History Essay Topics

75 Best History Essay Topics in 2021

A history essay is brief research or narrative of past events. An essay may cover a particular period, place, organization, event, etc. It may also come in different forms: cause & effects, descriptive, contrast & comparison, narrative, analytical. The goal of such assignments is to formulate a convincing argument on a given topic/problem/question in history.

History essays always start from the introduction. Here students recap an event (who, what, where, when). They also highlight a dilemma they will focus on regarding that event. The body contains a contextualizing and several supporting paragraphs. Before moving to the conclusion, one should add the strongest reason that may contradict your point of view and add proof that rejects it.

List of History Essay Topics

If you have no idea where to start, get inspired by the following topics. Modify it to your taste and get down to writing.

  1. A day in the life for Ancient Egyptians.
  2. Cleopatra: life, achievements.
  3. Gods & religion in Ancient Greece.
  4. Comparison of gods in Rome vs Greece.
  5. Top 5 prominent events in the Roman Empire history.
  6. Reasons why the Roman Empire fell.
  7. Middle Ages vs Renaissance: similarities and differences.
  8. Knights in Middle Ages.
  9. The growth of the Vatican’s power over centuries.
  10. Native Americans: culture and history.
  11. What led to the Independence War?
  12. The results of World War I.
  13. Events that led to World War II.
  14. Mexican-American War.
  15. Slavery in different regions of the world.
  16. Rise and fall of the British Empire.
  17. Leonardo da Vinci’s impact on world history.
  18. Trojan horse story.
  19. The appearance of freedom of speech.
  20. Hippie culture and its impact on certain events in that era.
  21. Cold War.
  22. Maya culture.
  23. Japanese isolationism.
  24. Revolutions in the 20th
  25. Aztec life and beliefs.
  26. Julius Caesar: life, achievements.
  27. The history of transport.
  28. Main inventions of the 19th century and their impact on world history.
  29. The Great Depression: causes & consequences.
  30. Christopher Columbus and his imprint on world history.
  31. The role and value of maps back in the day.
  32. King Arthur: real events and legends.
  33. A typical day of a gold digger during the California Gold Rush period.
  34. A story behind Stonehenge.
  35. Machu Picchu.
  36. North Pole expeditions.
  37. The history of astronomy.
  38. Rise and Fall of Napoleon.
  39. The Romanovs and their trace in history.
  40. F. Kennedy’s assassination.
  41. How did Martin Luther King change the world?
  42. The fall of the Berlin Wall.
  43. Our first trip to the Moon and back.
  44. Olympic Games: main changes over the centuries.
  45. European Union.
  46. Pirates: myths and reality.
  47. When was money created?
  48. The Vikings and their role in European history.
  49. Chinese most prominent emperors.
  50. Railroad development in the USA.

15 History Essay Ideas

Students often pick topics that fascinate them. Try writing about the key events in history, exploring their secrets.

  1. Civil rights movement.
  2. French Revolution.
  3. Ben Franklin – the most outstanding President.
  4. The Crusades: what we see in movies vs real story.
  5. Vietnam war.
  6. Atomic bomb creation.
  7. Similarities and differences between British and Roman empires.
  8. Education in Middle Ages.
  9. Operation Paperclip.
  10. The space race in the 20th
  11. Exploration of Africa.
  12. What are Dark Ages?
  13. Egyptian pyramids.
  14. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  15. US Declaration of Independence.

10 History Essay Questions

In case one of your teacher’s requirements is to answer one of the history questions, this list will be helpful:

  1. What is Ku Klux Klan famous for?
  2. What’s the story behind Labor Day?
  3. Why did humans invent money?
  4. What would our lives be like if the Catholic church remained in control?
  5. Why did the Byzantine empire fall?
  6. What are the main peculiarities of the Iron Age?
  7. Why do wars happen?
  8. Who was the most influential personality in the 20th century?
  9. What lies behind Alabama claims?
  10. Why do people immigrate?

How to Select the Best History Essay Topic?

Choosing a topic for your history essay doesn’t have to be complicated. While there are hundreds of options to choose from, students can usually narrow it down by selecting something related to the material covered in the class. Besides, teachers often provide a list of guidelines or requirements. It briefly shows general expectations, focusing students on the right path.

Aside from those limiting factors, students should pick topics, events, problems they feel passionate about, the ones that awake natural curiosity. Genuine interest in a certain theme brings better results as well as satisfaction from the writing process.

Another stage of selecting a topic is preliminary research. One should make sure there is enough information to use as primary sources. Start with a bigger theme and narrow it down as you come across the documents you want to study.

A secret to writing a good history essay is asking the right questions. Since many records state what happened, they don’t explain why or how. Explore all circumstances, start small, and think differently. You are sure to score high and end up with top-quality content.

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