Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

75 Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topics in 2022

A Heart of Darkness essay is an academic writing assignment on citations. In such papers, students practice literary and critical analysis as well as prove a certain point of view by author’s words/sentences/paragraphs.

List of Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

Pick the best theme for your future paper by considering these 50 ideas:

  1. The portrayal of feminism.
  2. Comparison of the novel with a film adaptation.
  3. Settings and their role in the novella.
  4. Describe a character and their development throughout the plot.
  5. Man’s inclination towards savagery.
  6. The author’s description of local culture.
  7. Literature analysis of a novel.
  8. Conrad’s portrayal of imperialism.
  9. An insight into Conrad’s biography when he wrote Heart of Darkness.
  10. Racism and social injustice.
  11. What apocalyptic features were depicted in the story?
  12. Narrative layers and their role in how readers understand the context.
  13. Social issues raised in the narrative.
  14. General plot review.
  15. Human darkness from the author’s perspective.
  16. Author’s thoughts & ideas voiced in the story.
  17. Heart of Darkness: a detailed review.
  18. What philosophical ideas were described in the novel?
  19. Joseph Conrad’s attitude to feminism.
  20. Devastation in different aspects of the plot.
  21. The theme of labor and faith in this story.
  22. Good VS Evil.
  23. Morality and ethics in the prose.
  24. Literary analysis of a certain passage from the novel.
  25. Which imperialistic ideas are depicted here?
  26. Does the author dwell on destructive desires?
  27. Is the story autobiographical?
  28. Symbols used here and their meaning.
  29. Isolation theme.
  30. A character’s perspective of this story.
  31. Similarities of the novel with other Conrad’s works.
  32. How was Marlow depicted here?
  33. Top 5 things to know about this novel.
  34. A women’s perspective on the events.
  35. Comparison of the plot with similar stories by other authors.
  36. Is there any truth to this book?
  37. Does the plot depict the real state of things in that era?
  38. What was the meaning of Kurtz’s last words?
  39. Are there any archetypes in this novel?
  40. Disturbing tragedy in Heart of Darkness.
  41. How were colonialism and imperialism depicted?
  42. Stylistic devices used by Joseph Conrad.
  43. How was the Congo river depicted in the novel?
  44. The hypocrisy of imperialism showed by Joseph Conrad.
  45. Is this text about a metaphorical or physical journey?
  46. Description of human nature throughout the plot.
  47. How were greed and deception embedded in the book?
  48. Purpose of irony in Conrad’s narrative.
  49. Marginalization in Heart of Darkness.
  50. What does each location in the plot represent?

15 Heart of Darkness Essay Ideas

Joseph Conrad’s work has raised many cultural and moral questions. Explore them in your papers by choosing one of the following ideas:

  1. Main symbols used in the book and their meaning.
  2. The role of the quest at the beginning of the book.
  3. Unique stylistic devices used by the author.
  4. Heart of Darkness: plot overview.
  5. How was the power of corruption described in the novella?
  6. The role of women in the plot.
  7. Relation between the physical and mental illnesses.
  8. How did the author portray the natives?
  9. Is there a hero in the story?
  10. Why was the narrator unreliable?
  11. What makes the book unique?
  12. Reasons why the novella is highly praised by literary critics.
  13. Why did the author write the story?
  14. What makes this book controversial?
  15. Kurtz’s girlfriend and her role in the novella.

10 Heart of Darkness Essay Questions

Students who search for essay questions will find this list helpful:

  1. Who are the main characters?
  2. Why are there two competing characters?
  3. How did physical disease relate to mental problems?
  4. Why did Marlow lie about Kurtz’s last words?
  5. What are the signs of proto-Modernism in a novella?
  6. Why is there always water in the story (freshwater, saltwater)?
  7. What is your overall impression of the narrative?
  8. What effect does the double audience bring?
  9. Are there any similarities between the natives and the pilgrims?
  10. What was the most memorable moment in the book for you?

How to Select the Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topic?

Selecting the best theme is not an easy task itself. Conrad’s book has a plethora of possible topics hidden in the plot, settings, symbols, etc. It throws light to the character’s new understandings about himself and humanity. The book reveals the evilness of people and the world in general.

Students should pick the topic that is relevant to the assignment’s guidelines. Teachers usually provide some guidelines that define the essay type, length, structure, etc. Take into account these details to pick the most suitable theme.

What’s more, students should choose themes they feel passionate about, the ones they wish to explore, analyze, understand. For instance, the portrayal of the natives, representation of feminine, physical & mental health, good & evil, etc. The novel discusses nature, purpose, intention. Students are sure to notice ambiguity and equivocation here.

Many students take another path and pick themes that concern character analysis. You may analyze Kurz or Marlow because there is a lot of potential here.

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