Narrative Essay Topics

60+ Narrative Essay Topics That Will Earn You A+

Whenever you’re assigned a narrative essay, your first task is to give the project a good start, which is possible if you select an interesting, manageable topic.

Where to look for topics for a narrative essay? Here is a long list of topics our writing professionals recommend to simplify your homework completion.

How to Select Narrative Essay Topics?

Topic selection often turns out to be the most challenging phase of essay writing. You need to narrow the focus and collect data and ideas with a specific subject in mind.

Here are some expert tips on the fast topic selection for quicker homework progression:

  • Always keep your audience in mind. What will they be interested in? What will they enjoy reading?
  • Relate to your life experience. It’s always easier to talk about things you experienced and things that excite you.
  • Keep in mind that a narrative is a story. It’s not a simple review or argumentation of your point; you need to tell a story with a subject, characters, and plot to your readers.

10 Narrative Essay Topics for College

  1. Bravery is often synonymous with stupidity.
  2. A story about how you learned a new skill.
  3. Helping people in need: an obsolete skill?
  4. Nobody is perfect; the art of making mistakes gracefully.
  5. No need to conceal your fear or be ashamed of it.
  6. A journey you will never forget.
  7. The birthday party of your dream.
  8. Summer camps: pros, cons, and your personal experience.
  9. Is helping a stranger safe?
  10. Phobias and limitations they pose on our lives.

10 Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Responsibility and true friendship: a story of a pet owner.
  2. Ending a relationship: a how-to guide.
  3. Learning a valuable life lesson.
  4. Food traditions and rituals in your family.
  5. The way culture defines you as a personality.
  6. Knowing your ancestry: a brief account of your genealogical tree.
  7. The mass media influence that you feel.
  8. Cultural tolerance and diversity: my encounter with new cultures.
  9. A problem I helped my friend with.
  10. A story about catching a cheater.

10 Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

  1. A scary Halloween story.
  2. A story of love and betrayal.
  3. A dream come true story.
  4. An essay about getting very rich.
  5. Imagine you’ve got your phone stolen in a foreign country. What will you do?
  6. If you could go to any country today, which one would it be?
  7. Imagine you’ve been given a pet snake. What will you do?
  8. Your beloved hobby.
  9. Imagine taking part in a dance competition. What dance would you choose? How would you get ready for it?
  10. Pretend you’re a politician. What will your immediate actions be?

10 Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Why is digital literacy so critical today?
  2. Can basic illiteracy serve as a factor for discrimination or prejudice against a person?
  3. The far-reaching consequences of financial illiteracy.
  4. Components by which I judge a person’s literacy.
  5. A literacy gap – is it a proxy of the economic gap?
  6. The quickest path to literacy.
  7. What personal qualities are more important than literacy?
  8. Does illiterate writing humiliate you?
  9. Do bloggers and celebrities have the right to be illiterate?
  10. Cultural determinants of literacy.

10 Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

  1. One day in a tribe.
  2. Visiting African rural lands – your key takeaways.
  3. Do cultures really differ that much?
  4. A story of a surprising cultural encounter.
  5. Who are you in cultural terms? Describe your cultural identity.
  6. What is a clash of cultures? Give some real-world examples from the news.
  7. Culture is an obsolete value. Discuss.
  8. Fascinating cultures you would like to explore.
  9. What is your attitude to cultural tourism?
  10. What is the future of cultural conservation?

10 Narrative Essay Topics: Ideas Worth Your Time

  1. Your first job.
  2. Things you like to do when alone.
  3. A dreadful experience of failing a test.
  4. An experience of falling seriously ill.
  5. The scariest situation in your life.
  6. The way you manage fears, doubts, and phobias.
  7. If your dream comes true tomorrow, what will be your next steps?
  8. A day/event you want to relive once more.
  9. Your attitude to competitions.
  10. The sweetest childhood memory.

Farewell Tips from Pro Writers

Now that you have so many interesting topics at hand, it’s time to identify whether you have the skill, time, and desire to engage in narrative essay writing. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t fall into despair.

Our paper writers are on standby 24/7, ready to handle your narrative assignments at lightning-fast speed and with top quality guaranteed.

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