Romeo & Juliet Essay Topics

Romeo & Juliet Essay Topics | Write a Stellar Essay with These 45+ Essay Topics

The story of Romeo and Juliet has captivated all people for more than half a century. This play covers many themes and emotions.

As a student, expect your teacher to assign you an essay on this topic. Starting your writing with a compass is the sure way to go.

You’ll find 45+ great topics for your Romeo and Juliet essay right here!

How to Select the Best Romeo and Juliet Essay Topic?

Pick something that piques your interests.

This play has many emotions, settings, characters, plots, and themes to explore. The number one rule when picking great essay topics from Romeo and Juliet is to get something that interests you.

When choosing topics to write about, you should try and keep it simple. Doing this will provide a clear thesis and an understanding of the critical elements of the text. It will also help you to analyze the text.

List of Romeo & Juliet Essay Topics | 35+ Topics for Success

Here is a great place to start if you aren’t sure what essay topics to explore in Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Describe how the motif of night and day relates to the theme of love and hate in Romeo and Juliet.
  2. How does the culture of arranged marriages in high society contrast with the actions of Romeo and Juliet?
  3. Is the Friar eventually doing the work of God?
  4. Showcase elements of how courageous Juliet was.
  5. What is the inference of the place of women in Shakespearean society?
  6. Provide an analysis of class in Romeo and Juliet.
  7. Fate vs. social conventions.
  8. Describe how the play explores the theme of conflict.

Essay topics on the characters in Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Explore the character development of Romeo in the play.
  2. Provide a character depiction of Mercutio.
  3. Provide an analysis of Friar Lawrence’s character.
  4. Provide an analysis of Juliet’s character.
  5. Can Romeo be described as lacking the capacity for moderation?
  6. The difference between two families
  7. Immature or passionate: which one of these two words describe Romeo’s character better?
  8. Explore the character development of Juliet in the plot.

Essay topics on allegories in Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Explore the idea of “star-crossed” lovers in Romeo and Juliet.
  2. Discuss the symbolic references to plants in the play.
  3. Can the tragic romance of the two lovers be taken as an allegory of peace requiring tragedy to precede it?
  4. Explain the significance of the timing of Tybalt’s death.
  5. “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” Explain how the words of the Friar came true.
  6. “You kiss by th’ book”: what is the conclusion from Juliet’s statement about Romeo?
  7. The Friar succeeds but at far great cost. Debate this statement.
  8. Debate the nature and consequence of the statement: “I fear too early, for my mind misgives.”
  9. What does the “But he that has the steerage of my course” statement allude to regarding Romeo’s beliefs?
  10. What is the inference of Shakespeare’s views on parenting in the context of the play?

General essay topics on Romeo and Juliet:

  1. Discuss the use of Iambic Pentameter.
  2. What impact does Shakespeare’s love life have in his writing?
  3. Is Romeo’s love for Juliet questionable?
  4. Provide a commentary on Romeo’s feelings towards Rosaline vs. Juliet.
  5. Provide a commentary on the place of mysticism in Shakespearean society as depicted by the sleeping potion.

These essay topics cover critical issues and themes. Below you’ll find more controversial essay topics.

Romeo & Juliet Essay Ideas | 10+ Ideas for A Controversial Essay

Some essay topics on Romeo and Juliet may be quite contentious.

Here are some to get your reader hooked:

  1. How does Juliet committing a mortal sin in the end contrast with her fear of hell?
  2. Explore the theme of death as portrayed in Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Is suicide something that teens deal with?
  4. Can it be argued that it is part of the greater good for Romeo and Juliet to die?
  5. Explain the Biblical precedent for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
  6. Is Romeo and Juliet’s death a consequence of their own actions? If so, how would you advise them?
  7. Explain the theme of misogyny in Romeo and Juliet.
  8. Death by true love. Argue out the truth of this statement.
  9. Demonstrate Mercutio’s views on love.
  10. Provide a contrast between Juliet’s and her nurse’s views on love.
  11. Patriarchy arranged marriages of the nobility: how they end in tragedy. The case of Diana and Charles.

These essay topics about Romeo and Juliet provided above should capture the attention of your readers.

Meanwhile, if you need an in-depth analysis of your essay topics or a professionally written essay, sign up today!

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