Health Essay Topics

50 Engaging Health Essay Topics and 10 Intriguing Ideas

Health is a giant sphere, which encompasses numerous activities and ideas. With such an abundance of options, you can easily get lost when choosing a topic for yourself.

If it feels like a daunting task for you, don’t worry! We can help you choose a topic for your essay.

We’ve created quite a long list of possible essay topics for you. You will definitely find something to base your essay on.

We gave our best to try and make a list as varied as possible. Ше is why we’ve grouped up and categorized parts of the list together accordingly.

How to Select the Best Health Essay Topic? A Few Tips

Have no idea how to pick just one essay topic from our list? Don’t fret!

Of course, there are tons of interesting topics down below, but we’ll help you even with picking a specific topic. Just follow our method, and you’ll be writing your essay in no time!

  • Firstly, read through the list, writing out the most interesting essay topics for you
  • Then, compare them with each other and leave out the less intriguing ones
  • At the end of this process, you should have 5 or fewer essay topics

After all, try to research the essay topics that you have left. See which one of them is the easiest to research information and choose it!

This way, you’ll have an essay topic that is both inspiring for you and easy to find info for.

List of Health Essay Topics for Schooll

If you’re in high school and you want easy health essay topics, here are 10 great options for you. With these essay topics on health, you won’t need to do a lot of research. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t properly structure your arguments and ideas.

  1. Could Machines Ever Replace Medical Specialists?
  2. Will We Be Able to Ever Escape Aging and Death?
  3. Are Happy People Less Prone to Falling Sick?
  4. How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect Teens?
  5. The Greatest Difficulties Addressing Youth Wellbeing
  6. When to Change Your Dietary Plan?
  7. The Relationship Between Health and Happiness
  8. Why Is Exercise Imperative to Young People?
  9. Why Is Being Overweight so Ubiquitous Right Now?
  10. Why Does Teenager Pregnancy Happen?

College-Level Health Care Essay Topics

If you like a challenge or are a college student, then here are some health essay topics for you. These ones require quite a bit more research. You might even end up reading some scientific articles.

However, the essay topics make it all worth it.

  1. Is There a Connection Between Sweet Beverages and Cancerous Growth?
  2. Results of Long-Term Coffee Drinking
  3. Are Antibiotics Dangerous for Humanity?
  4. Should Assisted Suicide Be Legal and not a Crime?
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Cannabis
  6. Can Homeopathy Hurt You?
  7. Is Being Physically Active Always a Good Idea?
  8. Which Dietary Plan Is Healthier: Low-Fat or Low-Carb?
  9. Consider Options for Minimizing the Possibility of Transmitting Sicknesses
  10. Social Determinants That Impact Individuals’ Prosperity

Mental Health Essay Topics

Here are 10 health essay topics that are related to mental health. These are perfect for you if you’re interested in various mental conditions of people.

  1. Addiction to Medications and How It Causes Mental Problems
  2. How Alienation Affects People’s Mental State
  3. Alcoholism and Development of Psychological Issues
  4. How Exercise Influences Mood and Mental Health
  5. Eating Disorders and Psychological Problems
  6. Constant Stress and the Way It Deteriorates Mental Health
  7. The Relationship Between Depressive Disorders and Physical Health
  8. The Most Frequent Mental Health Issues
  9. How to Deal with Psychological Disorders and Where to Start
  10. Therapy Options for People with Mental Issues

Health and Fitness Essay Topics

If you’re more intrigued by the fitness aspect of health, then here are 10 possibilities for you. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that these essay topics are basic and have no depth to them.

  1. How Might We Assist Youngsters to Keep up a Sound Body Weight Ratio?
  2. Surrogacy for Athletes
  3. How Risky Are Long-Haul Outcomes of Anorexia Combined with Physical Activity?
  4. How Can We Minimize the Possibility of Visits Medical Clinics with Exercise?
  5. Which Methods Medical Specialists Should Use to Propagate a Better Way of Life?
  6. Why Is Homeopathy Considered a Pseudoscience?
  7. Abortion Can Improve Your Physical Performance in Sports
  8. How to Avoid Dietary Problems
  9. Can a Fully Vegetarian Eating Plan Without Any Supplements Be Completely Healthy?
  10. Top-Notch Methods for Keep up a Reasonable Body Weight Ratio

Health Psychology Essay Topics

Interested in human psychology?

Then, these 10 topics are perfect for you to write an essay on them!

  1. How Do Phobias develop in People?
  2. Dreams as a Way to Recognize Health Problems Early
  3. Language-Related Disorders and Lifestyles that Create Them
  4. How Bullying Negatively Affects People’s Health
  5. The Biggest Parental Mistakes and What Outcomes They Cause
  6. Does Your Gender Role Affect Your Attitude Towards Health?
  7. The Link Between Health and Attention Span
  8. How Staying Physically Active Can Improve Your Judgement
  9. A Dissatisfactory Perception of Self and Prejudice Towards Others
  10. Psychological Health Benefits of Prosocial Behavior

Health Essay Ideas for You

Do you like to imagine instead of research?

Here are 10 ideas, which you can change as you see fit:

  1. Stem Cells as the Future of Medicine
  2. Growing Human Organs Separately
  3. Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery
  4. Will AIDS Be Ever Cured?
  5. Are Clinical Trials Moral?
  6. How the Fast-Food Industry Destroyed Proper Eating Habits?
  7. The Role of Ads in Creating People’s Eating Habits
  8. When Removing Weight Surgically Is a Necessity?
  9. Non-traditional Ways of Treating Depressive Disorders
  10. Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

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