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100 Ideas For Term Paper Topics: Interesting, Relevant & Unique

Term papers are essential research documents that are necessary for the partial fulfillment of your university degree. It is used to test students on topics covered within a term or a semester for a specific course. Most students find it challenging to find a suitable topic, research, write, and edit the final copy for submission. But, selecting a topic is more crucial since it will be the starting point of your research paper.

We have compiled a list of topic ideas to guide you in choosing a relevant topic for your term paper assignment.

The Best Term Paper Topics to Impress Your Prof: TOP-20

If you are looking for the best topic ideas for your term paper, you are in the right place. Take a look at the top 20 ideas that will impress your professor without a doubt:

  1. Is college education a ticket to a successful career?
  2. Should universities be spiritually-based institutions?
  3. Should colleges identify and nurture the talents of students?
  4. How to determine if a course is competitive in the job market?
  5. How can technology improve the health sector?
  6. Do colleges teach financial management?
  7. Are colleges becoming commercially-driven?
  8. The impact of feminism on today’s society.
  9. The significance of sports in education.
  10. How do you cultivate a reading culture in a technological world?
  11. Terrorism and its impact on businesses.
  12. Why is drug use rampant in universities?
  13. Do part-time jobs harm the students’ performance?
  14. Is Artificial Intelligence the future of education?
  15. How do student loans affect the students’ money decisions later in life?
  16. Should guns be allowed in colleges for licensed holders?
  17. Is the Government to blame for homelessness?
  18. How to control cyber-bullying in social media networks?
  19. Is marriage still a sanctified institution in today’s modern world?
  20. Causes of data insecurity and how to prevent it.

20 Term Paper Topics on Medicine

  1. Effects of drug abuse on the human body.
  2. Vaccination and its impact on children
  3. Ways of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Does regular exercise boost your immune system?
  5. The importance of research in developing vaccines.
  6. Why is cancer rampant in today’s world?
  7. How to take care of your mental health?
  8. Positive effects of fats on the human body and mind.
  9. Importance of mental wellness on students.
  10. Effective ways of preventing cancer.
  11. Is alcoholism a treatable disease?
  12. How to identify dyslexia in children?
  13. HIV/AIDS epidemic: Discuss the history and impact.
  14. Effective ways to treat and prevent depression.
  15. Impact and management of stress on students.
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified foods.
  17. Effective ways to improve memory.
  18. The pros and cons of the Keto diet.
  19. Why is healthcare so expensive?
  20. The controversy of birth control.

15 Term Paper Topics on Psychology

  1. The long-term impact of eating disorders.
  2. How does violence affect children?
  3. How to manage learning disabilities early in life?
  4. Impact of depression on work performance.
  5. The relationship between childhood trauma and mental illness.
  6. Effects of divorce on children.
  7. Benefits of socializing on mental health.
  8. Does the work environment influence the self-esteem and motivation of employees?
  9. How to handle stress?
  10. Understanding suicidal behaviors.
  11. Effect of hate crimes on the victims.
  12. Does social media cause depression?
  13. The effect of office conflicts on mental health.
  14. Teenage pregnancy and how to cope with the stigma.
  15. Can hypnosis help smokers to quit?

15 Term Paper Topics on Education

  1. Does education guarantee a fulfilling life?
  2. Literacy in developing countries.
  3. Is student loan worth it in the end?
  4. Homeschooling: its strengths and drawbacks.
  5. Does education unlock the creative mind?
  6. The present state of the education system.
  7. Is education more important than business?
  8. Impact of technology on modern teaching.
  9. Does social media affect student performance?
  10. Test standardization to improve education.
  11. Does physical education has to be mandatory in college?
  12. Effective methods to reduce school bullying.
  13. Does education increase your mental capability?
  14. The importance of practical lessons over theory.
  15. Education vs. talent: Discuss

15 Term Paper Topics on Business

  1. How to start a business: do’s and don’ts.
  2. Incentives to implement in organizations for employee motivation.
  3. How does demand affect supply in business?
  4. Causes, prevention, and treatment of anorexia and obesity.
  5. Importance of online digital footprints for business.
  6. Why women still face sexual harassment in today’s corporate world.
  7. Time management: how to plan your time.
  8. How to balance school work and startup business?
  9. How to effectively manage conflict in teamwork?
  10. How to avoid burnout as a business owner?
  11. Impact of technology in business.
  12. Accounting and finance: How to read carefully.
  13. How to manage resources for sustainability?
  14. Importance of advertisement to improve sales.
  15. Importance of wages on employee performance.

15 Term Paper Topics on Religion

  1. Is Christianity the only true religion? Discuss
  2. Is there a religion that supports crimes against humanity?
  3. Creation vs. Evolution: Origin of the human race
  4. Should the church act as a watchdog to the state affairs.
  5. Impact of religion on women’s oppression.
  6. Do contraceptives defy the sanctity of creation?
  7. Immorality in church institutions.
  8. Impact of spirituality on student performance.
  9. How many global religions exist?
  10. Effects of religious beliefs on health matters.
  11. Should colleges advocate on the spiritual life of students?
  12. The impact of modernism on religion.
  13. Is religion the opium of the poor? Discuss
  14. What is the stand of churches on euthanasia?
  15. Christianity and Islam: The global religious war.

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