Shakespeare Essay Topics

Intriguing Shakespeare Essay Topics to Write About

Choosing essay topics about Shakespeare isn’t a walk in the park. Shakespeare’s works are interesting to read and seem relatively easy to write about. But this isn’t always the case.

If you don’t have a good comprehension of the subject matter, you’ll have a difficult time crafting the essay.

But this shouldn’t be a problem. If your professor requires you to choose the topics to write on, you’re in luck. You can choose a topic you enjoy, which makes the writing process effortless.

Unfortunately, choosing essay topics is easier said than done. There are a plethora of options to choose from in each category.

However, with the right approach, finding your next Shakespeare topics should be a breeze.

Here’s a comprehensive guide.

Do You Want to Know How to Select the Best Shakespeare Essay Topic?

You wouldn’t start crafting your essay without an outline or plan. The same case applies to Shakespeare’s topics. It’s better to consider different topics and narrow down to the best. This way, you’ll be certain that the topic you’ve chosen for your essay is the best for you.

The following tips will help.

Consider the Type of Assignment

In Shakespeare assignments, your professor will specify the goal of the task. For instance, if it’s a character analysis essay, they’ll tell you to choose a character to discuss.

Understanding the type of essay you’re required to write allows you to know your options regarding topics.

Choose Shakespeare’s Works You Enjoy

You’ll have a difficult time writing an impressive essay on topics you don’t understand. If your professor has given you the freedom to choose topics on Shakespeare’s works, choose what you enjoy.

By doing so, you put yourself in a position where you can execute without any challenge. Besides, you’ll enjoy writing the essay more.

Steer Clear of Broad and Very Narrow Topics

Most Shakespeare essays are short. Therefore, you need to go for topics you can discuss fully in your essay.

Avoid broad topics because your essay will seem incomplete or shallow. Narrow topics are also not great options because they limit you in research and putting your ideas across.

A List of Shakespeare Essay Topics to Consider

So, you’ve used the above steps and still can’t think of incredible Shakespeare topics to write on. We’ve got your back. We’ve rounded up a list of interesting essay topics to choose from.

These include:

  1. Which Character Do You Sympathize with in “Merchant of Venice”?
  2. How are the Female Characters Portrayed in “Merchant of Venice”?
  3. Discuss the Relationships Between Antonio and Bassanio
  4. Is Portia a Radical Feminist?
  5. Do You Consider Shylock a Well-Rounded Character?
  6. Is “Merchant of Venice” a Comedy or Drama?
  7. Discuss Racism in “Merchant of Venice”
  8. What do the 3 Caskets in “Merchant of Venice” Represent?
  9. Who Is Your Favorite Character in “Merchant of Venice”? Why?
  10. Discuss Feminism in “Merchant of Venice”
  11. Are Romeo and Juliet in Love, or Is It a Case of Infatuation?
  12. Discuss Destiny in Romeo and Juliet
  13. Discuss Romeo and Juliet’s Maturity Throughout the Play
  14. Is Romeo and Juliet’s Suicide Tendencies True Love or Love Addiction?
  15. Do You Sympathize with Romeo and Juliet? If So, Why?
  16. How Does Juliet Develop as a Character in Romeo and Juliet?
  17. Discuss the Themes in Romeo and Juliet
  18. Relate Romeo and Juliet’s Suicidal Tendencies to Young Love
  19. Is Juliet a Feminist?
  20. Who Do You Think Is to Blame for Romeo and Juliet’s Deaths?
  21. How Are the Men and Women Portrayed in the Play?
  22. Do a Cultural Analysis of Othello
  23. Is Desdemona a Feminist? Discuss
  24. Discuss Racism in “Othello”
  25. Is Othello a Well-Rounded Character? Explain
  26. How Does Othello Portray Himself
  27. Discuss Irony in the Play “Othello”
  28. Analyze Lago’s Plan
  29. Why do You Think There Was No Hope for Othello and Desdemona’s relationship?
  30. How Are “Othello” Characters Portrayed?
  31. Discuss Revenge in the Play Othello
  32. What Led to Macbeth’s Madness?
  33. What Does Blood Symbolize in the Play “Macbeth”?
  34. Is “Macbeth” Misogynistic?
  35. What Is the Role of Weather in “Macbeth”?

More Shakespeare Essay Ideas to Consider

The above list is not conclusive. There are many more Shakespeare topics you can write about in your essay.

If you need more ideas, consider the following options. The list contains topics ideas based on Shakespeare’s works as well as broad topics. You can narrow down the topics to one you’re passionate about.

  • Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Othello
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • King Lear
  • Julius Caesar
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Who is Shakespeare?
  • Why is Shakespeare Considered the Best Play Writer?
  • Which is the Best William Shakespeare Play? Discuss

If you’re having trouble selecting a Shakespeare topic or writing your paper, we can help. We have a team of proficient writers who are conversant with Shakespeare’s topics.

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