanes?
  5. Animal extinction and human’s role in it.
  6. Air pollution.
  7. Pangea rifting.
  8. Types of clouds.
  9. Environmental determinism.
  10. How do Asian countries adapt to rainy seasons?
  11. Main Pacific currants.
  12. Natural arches: their locations & formation.
  13. Floods and their impact on humanity.
  14. Meteorology: how accurate is it?
  15. Soil types in Russia.

10 Geography Essay Questions

One may plan an essay based on a single question. They help focus on particular content.

  1. Are glaciers melting too fast?
  2. Can people stop climate change?
  3. Does oil exploration affect the environment?
  4. How does deforestation change our world?
  5. Why wildfire erupts in different regions?
  6. What are the causes of landslides?
  7. Is there an effective solution to global warming?
  8. Can humans ever control nature?
  9. What do mountains do for Earth’s climate?
  10. What are the Paracel Islands?

How to Select the Best Geography Essay Topic?

Sometimes instructors give precise topics and long lists of requirements. In other situations, students must come up with an idea. The easiest solution is to scan all options above. Other sources of inspiration can be news, podcasts, recent events, etc. Consider your interests. Do you like reading about anything in particular? Scan the notes from lectures to spark an idea.

When choosing a topic, students should conduct preliminary research to verify they have enough data, facts, arguments. Otherwise, the paper could be dry, shallow, and poorly written.

Consider the desired length of the paper as well as other guidelines from your teacher. Avoid choosing too complicated themes for short essays and vice versa.

After you take into account all pieces of advice above, stop for a minute and reflect on the chosen topic. Verify it’s relevant, interesting, profound enough for your level, etc. Choosing the right topic is 50% of your success and excellent grades.

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