Social Issue Essay Topics

Incredible Social Issue Essay Topics for Your Next Essay

Essay topics about social issues are not easy to come up with. There are a plethora of social issues worldwide. For this reason, narrowing down to one issue can be a lot like pulling teeth.

You may find that the social issue you’re passionate about isn’t wide enough to cover the number of pages required. Sometimes, there aren’t enough research materials on the topic to craft something impressive.

When this happens, don’t throw in the towel. Remember, every essay counts when it comes to your overall grade.

Therefore, you shouldn’t let something as simple as social issue topics be the reason for your low grade. With the right information, you should be able to develop impressive social issue topics for your essay.

Do You Know How to Select the Best Social Issue Essay Topic?

A crucial step in figuring out which social issue topic to go for is knowing the right procedure to follow. You can’t afford to pick the first topic that comes to mind. Doing so puts you at risk of facing roadblocks in research or crafting an essay that doesn’t stand out.

You don’t want this. Therefore, follow the right procedure and settle on an issue that you’ll thoroughly enjoy writing about. There’s a foolproof method of selecting topics for an issue essay.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll never go wrong whenever you’re required to choose your own topics.

Break Down Broad Topics

One of the mistakes students make when choosing an issue essay topic is going for a broad subject. When you do this, every essay you write will seem inconclusive.

Chances are, there are multiple things you can discuss under a broad topic. Therefore, it’s crucial to break down a broad topic into something narrower and worth compiling in one essay.

Steer Clear of Narrow Topics

You should also avoid narrow social issue essay topics, especially when you’ve been asked to write a long essay.

Narrow topics will prove challenging in terms of research. You need to go for a topic that’s neither too wide nor too narrow — strike a good balance.

Consider Your Interests

Granted, you’ll have an easy time if you’re writing about topics you’re passionate about. Therefore, if you’re having a difficult time deciding, consider an issue you’re passionate about.

Next, brainstorm ideas under the social issue that you can craft your essay around. With this approach, coming up with topics on social issues should be a walk in the park.

A Reliable List of Social Issue Essay Topics

If you’re still stuck after using the above tips, don’t fret. We’ve listed some of the best topics to help you decide. Remember to pick topics that you’re certain you can write about confidently.

  • Wealth and Income Inequality in America
  • The Rise of Racial Discrimination: Is There Hope for Change?
  • Should Guns Be Legalized?
  • Discuss the Stereotypes Used Towards the LGBTQ Community
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children?
  • Does Cybercrime Affect Victims?
  • How Teen Pregnancy Affects Young Girls
  • What Is Gender and How Does It Affect the People Around You?
  • How Has Social Media Affected Face-to-Face Interactions?
  • Living Undocumented: The Reality of Immigrants
  • Is There Social Injustice Against Recovering Addicts?
  • Can Convicted Felons Have a Normal Life Out of Prison?
  • Body Shaming in the Workplace
  • Is Ageism Real Racism?
  • How Does Pornography Affect Family Life?
  • How Have Gender Roles Changed Overtime?
  • Is Traditional Medicine as Effective as Modern Medicine?
  • What Role Did Women Play in War?
  • Cyberbullying and Mental Health
  • Is Skinny-Shaming an Issue?
  • Should Financial Literacy Be Taught in Schools?
  • What Causes Teenage Pregnancies?
  • What Is the Role of the Parent in Preventing Teenage Pregnancies?
  • 5 Problems that Arise Due to Illiteracy
  • Define Emotional Illiteracy and How It Impacts Family Life
  • Poverty and Illiteracy: What’s the Relationship?
  • Do Movies Affect Societal Behavior?
  • Obesity: Choice or Not?
  • What Promotes Rape Culture?
  • Can Social Media Help Overcome Illiteracy?
  • Generation X and Y: Differences
  • Do Overweight Individuals Have a Difficult Time Getting Hired?
  • Factors Influencing Racism
  • How Is Society Dealing with Poverty?
  • Discuss White Privilege

Social Issue Essay Ideas

The list above is not conclusive. There are numerous social issue topics you can write about.

If you’ve not found one from the list, consider finding a topic from the following broad topic ideas:

  • Discrimination and prejudice
  • Peace and war
  • Immigration and migration
  • Pornography
  • Social justice
  • Employment
  • Politics
  • Family
  • Social Media
  • Education

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