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Customer Reviews

Steps in how to start a narrative essay

Writing a narrative essay may be simple, but it also requires one to undertake certain pre-writing steps if they ultimately want to have a well-written essay. These steps will also act as guidelines that will assist you on how to write a narrative essay.

  • Choose a good topic

The title of your essay is what crowns your paper. There are many topics you can choose from therefore select a topic that will captivate the reader to want to read the essay past the first few lines. A good topic does not necessarily have to be long; choose a short but catchy topic for your essay

  • Get a good hook

The sole purpose of your narrative essay is keeping your audience engaged through the essay. Choose a story with vibrant ideas you and use your imagination to make it compelling and interesting to your readers. At the beginning of your essay starts off with a strong hook. The hook you decide on should be relatable to your audience and also the purpose of your essay. You can start off with a quote, or a humorous anecdote that will draw your will draw the reader’s attention to your story

  • Be consistent

Once you have decided on particular style or impression at the beginning of your essay; ensure you stick to it throughout the essay. When writing a narrative, it is advisable to use first person impressions, use of “I” rather than “He” or “She.” The first person impression is effective when keeping the readers engaged. While using this impression ensure this is the impression you will use throughout the essay. Consistency gives your essay smooth flow and transition and will avoid confusing the reader. A reader can quickly lose interesting a story if there are several inconsistency patterns in the story.

  • Be descriptive

Use the vivid description to give details on certain situations or things in the essay. Being vivid details will likely to engage your audience; the reader will be able to relive the experiences in your narration through your detailed imagination. Presentation characters to the audience in a descriptive way. Use senses like sight, feel, and smell to help the audience visualize how certain things unfolded in your essay.

  • Have a manageable plot

A good narrative essay should have a plot that is easy to follow and also understand. Having too many plot twists makes it hard for the audience to follow the story. You as a writer could also end up confusing yourself. As you come up with your narrative essay outline, include twist have an essay with little twists as possible which you will have no challenges managing.

  • Set a scene

Come up with a good scene that gives the reader a context of your essay. A scene is a type of story conventions that keep the audience engaged in wanting to know what happens next it also gives structure to the essay and acts a good place to reveal certain consequences in the story.

  • The significance of the experience

Narrative essays may be stories, but they should have a broader message it conveys. At the beginning of your essay it is important to state the purpose of your essay this will give

The format used in narrative essay examples

When writing an essay or is important to take into account significant parts that must always be included when writing a narrative essay. The essay can be considered incomplete if these parts are not included in the structure of the essay. You can make free narrative essay inquiries about our essay writing services. If you are incapable of writing an essay without some professional assistance, you can ask for guidance from our experts or request for sample papers which you can use to learn how to structure your essays properly

  • The introduction

The introduction is the beginning your essay; this is where you grab the attention of your reader. Give your essay an interesting introduction and elaborate on what you will address in your essay. Providing clarifications on your essay gives your audience a deeper understanding of the purpose of your essay. A general overview of the characters of your essay and the time setting of your essay could also be included in your introduction.

  • The thesis statement

Just like in other essays it is also important to have a thesis statement in a narrative essay. The sole purpose of the thesis is to provide the significance of your essay. Briefly point out the events of the essay and identify the major themes of discussion in your essay.

  • The body paragraphs

Narrative essays are mainly about giving descriptions; provide elaborate details of your story that will give the readers an understanding of what you underwent. Breaking down the essay into paragraphs enables the writer to discuss ideas and event of the essay logically.  All the details of the events in your essay shod are discussed in chronological order. Each event should be discussed in its paragraph to ensure the details of the easy are presented to the audience in a clear way. Connecting words could be useful for you to make smooth transitions from one paragraph to another.

  • The conclusion

At The end of your essay evaluate the moral ground of your essay.  State the lessons learned from the various events detailed in your essay. Elaborate on the impacts of the lessons you learned on your day to day life. Give a brief analysis of the events that occurred in your essay.

Once you have completed, the essay set it aside for some time then come back and skim through it checking for any mistakes you may have made. Ensure that the themes, setting and the thesis of the essay are just right. Language is a significant part of essay writing, therefore, ensures the essay is consistent with the correct English commands and styles. No spelling mistakes should be in the essay and punctuation marks should be used accordingly.

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  • Prompt assistance

In case you are in need of our services contact us at any time, and we guarantee a fast response to you. Our twenty four hour customer services system allows our customers to contact us at any time for questions and inquiries regarding our services. You can rely on our writers at all times to help you with writing your essay. Once you place an order, we will remain reachable at all times in case of any concerns. We are one among few narrative essay online companies that clients can rely on in to be available to carter for the needs of their clients.

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We value the quality standards of our customers. When customers approach and say write my essay, we know they want the best services. All writers on our team are professionally qualified and trained to handle all types of essay. Our team of writers is of native speaking writers who have no challenges in drafting a good essay that displays good command in English. Narrative essays, descriptive essay, analysis essays and all other essays you have difficulty writing outer writers can contently write them for you. Even those essays with short notice can be written and submitted to you as per your directions.

  • Originality

One thing we guarantee is that the essay you will find that our essays are 100% unique. Our essay writers take time to develop new ideas and thoughts to write you a perfect narrative essay. You never have to worry that you are receiving a rewrite when you buy a narrative essay from us. You can use plagiarism detecting software to check for authenticity of any of our papers, and we assure you that all of them will be plagiarism free.

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  • Timely submission

The time you give us to handle the essay is the time we will take to submit the completed essay to you without any excuses. Our writers are professional in what they do, and they will ensure all deliveries at are done at the convenience of the clients.

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