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TOP-60 Media Essay Topics for Creative Academic Writing

Essay writing covers diverse academic disciplines in colleges and universities.

Media courses are among the subject disciplines with numerous essay assignments. Journalism students often encounter essay writing assignments as part of the overall assessment. Like other academic papers, media essays need impressive writing skills, time, and effort to complete. Otherwise, mass communications students will fail their exams due to substandard essays.

Media essays are mandatory since the papers help students understand how mass communication operates with real-life stories or current affairs. Students acquire the necessary skills to tackle situations that professional practitioners face in the field of journalism.

Thus, it is imperative to choose an appropriate topic that relates to the essay question. You have to present your paper within the parameters as assigned by your tutor. Read on to find out how you can select the best topics for your essay.

We have compiled a list of captivating essay topics about media to help you jumpstart your writing process.

How to Select Media Essay Topics?

Topic selection is an essential step in essay writing since it determines the direction of the research subject. First, you need to have a general subject matter that you are familiar with to help simplify the writing phase. Brainstorm and come up with various topics that align with the essay prompt.

Picking a complicated and unfamiliar topic will be challenging and time-wasting since you will have to spend more research hours trying to find appropriate content.

Narrow down the subject to a workable topic and ask yourself questions that relate to the essay question. Incorporate the 5Ws and H (What, Where, Who, When, Why, and How) to lead you in answering the research question.

After picking a narrow, manageable topic, you can develop a powerful thesis statement. It will help you to reveal your paper’s direction and significance to your readers. Furthermore, ensure you begin your essay with an attention-grabbing sentence to hook your audience.

10 Essay Topics About Social Media

  1. Benefits of using social sites in today’s society.
  2. Impact on human communication.
  3. Why social networks addiction is becoming a problem today.
  4. Discuss the role in enhancing education.
  5. Discuss the adverse effects on teenagers.
  6. An analysis of social sites in promoting cyberbullying.
  7. How does it market online businesses?
  8. Why do you need to conduct frequent online fasting?
  9. Is social network use a rising cause of depression among the youth?
  10. Is it ethical for the government to censor hate speech on social networks?

10 Topics About Social Media in Education Essay

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of social networks’ use in education.
  2. Analyze the significance of news sharing on social websites.
  3. Discuss social credibility in information dissemination.
  4. Do social sites impact the academic performance of students?
  5. How social sites enhance personal development.
  6. An analysis of social websites in journalism.
  7. Do social platforms improve learning in schools?
  8. How social network posts encourage writing skills.
  9. The role of social networks in promoting learning.
  10. Is social site addiction a menace in learning institutions?

10 Politics in Media Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the significant role of reporting in politics.
  2. The influence of the TV broadcast in shaping public perception.
  3. The impact of journalism on today’s political arena.
  4. The relationship between the media and politics.
  5. Does TV influence public opinion?
  6. An analysis of mass communication monopoly.
  7. The role of mass communication in politics.
  8. Discuss the impact of reporting political agenda.
  9. Why the newspapers use cartoons to communicate political satire.
  10. A comparison of the world’s political system.

10 Media and Society Essay Topics

  1. Is the media a watchdog in today’s society?
  2. Discuss the influence of mass communication on societal norms.
  3. Does the public trust today’s news reports?
  4. Does broadcast TV promote fear using modern-day scare tactics?
  5. Have social platforms caused the death of print?
  6. Causes of social websites addiction on the youth.
  7. The influence of the TV on children’s development.
  8. The impact of Facebook on mental health.
  9. How do social sites influence personal relationships?
  10. How news reporting has eroded public trust.

10 Media and Reality Essay Topics

  1. The pros and cons of media in people’s lives.
  2. Is media a rising cause of depression today?
  3. Influence of reality TV on the youth.
  4. Does the media reflect social reality?
  5. Why television influences personal decisions.
  6. The influence of social media on fashion trends.
  7. An analysis of media filming.
  8. Does media promote immorality?
  9. Media propaganda is fueling social hatred.
  10. Impact of media on persona growth.

10 Media Essay Topics: Ideas from Experienced Writers

  1. An analysis of mass media and censorship.
  2. The impact of freedom of speech on journalism.
  3. Should the media censor violence and contentious political stories?
  4. Discuss mass media laws in developed countries.
  5. Discuss the different reporting styles and their impact on the target audience.
  6. What is the scoop in broadcast?
  7. Is news reporting a tool for promoting fear and panic during national disasters?
  8. An analysis of the code of ethics?
  9. The significance of advertising.
  10. How mainstream agencies are fighting fake news on social sites.

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