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Drafting an excellent essay requires honed research and writing aptitudes. You need to know how to select the right topics for your essay.

Do not worry if you have been struggling because we offer some tips to get you going.

Here, you will get insight on military topics. You will also learn the art of finding the right theme for an excellent essay.

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Need to Know How to Select the Best Military Essay Topic? It Is Simple

Here are some top things to recall when selecting good topics:

  • Be original
  • Relevant
  • Creative
  • Interesting
  • Open-minded

Be Original

It is because many topics have been considered for a long time. So, if you have an idea in the same line, try to frame it uniquely. Research online and see how different people have written about it.

Note that being original does not mean that you write an essay on something you do not know. Ensure you have some information about the topics.

Be Relevant

Write on something that is in line with your topics. For instance, find topics that have an impact on modern life. Your topics must capture relevant issues in the current setting.

Be Creative

It is nice to think outside the box to stand out. Note that there is room for creativity everywhere. Get a piece of paper and write your ideas — research and frame your topics excellently.

Be Interesting

No one likes reading a boring essay. So, be interesting in your essay. Find topics that first interest you. It gets you excited about researching and writing the essay. When your interest shines through it, it makes your essay incredible.

Be Open-Minded

You can be inspired to write about your essay from anywhere. Mind the world around you and get the right topics for your brain. You will not struggle to develop good topics when you pay attention to what is around you.

A Comprehensive List of Military Essay Topics

These 35 topics can be a good start for you. They are compiled to make your essay writing work convenient and straightforward.

  • The changing public perspective of the military
  • A perspective on gender restriction in martial combat
  • History of women in the military
  • Cause and effects of alcohol abuse in the army
  • Fratricide and its prevention in the modern-day warfare
  • History of bugle calls in the military
  • Effects of privatization and outsourcing in the armed forces
  • Individual stance on the total force initiative in the air force
  • Pros and cons of forced conscription
  • Evolution of military strategy in significant wars
  • Army techniques in Europe versus America
  • History and roles of navy seals in the United States
  • History of native America and American military cooperation
  • History of developing joint operations
  • Criticism of soldierly actions in the past and present
  • Impacts of commercialization of military bases
  • Racism in military
  • Human terrain system of the US army
  • Importance of strategic thinking in the army
  • Requirements and the process involved in joining the military
  • Defining duties of an American soldier
  • Causes and effects of joining the army
  • Ethical justification of war
  • The advancement of martial technologies in the 21st century
  • Mandatory military conscription and its effects
  • George Washington as a great military leader
  • Military drones and their effects on counter-terrorism
  • Soldierly service: respect and leadership in the military
  • Intelligence Preparation of the battlefield
  • The significant role of computers in the field of warfare
  • History and future perspective of the American warship
  • Propaganda in war: useful tool or evil manipulation
  • Impacts of military weaponry on the environment
  • Application of OSINIT on Iran nuclear threat
  • The future of battle command on the move

From these topics, you can select one and write a compelling essay. Anyone can write excellently, provided you get topics that interest you.

Military Essay Ideas to Get You Started

Since inspiration can come from anywhere, do not lock yourself out and stop thinking. You can get your ideas to write a military essay from different areas.

You can get ideas from:

  • Psychology of a soldier’s mind
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Nuclear weaponry
  • Leadership
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Religion
  • Technology and its use in the military
  • Deployment regulations
  • Historic events

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