Law Essay Topics

Law Essay Topics: 60 TOP Ideas for A+ Writing

Law is an interesting course program that most students pursue in college or university. It covers a wide array of subject disciplines that need in-depth analysis and research. Since it is a knowledge-intensive, analytical course, many learners think it is challenging due to the long study hours and numerous assignments.

However, with proper planning, you can complete your academic papers at your convenience. You can explore various topics and practical theories that will present concrete arguments for your paper.

One aspect that makes these essays more effective is selecting the right topic. Incorporating relevant ideas in your essay is vital in ensuring a solid thesis statement and well-structured explanations.

This article aims to help you know how to select the best law topics for your essay. Read on and check out our compilation of exciting topics to jumpstart your composition.

How to Select Law Essay Topics?

Picking an appropriate topic is critical since it determines the paper’s direction. Thus, you have to prepare adequately and time to choose a suitable title. Good essay topics will appeal to your target audience and invoke their interest in reading the essay. A compelling topic persuades the readers of the author’s viewpoint and reveals the writer’s credibility.

First, read the essay prompt carefully and understand the parameters. Skim through various legal news sites, articles, and blogs to get the best ideas to derive your topic. After getting the themes, you must narrow down the scope to help you solve your research problem.

When choosing a topic, it is advisable to pick one that you are passionate about to make the writing process more manageable and time-saving. You will not spend time researching the challenging topics since you already know the content.

10 Law School Essay Topics for Smart Writing

  1. Should the government ban tobacco products?
  2. Gun control and crime prevention in America.
  3. Summary dismissal in employment act.
  4. Legalization of marijuana for health reasons.
  5. An analysis of the criminal justice system.
  6. The influence of media in crime detection and prevention.
  7. Government system for juvenile criminals.
  8. Employment act protecting all workers.
  9. An analysis of classical contract theory.
  10. Cybercrime law and penalties.

10 Criminal Law Essay Topics: Simple and Insightful

  1. Racial prejudice in the prison system.
  2. The relationship between drug addiction and crime.
  3. Pros and cons of capital punishment.
  4. The harm of wrongful convictions.
  5. The role of the government in eliminating human trafficking and slavery.
  6. Discuss laws on prosecuting hate crimes.
  7. The role of science in solving crime.
  8. Identity theft in the modern technological era.
  9. An analysis of quantitative criminology.
  10. The rise of feminist criminology.

10 Winning Business Law Essay Topics

  1. Ethical code of conduct in business.
  2. Detecting bankruptcy fraud.
  3. Business law corruption.
  4. The significance of commercial law.
  5. Importance of copyrights and trademarks in business.
  6. An analysis of business law and ethics.
  7. Discuss business contract and negligence,
  8. An analysis of different marketing strategies.
  9. Ethical issues in business.
  10. Law functions in business.

Law Enforcement Essay Topics: Our Top-10

  1. The effectiveness of law enforcement in America.
  2. Effects of poor governance on the citizens.
  3. Do ethical behaviors affect law enforcement?
  4. The impact of technology on governance.
  5. Significance of federal and state regulations.
  6. The impact of toxic leadership on society.
  7. Forced confessions on innocent victims.
  8. Use of force when arresting criminals
  9. An analysis of police reform.
  10. Racial discrimination and profiling in the police.

10 Law of Life Essay Topics for 100% Unique Writing

  1. Birth control rights for women.
  2. Legal issues surrounding death without a testament.
  3. Pros and cons of the last will.
  4. Business name protection for small businesses.
  5. The code of practice and grievance procedures.
  6. The impact of illegal immigration on America.
  7. Gender discrimination at the workplace.
  8. The significance of criminal profiling in serial murders.
  9. The relationship of drug trafficking, race, and the justice system
  10. Discuss the ethical issues in the criminal justice system.

10 Law Essay Topics: Ideas That Speak Interest

  1. Capital punishment and the justice system.
  2. Is contract law effective?
  3. Discuss consumer protection law.
  4. An analysis of same-sex marriage and civil partnership.
  5. Discuss equitable distribution after divorce and asset distribution.
  6. An analysis of gender equality.
  7. Effects of human trafficking on humanity.
  8. Discuss redundancy in the employment relations act.
  9. Police brutality in effecting law.
  10. Should prostitution be legalized?

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