Nursing Essay Topics

Nursing Essay Topics and Ideas from Professional Writers

Have you been asked to write a nursing essay but are struggling to choose a good topic?

Don’t know how to approach the process?

Good topics require careful consideration and research, as well as narrowing down.

Ensure that the topics you choose for your unique nursing essay are interesting to your audience. Also, they ought to be narrow enough to be conclusively covered, given the scope of the project.

Research several options. And don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you are struggling with topic selection.

In this article, we offer some amazing tips and examples of topics.

How to Select the Best Nursing Essay Topic? Where to Start?

Selecting unique topics for your nursing essay is not a simple process, as many people think. This stage of your assignment requires adequate planning and research. Remember, the better your topic, the more interesting your nursing essay will be.


Before settling on a topic for your essay, make sure that you have some data regarding the subject. It means that you need to read and understand the requirements before starting to brainstorm.

Meet Your Audience

Start by defining your intended audience. In most cases, this will be your professor, although there are times when your paper will be addressed to fellow students.

When writing for your professor, you will not need to define some common concepts when writing your paper. Focus on what you think your professor will find intriguing.

Choose the Topic

Also, consider several topics before choosing one for your nursing essay. You could get some inspiration from articles in your fields and current debates in the healthcare system. Remember, it is from these options that you will choose the ideal topic.


Most importantly, as you work on your topics for the nursing essay, consider how you will present your information. Conduct some research to make sure that there are enough sources to support the assignment.

List of Nursing Essay Topics for College Students

The field of nursing is very broad and covers multiple topics. When tasked with writing an essay, you ought to select topics that will impress your audience.

Here are some ideas to consider for nursing topics:

  • Impact of shiftwork on the mental health of nurses;
  • Challenges experienced by nurses in the professional work environment;
  • The role of nursing in the healthcare system;
  • Nursing ethics and their role in patient outcomes;
  • The philosophy of nursing;
  • What is the importance of nurse advocacy in shaping palliative care?
  • The role of technology in nursing care;
  • Gender factors in the decision to choose nursing careers;
  • The role of nursing education;
  • Mental health conditions among male and female nurses.

Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics to Consider

Are you tasked with writing a persuasive essay for your nursing course? Don’t have any ideas on how to start?

Consider these topics for inspiration:

  • Nurses play an important role in the healthcare system;
  • Nurse pay and the role of extrinsic motivation;
  • The need for technology for nurses;
  • The impact of nursing on reducing infant mortality rates;
  • Nurse beliefs as essential factors in quality care;
  • Importance of nurse education in the healthcare system;
  • Culture as a factor in willingness to seek treatment;
  • Barriers to access to quality nursing care;
  • Factors that contribute to non-adherence to treatment;
  • Lifestyle habits in the causation of cardiovascular diseases.

Controversial Nursing Essay Topics and Ideas

Are you considering some controversial topics to make essays intriguing and engaging? Do you lack the motivation to brainstorm?

Here are some insights:

  • Effects of secondary smoke and why public smoking should be banned;
  • Resuscitation is unethical;
  • Blood transfusion should consider patient beliefs;
  • Shiftwork and its effects on the wellbeing of nurses;
  • Therapeutic nurse-patient relationships and the challenges;
  • Euthanasia and patient opinions in care;
  • Chemotherapy and its effectiveness;
  • Nurse mental health when giving palliative care;
  • Burnout among nurses;
  • Challenges with non-compliant patients.

Descriptive Nursing Essay Topics and Ideas

Have you decided to write a descriptive essay for your nursing project?

If so, consider these amazing topics:

  • How nurses can help during palliative care;
  • What nurses ought to know when caring for patients with chronic conditions;
  • Challenges facing nurses;
  • Role of community nursing;
  • Problems facing nurses and other healthcare professionals;
  • How the government can improve nurse education;
  • Health challenges that nurses face in their careers;
  • The role of nurses in holistic care;
  • Elements of therapeutic relationships;
  • How to handle violent or difficult patients.

Argumentative Nursing Essay Topics for College

If you want to write an argumentative essay, make sure that your topics are interesting.

If you cannot come up with a relevant one, here are some sample topics to guide your essay:

  • Are nurses less appreciated than physicians?
  • Do nurses face the most hazards in the work environment?
  • Does shiftwork affect quality of nursing care?
  • Differences between the impact of nurses and physicians in the care environment;
  • Abuse of power and neglect as issues facing nursing practitioners;
  • Should men become nurses?
  • Should nurses be allowed to perform euthanasia?
  • Does racial discrimination affect nurses?
  • Should nurses be allowed to make decisions on behalf of patients?
  • Should personal relationships between nurses and patients be allowed?

Nursing Essay Ideas for College Students

Have you been asked to write a nursing essay? Do you have no clue where to get started?

Check the ideas presented here — they should help:

  • Write an essay on the role of nurses;
  • Write an essay on the work environment;
  • Write an essay on the ethical issues that nurses encounter;
  • Choose topics relating to the challenges that nurses face;
  • Select essay topics surrounding nurse-patient relationships;
  • Choose essay topics that compare the roles of nurses and physicians;
  • Write your essay on nursing technology;
  • Choose topics relating to the effectiveness of nursing education;
  • Select essay topics relating to evidence-based practice;
  • Choose topics relating to controversial issues like euthanasia and religion.

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