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Customer Reviews

What you should know before finding help with personal statement

You must be aware that personal statement is a document that should defend you for selection from the crowd and earn admission to a reputable university or college of your choice. You are not ready to lose such a lifetime chance because of hullaballoo you cause yourself for not preparing adequately.

First, you should really know is what you actually want to do at the university. What you study does not just merit to one at the fall of the hammer. It actually comes out from a process of thinking, reflection and seeking knowledge. Reflection gives you the leeway to meditate about your ambitions and intentions in life. It enables you think about what really makes you happy every day. By pursuing a course in an area that makes you happy, you will be happy thereafter.

If you discover from your reflection that you are enthralled by music, find a suitable course in music to study. If you discover that you are one of the most patriotic people around, please choose something to study in intelligence services, nationalism, police force and others. If you find favor in dealing with digits, you could find something important to study in accounting, business, statistics or even mathematics. If you believe your essence of living in making discoveries and inventions, you would be fit in one of the fields of engineering that incorporated physical, chemical or biological sciences.

The choice is all yours but of course not easy to come up with one. Besides, you should make this choice before you develop your personal statement or get personal statement help. There are various ways you can discover your areas of interest for which to develop a personal statement. The following could be helpful in this determination:

  • What do you like doing every day? Things you like doing on a routine basis should be useful in helping you determine what to study at the university. Studying an area that you already like will save you from stressful life of work and coping with career pressures thereof.
  • What do people say you can do best? Sometimes we discover our worth from what people say. Great people in history discovered their talents from what other people told them. Many people say that careers such as theology and service to God are revealed from other people. Have you been constantly told by different people that you can best suit a certain career? This is the time you would think about it and perhaps opt to go for it if you love it.
  • Who are the people you admire? Our career paths sometimes emerge from the people we admire in life. You may want to study a course because you have seen a person you admire excelling in it. However, before you take this option, it is important that you take time to discuss with such people if it is possible to learn of the challenges in such careers, and learn probably how to cope up with them.
  • Consider taking the odd choices. Sometimes you have grown up in a family where everyone is a doctor, a teacher, a police officer or even a lawyer. There could be temptations from the immediate members of the family that you pursue something similar. However, your passion could be the opposite. You can choose a different path and still succeed. Although the advice of parents about career is paramount, history does not lie.

Perhaps you are aware of the pop start Musician, Katy Perry. Although she was raised by two pastors (her parents) who were very strict about code of conduct, the girl at 16 defied all the odds to pursue a career in pop music (rather than evangelical) and she is very successful today. I also want to assume you know Kris Kristofferson. He was a singer and great songwriter. However, this was not easy. He had to defy the suggestions of his parents and go for his talent. Kristofferson graduated with a Masters in Literature at the Oxford University; his parents asked him to join the army, which he did, but sometime later, he was discharged. Then, West Point offered him a job to teach literature. He rejected and moved to Nashville to become a songwriter, which he excelled to his old age against the wishes of his parents. Although defying the advice of parents is not good, sometimes just following your heart is inevitable because at the end, you will live your own life.

Second, once you have known what you want to do, research about your career path. Use all forms of sources to collect as much information about the career decision as possible. This will be helpful such that as you join it, you are psychologically prepared to handle any eventualities that could come by. Research can be conducted personally or through secondary sources. For example, you could read books although you can also find personal statement help online.

  • Personally, you can find people already in the career and ask them questions. Asking a few of them will give you a concrete perception of the career enough to help you make a choice of developing a personal statement and apply for it.
  • You can also read books about the career to understand its history and the people regarded as the pioneers. Understanding what they went through and the way they designed the professional could give you some good lessons for which to ponder. This would also lead to a choice to apply or leave.
  • Another way is using the internet to do your research. Many answers to your questions about career choices are found online. Do not perish because of lack of knowledge when it is all over the place.

When to buy personal statement help

Third, find help on how to design the personal statement. There is however, no single design or format considered final or standard for writing a personal statement. However, you can always find free personal statement help from the university website or administrative offices. Further, if you need a quality personal statement help, you can search online for custom essay writers who already understand the trade of personal statement writing to complete your work.

How to get a Personal statement helper

Fourth and finally, know how to format your personal statement. This leads to a discussion on the general recommendations for writing directed towards people who ponder about the question, “who can help me write my personal statement?”

  • Remember the rules of specificity. Personal statements are specific in relation to the chance in which a person is applying. If writing after being asked by a sponsor, make sure to shape the statement so that it captures the goals of the organization that will finance it eventually.
  • The personal statement is a summary. It is not time to tell stories. The moments are all over. It is not a composition. The statement should be able to tie all the materials that you have into a one unit. Above all, do not use guesswork since it will misrepresent you. Understand that as you do the personal statement, you are not writing one to your peers but your seniors and field experts. Try to communicate a lot using a few words; that is the essence of a personal statement. Remember you are going to attach your resume and you do not want to replicate all the information it contains into your personal statement. As you summarize, remember to evaluate and write reflectively.
  • The opening part of your paper must be very captivating. It actually engages readers. Making it communicate a lot at a glance will be admirable. This paragraph should allow your personality to be seen thus, you should somehow tell a story about what makes up the person that you are.
  • The personal statement must have a focus. What is the theme in all that you are writing? A theme in your personal statement will give it shape and make you look professional and organized. Look as if you are talking of a particular topic in manner that is closer to the career of your interest. As you do this, writing in the first person is allowed but should not be overused. Therefore using the pronoun “I” repetitively is not recommended.

Make sure you are up to date. Sometimes personal statements may require you to have general knowledge such as the ambassador of a particular country. Make sure that you are not stating one that already resigned. When addressing national issues for example poverty statistics, make sure you are as current as possible. Significantly, jargon is not required. Simplify your language so that people do not read with a dictionary.

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