Great Gatsby Essay Topics

45 “Great Gatsby” Essay Topics That You Can Choose

“Great Gatsby” is an amazing piece of literary art. It’s full of intriguing ideas and provocative themes that are relevant even to this day.

So, this book is a great one to write an essay on. It explains why tutors often give the assignment to choose a topic and do an essay on this novel.

If you’re looking for a great essay topic, you’re in the right place on the Internet.

We can assist you by providing 45 topic essay ideas. We have 35 specific essay topics and 10 more general ideas with which you can play around.

How to Select the Best “Great Gatsby” Essay Topic?

Of course, to select an essay topic properly, you should first read the novel if you haven’t already.

It is an essential step of the assignment. You won’t be able to pick out a topic and write a whole essay without knowing the book’s content.

After that, all you must do is go over the essay topics we’ve provided below.

Just decide on an essay topic that speaks to you the most. There’s nothing difficult in this process. The essay topics are suitable for all academic levels.

List of “Great Gatsby” Essay Topics — 35 Viable Choices

Here are some great essay topics for you to use in your assignment.

Feel free to pick some essay topics and start writing. The task won’t be completed by delaying it.

  1. How important is money in the plot of the book?
  2. The character from “Great Gatsby” that you’ve liked the most
  3. The character from “Great Gatsby” that you’ve liked the least
  4. Does the story’s narration from Nick Caraway change as the story plays out?
  5. What’s the difference between Nick Carraway and Gatsby?
  6. Gatsby and his delusional tendencies
  7. Nick Caraway and breaking Gatsby’s Illusions
  8. The main motif of broken hopes in “Great Gatsby”
  9. How important is Nick to the “Great Gatsby” plot points?
  10. How are the rich represented in the book?
  11. How are the poor represented in the book?
  12. Great Gatsby and the myth of the middle class
  13. Societal injustices in “Great Gatsby”
  14. Who led the loneliest life in “Great Gatsby”?
  15. Were any of the “Great Gatsby” characters actually satisfied with their lives?
  16. Why did Nick choose to return to his native Midwest?
  17. Dissection of the “American Dream” in “Great Gatsby”
  18. Were there any real heroes present in the book?
  19. Do the book’s character lines reflect the American mentality of today?
  20. Did Gatsby feel actual, real affection for Daisy?
  21. Is the book’s setting of the Jazz Age important to the plot?
  22. Are the rich as soulless and careless as the book portrays them?
  23. Gatsby’s obsession with preserving things as they are
  24. Are there any role models in the novel?
  25. The most prominent symbols used in the book
  26. Can any female in the novel be described as feministic and self-reliant?
  27. How does the author employ imagery, and is it important to the narration?
  28. How central to the plot of the book is alcohol?
  29. Are character lines and symbolic tools well-constructed?
  30. Is Daisy just a money-hungry addict, or is there more to her character?
  31. Why New York is the best setting for “Great Gatsby”?
  32. The meaning behind the word “Great” throughout the book
  33. Where does the 2013 movie adaptation differ from the book?
  34. How does modernism show itself throughout the text?
  35. Was Gatsby’s demise possible to avoid?

10 “Great Gatsby” Essay Ideas for You

If you don’t need a precise essay topic and instead, you’d rather have a little assistance, here’s what you need.

Below, you’ll find 10 ideas that highlight important aspects of the novel. You can play around with them and turn one of them into the essay topic you want or need.

  1. Create another believable finale for the book, justifying your plot decisions
  2. Would you take the chance to go and stay in the Jazz Age?
  3. Will Nick’s cynical tendencies continue to increase after he left New York?
  4. What are the justifications behind different deceitful characters?
  5. Are men and women in the same societal classes equal in the book?
  6. How similar are Nick and Gatsby? Where do their characters differ?
  7. Is the narration in the novel skewed and subjective?
  8. Are being educated and being rich the same thing in the book?
  9. How influential Nick’s father was for Nick?
  10. Should readers empathize with any of the book’s characters?

Don’t Want to Bother with the Assignment?

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