Hamlet Essay Topics

50 Interesting Hamlet Essay Topics You Can Use

Did you get an essay assignment on Hamlet and don’t know what topic to choose?

No worries! We’ll help you with a great essay topic!

How to Select the Best Hamlet Essay Topic?

Deciding on an essay topic is quite a hard task to do. First of all, you have to be creative enough to come up with different essay topics. Then, out of all the possible essay topic options, you have to choose only one.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to pour over essay topics for Hamlet because we did that for you!

Now, all you need to do is read through the essay topics and pick the one you like the most. We’ve categorized the essay topics into a couple of groups for your convenience.

And here they are:

List of Hamlet Essay Topics — 10 Options

These are general essay topic options. These essay topics will be a good choice regardless of your academic level.

  1. Why didn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when there was a chance to do it?
  2. Did Hamlet make a mistake not revenging for his father’s death?
  3. How significant was Ophelia to Hamlet? Were his feelings sincere towards her?
  4. How does the literary piece address the idea of killing oneself?
  5. Is the drama piece about the fight between what’s moral and wicked?
  6. How is comedy present in the plot?
  7. How are females treated in the tragedy?
  8. Could Ophelia be saved?
  9. How does the rejection of reality come alive in the drama piece?
  10. How do secondary figures impact the key plotline?

10 Hamlet Essay Topics High School of Appropriate Difficulty

If you’re currently in high school, then you can pick the following essay topics. They’re quite a bit easier than the previous group.

  1. What conflicts does Hamlet undergo?
  2. With which literary devices is the play’s scenery realized?
  3. How do different figures in the tragedy identify the notion of truth?
  4. What happens at the end of the drama piece?
  5. How crucial is it that it’s set in a royal palace?
  6. Why is Hamlet considered an indecisive figure?
  7. What impact does Ophelia have?
  8. What impact does Gertrude have?
  9. What’s the link between Hamlet and Claudius?
  10. Can the main protagonist be considered a hero? A villain?

Hamlet Analysis Essay Topics — 10 Prompts

Don’t know which aspect of Hamlet to analyze?

Here are some awesome essay topics for you to use!

  1. Analyze Hamlet’s insanity. Does he really have an illness?
  2. Examine how wrongdoings and redemption are viewed in the drama piece
  3. Analyze Hamlet’s figure development throughout the plotline
  4. Scrutinize the protagonist’s take on mortality
  5. How do Hamlet’s temper changes affect the plot? Is it a part of his madness?
  6. Analyze the monologues. What do they indicate?
  7. Evaluate how betrayal impact the advancement of the storyline
  8. Dwell on Hamlet’s tendency to self-reflect. Does it hurt or benefit him more?
  9. Study the tragedy with the thought that nothing of what’s said should be believed
  10. Breakdown the theme of friendship: is it even present at all?

10 Hamlet Argumentative Essay Topics for You to Use

If your assignment is to write an argumentative essay, then here are some great topics for this job:

  1. The drama artwork itself can be thought of as a feministic piece
  2. No painful experiences can justify acts of violence, as shown in the tragedy
  3. Retribution is the central motivation for most characters
  4. Hamlet is an inconsistent character that often changes his views
  5. The tragedy can’t be thought of as a simple revenge plot
  6. The fencing scene at the end is the perfect choice to conclude the story
  7. Hamlet is a self-proclaimed vigilante
  8. Does evil really spread around the world like a nasty illness?
  9. There is no one correct way to interpret the play
  10. The prominent mental illnesses in the tragedy are depression and schizophrenia

10 Hamlet Essay Ideas to Include in Your Task

Lastly, if you don’t want specific essay topics, then we can help you, too!

Here are some general ideas from Hamlet that you can highlight in your essay.

  1. The continuous themes of death
  2. Sexuality and sex in the drama piece
  3. Claudius and his ruling abilities
  4. Hamlet’s opinions on love and affection
  5. Expectations vs. reality
  6. Ghost as an existing character
  7. Hamlet as an “impure” tragedy
  8. The main emotional themes of the play
  9. Conflict and how the tragedy’s characters approach it
  10. The play’s plot will always stay relevant due to its themes

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