Holocaust Essay Topics

35 Holocaust Essay Topics + 10 Ideas

Are you going through Nazi Germany in your history class?

One of the most common assignments that tutors give to students is writing an essay. It is especially true for such monumental topics and themes as WW2 and Holocaust.

If you need help with choosing an essay topic for yourself, then we can definitely help you! Just read on below, and you’ll find numerous essay topics.

All the topics are engaging and a great starting point for writing your essay!

How to Select the Best Holocaust Essay Topic?

Because the Holocaust is such a significant point in history, it’s given a lot of well-deserved attention when studying history. When writing an essay on this theme, you might notice that the topics mainly deal with the moral aspect.

There are more than enough materials on this theme. So, you’ll have no problem researching just about any essay topic.

Our main recommendation for you is to choose an essay topic that’s most interesting to you. If the topic interests you a lot, then you’re more likely to put more work into the assignment.

List of Holocaust Essay Topics: Well-Rounded Options

We’ve tried to come up with essay topics that would suit both high schoolers and college students. Just give our essay topics a read and find out what suits you the most.

  1. How to disprove Holocaust deniers? What could be your critical proving points?
  2. Can we learn from the mistakes of the past? Are humans successful at it?
  3. Which actions should we take to stop history from repeating?
  4. Why is it vital to mention mass tragedies of the past when educating people?
  5. Should Hitler be thought of as a single person responsible for the horrors of WW2?
  6. What aspects of the Holocaust aren’t mentioned enough?
  7. Did racist Nazi ideas die out with Nazis?
  8. Were concentration camps a part of the Nazi regime’s plan?
  9. Where did other countries fail when Nazism in Germany was only beginning to grow?
  10. How did the Holocaust affect Jewish nationalism?
  11. How did the Holocaust and WW2 affect the international relations between countries?
  12. Did all German soldiers support the atrocities of the regime?
  13. Does Germany’s past influence people’s attitude towards Germans today?
  14. Can the rise of Nazism be compared to any contemporary national movement?
  15. How Does Germany Deal with Its Past Nowadays?
  16. Did the Holocaust Alter the Development of Western Society?
  17. The Common Things Between the Jewish Holocaust and Other Genocides
  18. Auschwitz Concentration Camp Analysis
  19. Comparison of Soviet GULAG Camps and Nazi Concentration Camps
  20. Is There Any Nationality Today That Can Be Compared to Jews in 40s’?
  21. What Kind of Work Did Nazi “Doctors” Perform on Prisoners?
  22. The Differences of Holocaust in Different Countries
  23. Why Did Nazis Blame Jews for Everything and not Any Other Social Group?
  24. Homosexuality and the Nazis
  25. How Did Christian Faith Play into the WW2’s Atrocities?
  26. Is Christian Church to Partially Blame for Empowering Fascists and Nazis?
  27. Why Only a Half of Nazi War Criminals Were Actually Sentenced by the Court?
  28. Regular Nazi Army and the Death Squads as a Part of the Genocide
  29. The Biggest Heroes During the Period
  30. Why Are WW2 Memorials Vital for the Youth to Visit?
  31. How Did Holocaust Come to an End?
  32. Family Separation Caused by the Holocaust
  33. How Did the Survivors Come to Terms with the Tragedy?
  34. Were There Any Other Similar Genocides Like the Jewish One?
  35. What Happened to the Main People Behind Nazi Internment Camps?

10 Important Holocaust Essay Ideas

Don’t like to be limited to using specific essay topics?

Here are some ideas to play around with.

  1. Are Artistic Representations Truthfully Show the Jewish Genocide?
  2. Was Mein Kampf and Its Significance?
  3. How Does German Education Talk about WW2 and the Holocaust?
  4. Could Nazis Be Stopped Earlier if the USA Got Involved from the Start?
  5. What Are the Main Theories of People Who Deny the Jewish Genocide?
  6. How the International Community at the Time Reacted to the Nazi Regime Atrocities?
  7. How Did Hitler Become So Influential During His Time?
  8. The Aryan Race and How It Propelled the Nazi Regime
  9. Preventing Future Genocides of Minorities
  10. Were Nuremberg Trials Just?

Don’t Want to Bother with Your Writing Essay?

First, choosing essay topics about the Holocaust and then researching and writing it can be quite difficult.

If you look through the topics, you understand that not a single one catches your eye, delegate it. We can take any topic and write an exceptional essay.

So, rely on us and get some free time in your tough schedule!

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