Rogerian Essay Topics

Rogerian Essay Topics | 45+ Topics That Will Get You an A+

In classical essays, writers usually try to convince the reader about their claims or arguments. This type of essay style is noted for proving the author’s point of view by refuting the opposite side’s opinion.

However, the Rogerian technique tries to strike a balance by reconciling opposing viewpoints. This technique works well for emotionally charged subjects. A non-confrontational approach for coming up with solutions is essential here.

Due to this unusual argumentation approach in the Rogerian style, you may find it hard to pull off a great essay. You may also not know enough about this style to find great topics to write on.

Here, you’ll find 45 great essay topics in the Rogerian style to boost your writing.

Don’t Know How to Select the Best Rogerian Essay Topic? Debate Is Key

The Rogerian essay style is all about concessions, unlike classical argumentation. So before choosing from our top essay topics, consider a few principles when arguing in Rogerian style:

  • Present both the writer’s and opponent’s views accurately and objectively;
  • Explain common ground that exists between the two positions;
  • Provide the thesis statement to compromise between the two positions;
  • Don’t belittle, make fun of, condescend, or insult the opposition or their point of view.

The critical element of Rogerian topics is that they have to be debatable.

Now, you have a clear understanding of how the Rogerian and classical styles differ. So, here are 45 great essay topics in the Rogerian technique to flag you off.

This List of Rogerian Essay Topics Provides 35+ Captivating Ideas to Spur Your Writing

The essay topics below cover different areas, such as health, information technology, finance, science, government, and law.

Essay topics on health and healthcare:

  1. Should candidates who are willing to be paid have medical experiments conducted on them?
  2. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  3. Does providing condoms in schools reduce the chances of teen pregnancy and STDs?
  4. Should people who are unwilling to pay for health insurance be forced to do so?
  5. Should mothers be allowed to breastfeed in public?
  6. Rape within marriages.

Essay topics on government and law:

  1. Should betting and lottery companies be taxed a higher percentage of their revenues?
  2. Reducing taxes for the wealthy and corporations spurs economic growth.
  3. Should the public fund political parties?
  4. Should the government be restricted from creating policy that affects the religious state?
  5. Is President Trump right in escalating trade wars with China and other countries?
  6. Is President Trump right in pulling out of NAFTA?
  7. Would the US defunding NATO be a catalyst for EU countries to take charge of their own regional security?
  8. Do military dictatorships work?
  9. Is the US responsible for a destabilized Middle East?
  10. Should the US interfere in other countries’ internal politics?

Essay topics on science and technology:

  1. Does the discovery of the Higgs Boson pose a threat to humanity’s existence?
  2. Does declassification of UFO files by the Pentagon mean that there are aliens?
  3. Has Tesla revolutionized the auto industry?
  4. Is a complete overhaul of the fossil fuel industry possible?
  5. Is independent oversight of Google’s AI and machine learning systems necessary?
  6. Increased tech surveillance infringes on human freedom.
  7. Content shared on social media shouldn’t be moderated.
  8. Use of video games as an educational tool.

Essay topics on business and finance.

  1. Do Amazon and Facebook go against anti-trust laws?
  2. The stock market isn’t a good indicator of the state of the global economy.
  3. The US-China trade war has improved the balance of trade.
  4. European colonial powers should pay reparations to Africa for lost profits.
  5. Tesla’s stock is a bubble about to burst.
  6. Crypto will inevitably shift the balance of the global economy.

Use these categories of Rogerian topics to create a superb essay!

10 Rogerian Essay Ideas That Are Controversial

Controversial essay topics form the best content for Rogerian essay types.

Here are 10 contentious essay topics to intrigue your reader.

  1. Death penalty versus life sentence.
  2. Smoking in public.
  3. Uniforms in schools.
  4. Banning violent video games
  5. Is a complete ban on assault rifles necessary?
  6. Marijuana benefits.
  7. The illegalization of abortion.
  8. Is the use of private security contractors in wartime justified?
  9. Federal bailouts of private corporations.
  10. Should the influence of AI be curbed?

These essay topics about Rogerian debate areas should be a great place to start your essay with.

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