Opinion Essay Topics

50+ Opinion Essay Topics That Guarantee A+ Result

Opinion essays are fun to write as they allow you to express a personal view on some subject or topic. You can also gain a deeper insight into the subject by evaluating academic evidence and expert reviews about it.

But where to search for topics for opinion essays?  You probably have a standpoint on many subjects, and how can you choose one from a multitude of options? Here is a couple of ideas from our professionals.

How to Select Opinion Essay Topics?

Our experts shared a few insights on how to choose good opinion essay topics.

  • Choose a topic you’re interested in.
  • Consider both viewpoints and give credit to opposite views to show your in-depth understanding of the topic.
  • Read through the trending topics and pick one that your audience might like.

10 Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Education should be free for all students, with additional incentives for high-performers.
  2. Students should learn as many foreign languages as they want within the school curriculum.
  3. Top universities should allow all students to enroll online and access high-quality education.
  4. The impact of social media is disastrous for teen self-image.
  5. Modern social media create false values of wealth and appearance.
  6. The high school dress code should be put in place, though with some flexibility.
  7. Primary schools shouldn’t focus on teaching writing.
  8. Online reality is gradually ousting fundamental values from human lives.
  9. Sexual education should be provided at school.
  10. Standardized testing doesn’t reveal the student’s true intelligence.

10 Opinion Essay Topics for Elementary Students

  1. Students should be allowed to choose subjects starting from elementary school.
  2. Leadership should be nurtured in students starting from preschool years.
  3. Graffiti is a unique form of art.
  4. Students should be allowed to study outdoors.
  5. Homeschooling is a sign of educational reform urgency.
  6. Physical education should be mandatory at school, yet with flexible standards and various sports types available.
  7. Luck and success are unrelated. Only hard work contributes to success. ‘
  8. Home-cooked food is better for human health.
  9. Museum tourism is obsolete.
  10. Qualities of an ideal neighbor/roommate.

10 Science Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Stem cell research is the future of medicine.
  2. A neglected area of medicine is antibiotic research and production.
  3. Society is not ready for another pandemic outburst because of medical systems’ fragility.
  4. Space research is not a priority today.
  5. Genetic engineering is the best scientific achievement of the 21st century.
  6. Genetic research is a way to obsolete species recovery.
  7. Chemistry is an unpopular college subject but a trending, well-paid job.
  8. Environmentally friendly plastics – is the ecological benefit real?
  9. Science museums are a unique educational tool for children.
  10. The pros and cons of offshore drilling.

10 Topics for Opinion Essay for College

  1. Whitewashing in Hollywood films.
  2. Fraternities, sororities, and discrimination on campus.
  3. Easier access to birth control pills is a solution to teen pregnancies.
  4. Top ways of handling interpersonal conflict.
  5. Learning alone is never as effective as learning with a teacher.
  6. Children grow up healthier if they are raised in the countryside.
  7. Mass media make people pay too much attention to celebrity lives, missing essential things from their own lives.
  8. Travel is much better than living in one place.
  9. Human activity is not as damaging for the Earth as ecologists tend to declare.
  10. Doing things you don’t like or want to do is harmful to health.

10 Opinion Essay Topics: Ideas That Sparkle Imagination

  1. The importance of metal recycling.
  2. Using nanotechnology to fight disease will kill modern medicine.
  3. Smart clothes are a vital offsite medical care tool.
  4. The future of organic farming is gloomy.
  5. Organic farms are not as ecological as they seem.
  6. Cancer is a psychological disease resulting from chronic stress.
  7. Most diseases are self-curable.
  8. Child vaccination is an effective epidemiological tool.
  9. Self-driving cars are a matter of the distant future.
  10. Hacking is not always bad, as hackers often open access to vital information.

And a Few Writing Insights…

Still unsure whether you can complete the task on your own? Contact our managers and send the task to one of our paper writers. They’ll produce a top-quality opinion essay while you’re having rest or attend to other tasks.

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