Pop Culture Essay Topics

Pop Culture Essay Topics | 45 Great Topics That Will Ice Your Essay

The term “pop culture” conjures up images of the latest movies, music, slang, fashion, sports, technology, news, and media. However, pop culture covers the entirety of ideas and perspectives within a given geography, culture, or demography.

Since pop culture greatly impacts people and their attitudes, your instructor can assign you an essay in this respect. Your job is to be well-prepared.

You can do this by using the essay topics on pop culture that we’ve provided below.

How to Select the Best Pop culture Essay Topic?

Your topic should be unique and focused on one element due to its broad spectrum of public appeal.

The best essay topics on pop culture keep the bigger picture in mind. Applying a topic from your own life is also useful. Use examples and statistics to build your case.

Here, we’ve provided an array of 45 essay topics below to start you off.

List of Pop culture Essay Topics | 15 Awesome Ideas to Get Your Gears Rolling

These 15 topics are a good starting point for your essay research:

  1. How has the media fueled commercial culture?
  2. Discuss the evolution of consumerism as influenced by the end of WW2.
  3. The difference between high, middle, and low cultures.
  4. How have early socio-cultural changes in the US affected pop culture in other countries?
  5. How does traditional culture affect the uptake of pop culture?
  6. How has Facebook affected teen social shaping?
  7. Discuss the impact of sci-fi movies.
  8. Discuss the impact of the Disney channel on social perceptions of parenting.
  9. How do the Pyramids of Giza count as part of Egyptian pop culture?
  10. How has the “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” show affected feminist views of relationships?
  11. Does popular culture have to be liked?
  12. Who decides what popular culture means to an audience?
  13. How can the phenomenon of “sleeper hits” be explained in terms of social engagement?
  14. How do modern historical tales and biopics compare to the action cinema genre at the box-office?
  15. How has the “Twilight movie series influenced current perceptions of vampires compared to ’70s Dracula films?

Find more great essay topics on pop culture below.

1990s Pop culture Essay Topics |10 Topics to Ease Your Work

The 90s were a crucial time for pop culture. So much was happening, especially on the technological and cultural fronts.

Here are 10 essay topics that you can spur your writing:

  1. How has the Internet changed pop culture?
  2. How did boy bands influence Generation Y and Z perceptions of romance?
  3. Were the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince a foreshadowing of the emergent prosperous black family in the US?
  4. How has the tragic tale of Diana and Charles affected romantics and idealists?
  5. How is Africa changing perceptions of itself in movies such as Tarzan?
  6. Describe the evolution of pop singers from the 90s.
  7. Describe the evolution of hip-hop from 1990.
  8. How has the uptake of computers and the Internet redefined pop culture?
  9. Has the action movie genre taken a hit since the 90s?
  10. Describe the evolution of the filmization of danger to the US president.

In case you’re looking for something more engaging, find some funny essay topics below.

Funny Pop culture Essay Topics | 10 Topics That’ll Tickle Your Reader’s Funny Bone

If you’re looking for essay topics to make your professor laugh, here is a good collection of 10 essay topics.

  1. Describe the “red-neck” notion as depicted in US pop culture.
  2. Has Kim Kardashian influenced an entire generation of young women?
  3. What were popular perceptions of the child prodigy based on Cartoon Network’s Dexter?
  4. How did the writer of Johnny Bravo achieve the typecast of an air-head macho man?
  5. Do glasses create the impression of someone being smart in modern pop culture?
  6. Debate on how Africa is a continent and not a country as inspired by Sarah Palin’s gaffe.
  7. Are skinny jeans emasculating the males who wear them?
  8. How many frogs does Taylor Swift need to kiss before she finds “the right one”?
  9. Has the silhouette of barbie changed since the Kardashians became popular?
  10. Has the concept of YOLO led to too many teen pregnancies?

General Pop culture Essay Ideas & Topics

Here are a few general ideas to use for your essay.

  1. How has YouTube shifted the concept of popular learning?
  2. How does pop culture in Western democracies differ from that in countries with censorship?
  3. How have films like Tarzan and King Kong affected Western perceptions of Africa?
  4. Describe coffee as a part of pop culture in the US
  5. What is the impact of The Big Bang Theory influenced the uptake and perception of geek culture?
  6. Explain the psychology behind pop culture.
  7. Explain the psychology behind viral videos.
  8. Is the rise of pop culture in tandem with the rising feminist movement?
  9. How has Mark Zuckerberg impacted the rates of Ivy League drop-outs who become startup founders?
  10. Compare pop-culture in the US with pop-culture in China.

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