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120 Best Ideas for Research Paper Topics

Searching for good research paper topics? Well, today is your lucky day. Discover over a hundred interesting solutions below. When choosing one, remember that the topic must relate to the subject/class you are taking.

15 Best Research Paper Topics

Those who lack time should explore the best options. Leave more time for other steps.

  1. Picasso’s impact on the world;
  2. Main changes in feminists’ goals over the last decades;
  3. Advantages & disadvantages regarding the Montessori Method;
  4. Healthcare in different countries: similarities and differences;
  5. Discuss how an invention impacted the course of history;
  6. Black holes’ creation;
  7. Artificial Intelligence: progress, implementation, dangers;
  8. School violence: who is responsible;
  9. Are the benefits from vaccination bigger than risks;
  10. Communication decrease because of technologies;
  11. Controversial political ads;
  12. Plastic surgery: physiological aspect;
  13. Verbal vs non-verbal communication;
  14. What causes tornadoes;
  15. Recycling programs.

15 Argumentative Research Paper Topics

If your assignment implies preparing an argumentative research paper, explore the following topics:

  1. Why education must be free for everybody;
  2. Secondary languages worth learning;
  3. Can electric vehicles stop global pollution;
  4. Violent video games should be prohibited;
  5. Will technology limit creativity?
  6. Censorship online: necessity or not;
  7. Media’s investment in promoting body dissatisfaction;
  8. Community safety vs freedom of speech;
  9. What do secret service agents do;
  10. Technologies used by NASA for Mars exploration;
  11. Steve Jobs changed our world as we know it;
  12. VR vs AR: why augmented reality is winning;
  13. Endangered species;
  14. Recycling: what, why, how;
  15. Efficient time management for students.

15 Easy Research Paper Topics

Unless you’ve got a specific topic, one doesn’t have to pick complicated ones. Choose something easy, add good arguments, receive excellent grades.

  1. Should higher education be free;
  2. Dangers regarding the Internet;
  3. Students must have a right to pick only disciplines they want;
  4. Pros & cons concerning MBA program;
  5. Private school vs government school;
  6. Commercial sides of education;
  7. Ways to maintain a healthy weight;
  8. How to use technologies in lesson planning;
  9. Global warming;
  10. Threats social media bring on youth;
  11. Poetry evolution;
  12. American dream literature;
  13. Four-day working weeks bring better results;
  14. 5 companies that shaped the world;
  15. Search engines and their impact on businesses nowadays.

15 History Research Paper Topics

Undergraduates who search for history topics will enjoy this good research paper topics:

  1. Causes why the Roman Empire fell;
  2. The Aztec empire, beliefs, calendar;
  3. Reasons for Hitler’s accession;
  4. Japan’s evolution throughout history;
  5. Results of World War II for women rights;
  6. Things everyone should know about liberalism;
  7. Prominent features of the Roman Empire;
  8. Martin Luther King: I have a dream;
  9. Hippie culture: origin & influences;
  10. American colonial era;
  11. The great depression: cause, impact;
  12. Cleopatra was the most influential Egyptian figure;
  13. Pompeii’s destruction;
  14. Newly discovered prehistoric fossils;
  15. Stonehenge: Things we understand so far.

15 College Research Paper Topics

Such type of papers differs by describing more pressing issues. For instance, topics as following:

  1. What we know about additions so far;
  2. Free e-books should replace libraries;
  3. Multilingual education: why it’s important;
  4. Distance learning is inefficient;
  5. IELTS vs TOEFL;
  6. Symbols on Da Vinci’s paintings;
  7. Why E-business is more promising nowadays;
  8. Profitable business ideas for college graduates;
  9. Harmful effects from cosmetic surgeries;
  10. Health supplements: myth or real results;
  11. Key elements of success;
  12. Peculiarities of American literature in different eras;
  13. Does social injustice lead to psychopaths;
  14. Does money buy happiness;
  15. Microchipping: ethics & legality.

15 Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Are you preparing a persuasive research paper? Pick something from these themes:

  1. Moving to more populated cities is essential for personality growth;
  2. Habits: how they form;
  3. Essential elements of a better educational system;
  4. Social media is essential: pros & cons;
  5. Our future is controlled by AI;
  6. A human brain cannot multitask;
  7. The importance of mental health;
  8. There’s a correlation between personality types and literature preferences;
  9. Insufficient sleep affects interpersonal relationships;
  10. How people think;
  11. People don’t earn from the past;
  12. Depression impact on a human immune system;
  13. Contemporary teaching methods;
  14. Violence in society;
  15. Overpopulation is fiction.

15 High School Research Paper Topics

Conduct your research by exploring interesting themes like:

  1. Should government control school food;
  2. Schools must have uniforms;
  3. High school curriculum must have life-related subjects;
  4. The nearest supernova: when, where;
  5. Generation conflicts;
  6. The importance of leadership training;
  7. Plato’s philosophy of mathematics;
  8. Climate changes over the last century;
  9. Social anxiety: effective ways to deal with it;
  10. How to stop bullying in schools;
  11. Homeschooling vs traditional schools;
  12. Creating a safe environment in educational establishments;
  13. Reality shows’ impact on students’ psyche;
  14. Most remarkable revolutions in history;
  15. Optical illusions: brain reactions.

15 Sociological Research Paper Topics

Those who must do a sociology-related paper may collect lots of interesting facts about:

  1. Social media impact on interpersonal communication;
  2. LGBT tolerance worldwide;
  3. Social media makes people lonely;
  4. Protecting one’s privacy on social networks;
  5. Stereotypes we live with;
  6. Are we what we eat;
  7. People still treat others by appearance;
  8. How divorces impact kids;
  9. Reasons people avoid marriages nowadays;
  10. A modern perception of masculinity and femininity;
  11. Public behavioral standards;
  12. Can one person influence public development;
  13. Equality problems in society;
  14. Social movements of the 21st century;
  15. Single parenting in the modern world.

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