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105 Best Ideas for Speech Topics

Delivering good speech depends on numerous factors. One must gather information, sort through facts, organize relevant arguments, practice presenting this speech.

Other essential aspects include speech structure, research relevance, etc. The main one, however, choosing great topics. Let us enumerate wonderful ideas that will help you start.

15 Best Speech Topics

When potential topics look endless, this choice takes too much time. Start with prominent ones. It’ll provide more time for actual speech preparation.

  1. Beauty standards during different eras;
  2. The Bermuda Triangle mysteries explained;
  3. Is justice the same for all;
  4. Are books always better than movies;
  5. Social media addiction;
  6. Life is not easier than centuries ago;
  7. Shorter workdays might bring better results;
  8. Professional burnout: myth or fact;
  9. Connections between science & religion;
  10. Proof that souls exist;
  11. Artificial intelligence impact on mankind’s future;
  12. Never start business relationships with family members;
  13. Money can never buy love and happiness;
  14. Social media responsible for human degradation;
  15. Peace on Earth is a naïve idea.

15 Persuasive Speech Topics for College

Talking about persuasive speech topics, options might look like this:

  1. Qualities that create heroes;
  2. Traveling broadens one’s mind & knowledge;
  3. Traditional education vs remote education;
  4. Journal writing has therapeutic effects;
  5. Plastic’s impact on the environment;
  6. Billionaire’s mindset;
  7. Technological progress influence on employment/unemployment rates;
  8. Better replace all textbooks with iPads;
  9. Proper sleep is super important;
  10. Why adopting kittens is better than buying them;
  11. Ways modern advertising messes up with our heads;
  12. Excellent methods that help withstand stress;
  13. Helping charities by volunteering;
  14. Students must pick subjects they feel passionate about;
  15. Commercial sides of education.

15 High School Speech Topics

High school students should find interesting topics like:

  1. Smaller classes better than bigger ones;
  2. Stop bullying in schools;
  3. Real size of the universe;
  4. Video games with violence harm people’s psyche;
  5. School uniforms: pros and cons;
  6. Community service – an essential part of upbringing teenagers;
  7. Reality shows: should people watch them;
  8. Facts competitive sports can teach us about life;
  9. Does the best occupation even exist;
  10. Earth is not the only inhabited planet;
  11. The growth of hate crime in our society;
  12. Multiple threats social networks bring;
  13. Students lack knowledge on how to enjoy every moment;
  14. Private school vs government school;
  15. Advantages of participating in exchange programs.

15 Demonstrative Speech Topics

In case you must deliver demonstrative speech topics, just focus on how-to topics:

  1. How to network and why does it matter;
  2. Organize your suitcase – fit in more things;
  3. Plan each day efficiently – achieve better results in life;
  4. How to apply makeup;
  5. Essential steps to removing chocolate stains;
  6. Learn how to measure a pulse;
  7. Step-by-step instruction on making an e-book;
  8. How does meditation work;
  9. Organize a perfect party;
  10. How to read maps;
  11. Design your clothes;
  12. Learn how to play guitar;
  13. How to read body language;
  14. Ways to start one’s business;
  15. Fix different clothes with easy tricks.

15 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Such persuasive speech topics contain humor or mystery.

  1. Free e-Books must replace libraries;
  2. Students don’t like delivering speeches to large audiences;
  3. Diamonds are the girl’s best friends;
  4. Healing powers of music;
  5. Blondes are smarter than people believe;
  6. When things don’t work out, blame horoscopes;
  7. Laughing improves health;
  8. Becoming old and wise required being young and stupid first;
  9. Certain bad decisions bring great life stories;
  10. When life seems like a test but I’m not ready;
  11. Reduce alternatives – make life choices easier;
  12. People’s hobbies can tell lots about them;
  13. The strangest sports one may try;
  14. Make everyone love you;
  15. Weight loss changes live in many ways.

15 Motivational Speech Topics

Do you need to prepare a motivational speech? Discussions below might appear interesting:

  1. Setting goals helps achieve more;
  2. Simple motivation techniques;
  3. Overthinking damages our lives;
  4. Time management tips for everyday life;
  5. Impact of a person’s appearance on success;
  6. Build confidence using specific exercises;
  7. Staying persistent for better results;
  8. Team-building activities;
  9. Inspirational quotes to start every day;
  10. The power of positive thinking;
  11. Self-confidence – an element of success;
  12. Importance of lifelong learning;
  13. Proactive thinking helps achieve everything one wants;
  14. Measure happiness using certain criteria;
  15. Visualization doesn’t work.

15 Sociological Speech Topics

Do you need sociological topics to lighten up with enthusiasm? Ideas below might help.

  1. Health insurance should cover art or music therapy;
  2. Importance of staying open-minded;
  3. Free museums for everyone;
  4. Are people morally obligated to help the poor;
  5. How much genes predetermine intelligence;
  6. Purpose of love in our lives;
  7. Correlation between happiness and financial success;
  8. Gender stereotypes;
  9. Virtual reality and sociological escapism;
  10. Technological progress is bad for health;
  11. Social status in modern society;
  12. Everything one must learn about globalization;
  13. Main ways of overcoming interpersonal conflicts;
  14. Life quality criteria;
  15. Lessons social isolation taught us.

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