Argumentative Research Paper Topics

How to Select the Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

The first step is to decide on the topic of future work. The teacher usually offers several topics to choose from to write a research paper. You can modify the proposed topic by agreeing to a new version with the teacher. Also, sometimes there are cases when you can choose a topic entirely on your own.

How to Start Choosing a Research Paper Topic?

Having found your favorite topic for a research paper, you need to search for materials and literature. If you can’t get enough sources, then the chosen topic for the research paper is not suitable.

You need to search articles, monographs, developments of teachers of your educational institution, and scientific articles that correspond to the chosen topic. When dealing with literature, it is important to be sure of the reliability of the information.

Especially for you, we have prepared a list of topics for an argumentative research paper. Finding good sources for these topics is not difficult.

List of Argumentative Research Paper Topics – 20 Ideas

  1. When can we talk about the reasonable use of the achievements of civilization?
  2. How should a scientist treat scientific discoveries?
  3. The strategy of building loyalty and customer retention in the sales process.
  4. Can a person be made to repent?
  5. Do my peers look like the youth of yesteryear?
  6. Should a person be held accountable for his crimes?
  7. Should a scientist be responsible for scientific discovery?
  8. Does modern society need change?
  9. How will a journey enrich a person?
  10. Reading which book required you to work mentally?
  11. What should be technological progress?
  12. The concept of planned and unplanned purchases: factors influencing the purchase decision.
  13. How are society and the state connected?
  14. Can external circumstances justify a crime?
  15. What book do I consider the greatest achievement of culture?
  16. How will a journey change a person?
  17. What will a journey diary tell you?
  18. When does a word become a crime?
  19. Customer relationship management in the sales process.
  20. Why are acquittals important?

15 Debatable Topics for Research Paper

  1. How did the development of technology and technology affect the younger generation?
  2. How are the technological discoveries of our era affecting the current generation?
  3. The influence of the external environment on consumer behavior: culture, ethnicity, social class.
  4. How to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation?
  5. Is it possible to find happiness in helping the unfortunate?
  6. Does society always value worthy people?
  7. What human capabilities are enhanced by technological progress?
  8. Pre-purchase evaluation of options.
  9. The evolution of consumer behavior in the process of service development: from production to sales, from sales to marketing.
  10. Is it necessary to be merciful to criminals?
  11. What does it mean to be a conscientious person?
  12. What is the value of travel experiences?
  13. What can scientific discoveries lead to?
  14. Is it possible to be happy when there are unhappy people around?
  15. How are people and the state-related?

15 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Is there something in human life that cannot be replaced by any technology?
  2. Gender roles in modern culture and their impact on consumer behavior.
  3. Is it necessary to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation?
  4. Steps of civilization: gains and losses.
  5. What can be considered a crime?
  6. The book is like a journey into the past.
  7. What good feelings does literature awaken in a person?
  8. Is it possible to do without science in the modern world?
  9. Is public opinion wrong?
  10. Customer typology: features of sales, considering the type of buyer and seller.
  11. Influence of consumer feelings on purchasing behavior.
  12. What does it mean to be a citizen?
  13. What is the difference between a mistake and a crime?
  14. What traits of your peers do you consider typical?
  15. Which book depicts a portrait of the modern generation?

10 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. What would I like to change in the life of the modern generation?
  2. What historical event would you like to witness while traveling in time?
  3. Which literary character would you like to travel with?
  4. Influence of reference groups on consumer behavior.
  5. What questions concern a person in any era?
  6. What scientific discoveries are dangerous?
  7. Should a scientist think about the consequences of his discoveries?
  8. Why did writers, reflecting on the ways of civilization development, turn to anti-utopias?
  9. What do you see as the benefits and harms of technological progress?
  10. What do dystopias warn humanity against?
  11. What book helped you understand yourself better?
  12. Is it possible to have a society in which everyone is happy?
  13. The impact of lifestyle on consumer behavior.
  14. Consumer personality and behavior: the impact of individual differences on consumer behavior.
  15. Characteristics of consumer values ​​and attitudes.

10 Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. What works of art make you happy?
  2. How can active citizenship be manifested?
  3. Can good intentions lead to criminal acts?
  4. Determination of success or failure in the retailing of goods and services.
  5. Communication technologies in the sales process.
  6. Are genius and crime compatible?
  7. What is public justice?
  8. What adds reader experience to life experience?
  9. Is it necessary to keep faith in the good beginning of each person?
  10. Can a crime be justified?

10 Controversial Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

  1. Is wealth a necessary condition for happiness?
  2. What changes are dangerous in society and the state?
  3. The role of the brand in sales organization: methods for creating a sustainable brand.
  4. Influence of family and household on consumer behavior.
  5. Formation of consumer opinion and change it.
  6. What role do the books play in the development of personality?
  7. Why are people attracted to the idea of time travel?
  8. What is the risk of crime?
  9. Can conscience punish more than the court?
  10. How can I improve the state?

10 Recommended Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. The main factors that determine consumer behavior.
  2. Dealing with customer objections.
  3. What kind of travel can change the way you look at a person?
  4. What is a crime against oneself?
  5. What questions raised in the literature do not lose their relevance over time?
  6. Is the conflict between nature and civilization inevitable?
  7. How can society be improved?
  8. Is it always possible to consider the development of technology as progress?
  9. Does the perpetrator deserve sympathy, and why?
  10. Can pangs of conscience be considered sufficient punishment for a crime?

10 BONUS Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

  1. What is civic duty?
  2. Methods of informing consumers about goods and services.
  3. Do people change in the face of technological progress?
  4. How can love for one’s country be manifested?
  5. How do you understand the statement: the one who patiently prepares for the journey will certainly reach the goal?
  6. Consumer decision-making model.
  7. How does conscience help a person choose between good and evil?
  8. Do you need to think about your mistakes, even if it hurts?
  9. Idols of my generation: what are they?
  10. War: a place of crimes and exploits.

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