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55 Illustration Essay Topics + Bonus 10 Ideas 🤗

Received an assignment to write an essay on any topic you want, but don’t know what to write?

There’s no need to stress out over it!

We’ll help you come with an illustration essay topic in no time.

We’ve come up with the most relevant and interesting illustration essay topics we could. We gathered our ideas into a neet list and included them in this article.

With our list of illustration essay topics, you’ll be writing in no time at all!

What Is an Illustration Essay?

First of all, before you choose any topic, you must know what kind of an essay it actually is.

An illustration essay mostly centers around the idea of using examples to support your ideas. Of course, the stronger and logical your examples are, the stronger your points will be.

How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic?

Now, you can almost start choosing an illustration essay topic for yourself, but not quite. A total of 65 different options for illustration essay topics is quite a lot. You definitely don’t want to get paralyzed by the sheer number of illustration essay topics on the list.

No, you want to approach this task logically. So, firstly, think about which general topics interest you. Write these subjects somewhere and look through the subheadings in the list.

We’ve categorized the illustration essay topics by themes. It will allow you to pick out an illustration essay topic that you’ll like in a matter of minutes.

If any of the subheadings match your interests, then read through the illustration essay topics in that category. You’ll most likely find something that will interest you.

If not, then we recommend going through the entire list, starting from the beginning. We’ve gathered the most varied illustration essay topics.

So, there is no way that you’ll leave our website without one!

Staring List of Illustration Essay Topics

This subcategory contains more general illustration essay topics. It is a great starting point if you don’t want even to bother thinking about things that interest you.

  1. Has Democracy Been a Success?
  2. How Do Social Media Networks Shape Our Identity?
  3. How Has the Media Been Changing Over the Past 25 Years?
  4. Is Free Press Critical for Democracy?
  5. Did Smartphones Change How We Browse the Internet?
  6. Is Relying on Technology Too Much a Bad Thing?
  7. Can Technology Help Us Deal with Global Warming?
  8. What Were the Positive Outcomes of World War 2?
  9. What Are the Advantages of Electric Cars?
  10. How Much Does Our Childhood Influence Our Adulthood?
  11. Is Philosophy Needed Nowadays? Why?
  12. Can Online Learning Substitute In-Class Learning?
  13. Will the Pandemic Have a Lasting Effect on Our Society?
  14. Having an Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Essential for Becoming Rich
  15. E-Cigarettes Aren’t That Much Better Than Regular Ones

Social Problem Topics

Do you think a lot about our society and how it operates?

Then these 10 illustration essay topics are just for you!

  1. How to Deal with Religious Radicalism in Secular Communities
  2. Problems Related to Gender Expression and Self-Identification
  3. To Which Extent Should the Government Influence Social Life?
  4. Outcomes of Having Only One Parent on the Child’s Social Ability
  5. The War on Drugs Has Been an Absolute Fail
  6. Bullying on Social Media Networks: Way to Prevent It
  7. Are We Paying Too Much Attention to Materialistic Things?
  8. Being Overweight and Its Negative Impact on One’s Social Status
  9. The Line Between Patriotism and Nationalism
  10. Social Alienation When Communication Is Most Available

College Level Illustration Essay Topics

Are you a college student that wants to write about the realities of your life?

Well, here are 10 great options:

  1. Steps to Writing a Great Resume
  2. Does Everybody Need a Master’s Degree?
  3. A Day in the Life of a Typical Student
  4. Explain Your Approach to Creating Research Papers
  5. Becoming a Conscious Citizen of the World: Addressing Pollution
  6. What’s So Good and So Bad About Living in a Student Dormitory?
  7. Maintaining Your Budget as a College Student
  8. What Does Your Campus Lack?
  9. How Does Homecoming Usually Happen at Your Campus?
  10. How International Students Are Taking Studying at Your College

Sports Subject for Illustration Essays

Are you a complete sports-head?

In such a case, you’ll find the illustration essay topics below very interesting:

  1. How Important Sports Team Coaches Really Are?
  2. How Do Different Tournament Brackets Work and Which Is the Fairest?
  3. Is Partaking in Physical Sports Important for Staying Healthy?
  4. Showcase Teamwork as Essential to Most Sports
  5. Explain How Online Video Games Can Be Considered a Part of Sports
  6. How Student-Athletes Balance Their Social, Academic, and Sports Lives
  7. Recently Invented Sports
  8. Why Are Paralympics Critical for Representing Disabled People?
  9. How Sports Can Change Lives of Delinquents for the Better
  10. What to Know Before Starting to Exercise

Good Illustration Essay Topics for School

School life is quite a large subject that can be endlessly discussed.

Here are 10 illustration essay topics that are all about school:

  1. The Importance of a School Mascot
  2. Developing Healthy and Productive Studying Habits
  3. How to Get Out of the “Friendzone”?
  4. When Pranks Go Too Far
  5. Describe Your Favorite Fictional Character
  6. Should Cloning of People Be Preemptively Banned?
  7. Which Movies Were the Most Impactful for You?
  8. Is It Reasonable to Think That Life Exists Outside Earth?
  9. Does the Public Transport System in Your City Need Improvement?
  10. The Advantages of Playing Video Games

Illustration Essay Ideas

If you’d much rather have more creative freedom with your illustration essay topics, don’t worry.

Here are the hottest current subjects that you can twist as much as you like. Take a theme and turn it into something you’d want to write about.

  1. E-Currency and Modern Economics
  2. COVID’s Effect on Our Lives in the Future
  3. Is Global Integration the Correct Choice for Humanity?
  4. Can the World Really Ever Become Carbon-Neutral?
  5. Will Overpopulation Be a Big Problem?
  6. Is There Still Possibility of a Nuclear War?
  7. Why Are Radical Movements Becoming More and More Popular?
  8. Should We Give Up Personal Transportation Means at All?
  9. Pluralism Is the Way to Understand the World
  10. The Political Correctness Movement Has Gone Too Far

Delegating Your Work

Sometimes, the academic load can be just too much.

Have to choose essay topics about the illustration of something and writing them? Get help from a reliable paper writing service online.

Instead, what you can do is delegate your work to us. We deliver hundreds of essays to students.

So, just choose an illustration topic and call us now — we’ll take care of your essay.

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